Youtube Your Rep. and Earn $100

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Clarification: to earn the fee you must video your Rep answering your questions, not video yourself asking them! If you just video yourself asking the questions, we'll gladly post them but you will not receive a fee.

Congress is off this week, so your Representative is home making appearances at community events.

What a great opportunity to grab a video camera, find your Representative, point the camera in his/her face, and ask him/her point blank: what's your excuse for not co-sponsoring H.Res. 333 ?

As everyone knows, there are no good excuses for failing to impeach Cheney . Cheney lied repeatedly about Iraq's WMD's - and he's still lying today. He stood in front of 5 F-18's on an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf to threaten an illegal war of aggression against Iran. His Chief of Staff, Scooter Libby, committed perjury and obstruction of justice to avoid telling Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald that Cheney told him to expose Valerie Plame's identity - a major felony and arguably treason by Cheney. Last week the Washington Post reported Cheney was the leading advocate for using torture - also a major felony and a war crime. And when it comes to any form of accountability, Cheney insists he's above the law.

Despite the absense of good excuses, Democrats in Congress continue to make excuses for refusing to impeach Dick Cheney. But it will be much harder for them to get away with their excuses if activists like you demand no-excuse answers while you record them on your video camera.

So we'll pay $100 for each "no excuse" video of your Representative explaining to you why (s)he has not co-sponsored H.Res. 333. Don't let your Representative give you bad excuses - prepare follow-up questions and demand serious answers.

To collect your fee, upload your video to Youtube and send us the link:


Sounds awesome...

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I can think of a number of constructive purposes 100 dollars could serve. However, that's nowhere near the importance of getting the message across and making one's point clear; action is mandatory, not optional. To not act is complicity, and shall result in the ouster of all who take that path.

Long live the Republic, for divided we'll fall and plummet into tyranny!!

I'll make and post my video tomorrow after work...

"As a Christian, I believe that Separation of Church and State is Vital, not only for the People's Protection from an overzealous Theocratic Regime, but also for the protection of Religion from suppression."