Wiretapping: Impeachment Not Immunity

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Let's flood Congress with 100,000 petitions for Wiretapping: Impeachment not Immunity

House "Majority" Leader Steny Hoyer doesn't understand the meaning of NO.

In December 2005, when the New York Times reported George Bush was spying on millions of Americans without a warrant - after a year's delay in publication that allowed Bush to steal a second term - the American people demanded that it stop.

But even after voters put Democrats in charge of Congress to end Bush's abuses, Steny Hoyer spat on all of us and pushed the Orwellian "Protect America Act" through Congress in August 2007 to increase Bush's wiretapping powers.

That was the last straw for many progressives, and we have fought Hoyer furiously every time he has floated a "compromise" with Bush that provides any form of immunity for the telcos and the Busheviks who spied on us.

On March 14, we won a huge victory when the House voted 213-197 for a bill to strengthen FISA without providing immunity. Thanks to our lobbying efforts - including over 58,000 petitions! - just six Bush Democrats voted for immunity - Dan Boren (OK02), Chris Carney (PA10), Jim Cooper (TN05), Tim Holden (PA17), Nick Lampson (TX22), and Heath Shuler (NC11).

Even Steny Hoyer voted against immunity. But Hoyer kept conspiring with Bush to sneak immunity through Congress when no one was watching. And on Friday, Hoyer quietly announced a new bill to provide retroactive immunity for past warrantless wiretapping and allow new wiretapping for six more years.

So it's time for us to tell Congress once again that we will not tolerate warrantless wiretapping by George Bush or any other President, and we demand full accountability for George Bush through impeachment. Our last wiretapping petition sent over 58,000 emails to Congress - let's see if we can double that number to over 100,000 with a new petition:




Steny Hoyer

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Steny Hoyer needs to be replaced.


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However, I don't understand why Dennis Kucinich is listed in the NAY column. Apparently, he voted against this bill - WHY???

because he thinks FISA is too intrusive

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    Bob Fertik
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because the court is secret and approves 99.9% of all wiretap requests. Kucinich voted no along with these very progressive Democrats:

Mike Capuano
Bob Filner
Maurice Hinchey
Peter Welch

Constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley, a frequent guest of Keith Olbermann's, is probably the best-known critic of FISA.


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Or is it whore ? just like all the other Bush Democrats got their hands in the in the Bush Oil Jar lead by Big GREEDY Nancy and little Greedy Harry.35 reasons for impeachment for Bush big Nancy says NO! one reason for Clinton and all said yes. of course Clinton had no Cookie Jar. we are not fools watch out in you next run for Office got lots lying to do. we all the Judge in Detroit (BUSH,GUILTY GUILTY,)don't see her on the main stream Media going to ask her to start a website so we can all thank her for upholding the Law we want him in jail after he leaves office.MONEY,MONEY, the root of all evil and the ROOT is in Washington.

We must not give in!

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    Thomas J. Thompson
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Can we allow a sitting President, to set the precidence

for all to follow. Too many crimes, too many times.My vote is no on wiretapping immunity, Impeachment is our only alternative, to preserve our dignity as a country.
Our leadership needs punnished, crime in office is not a good lead for comming presidents.

For the latest you might

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For the latest you might want to check out Glenn Greenwald's article, plus update, at Salon. It is not good news. Certain Dems - like Hoyer - are determined to make this deal.
But we can keep pressure going. We need to keep fighting.