Poll Finds Overwhelming Opposition to Bush's Warrantless Wiretapping

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Petition: Tell your Representatives to Stop Bush's Warrantless Wiretapping! 

By a 73%-22% margin, Americans overwhelmingly oppose George Bush's efforts to wiretap Americans' phone calls and emails without a search warrant, according to a telephone poll of 1,006 adults conducted from August 8-12, 2007 by ICR.

Wiretapping All Dem Ind Rep
Approve 22% 11% 17% 42%
-strongly 10% 3% 8% 23%
-somewhat 12% 8% 9% 19%
Disapprove 73% 87% 80% 51%
-somewhat 12% 10% 14% 15%
-strongly 60% 77% 66% 36%

This is the first national poll since September 2006 asking Americans about warrantless wiretapping of Americans, which has been ignored by corporate media polls despite headline coverage. has also conducted several polls about impeachment, another topic corporate media pollsters refuse to touch because of opposition from the Bush Administration.

The question asked whether respondents approved or disapproved:

President Bush wants the power to wiretap the phone calls and emails of Americans without a search warrant from a judge.

George Bush demanded Congressional authorization of the program one week before Congress left for its August vacation. Bush officials claimed the legislation only permits wiretaps of terrorist-related communications outside the U.S., but legal experts and editorial writers insist gaping loopholes allow wiretaps of many Americans. Despite strong opposition from Democratic and progressive leaders, conservative Democrats joined Republicans in authorizing the program for six months. Democratic leaders promised to review the controversial program in the fall. 

The existence of Bush's warrantless wiretapping program was first reported by the New York Times in December 2005, although they had uncovered the story before the 2004 election. They withheld the story at the request of the Bush Administration, even though many voters would have been outraged to learn of the warrantless wiretapping. When the Times finally published the story long after the election, many conservatives called for the Times to be prosecuted, and the Justice Department opened a criminal investigation.

The American people have never learned the details of the top-secret program. Only eight Members of Congress were briefed on its technology, but they were prohibited from sharing details with anyone, including other Members and their staffs, under threat of criminal penalties. At least three of the four Democrats privately told the White House they objected to the program.

Not a single Member of Congress has learned what legal authority allowed the warrantless wiretaps, which violate the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and the Fourth Amendment, according to the only Federal judge who reviewed the program. The Senate Judiciary Committee has demanded authorizing documents for two years but the Bush Administration has refused to provide them, most recently by defying subpoenas by Chairman Pat Leahy.

In 2003, White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales and Chief of Staff Andy Card visited Attorney General John Ashcroft in the hospital in a failed attempt to get his approval for the program in a now-famous scene described by former Acting Attorney General James Comey before the Senate Judiciary Committee in May. Comey said he, Ashcroft, and other top Justice Department officials threatened to resign over the program, contradicting Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' claim that there was no dispute among senior officials. Gonzales could face perjury charges, censure, and impeachment for misleading Congress about the FISA dispute as well as the firing of eight U.S. Attorneys.


The Constitution is a deal-breaker for me

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I couldn't be more shocked at Amy Klobuchar's vote than if she sponsored a bill advocating raping babies swaddled in the flag on Sundays. You can say it is hysterical of me to wonder whether I should vote for her again based on one issue but it is a vote that damages the very foundation of our nation. How can I not question her maturity and judgment for the position of Senator? The vote is cast, but my opinion of her could be tempered by a good explanation of course. Like, for example, she sincerely believed the aliens were giving her good advice but she now understands that it was the brain tumor talking.

Klobuchar's vote is like

Melissa Bean (D-IL). It's a deal breaker and unconstitutional Melissa. What about your oath of office? The Congressional cowards (of both parties) always vote in the dead of night for removing their duties to the people by going on vacation. We won't forget what they did so when they come back they will most certainly face the music of their treason from their constituents.

They are lawless defying subpoenas by Chairman Pat Leahy. If Leahy can not get them to appear why doesn't he send over the police and bring them by force to the hearing? No one is above the law (and Constitution) even the President of the United States. What's good for the Democratic President Clinton is good for the Republican President Bush and his staff....VP.  Also his advisor Mr. Rove retired or not.

The Congress has over sight powers and that includes forcing testimony and documents by law.  "Change of face law"and refusal is not punishment and accountabilty for crimes against the people.

Voting against the Constitution

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ALL members of the house and senate should be booted out on their butts if they vote against the constitution REGARDLESS of what party they belong. It is time these arrogant people realize they are ARE replaceable and they WILL be replaced if they continue to vote as if they are in the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany. They must vote like they are in a democratic republic or they must get booted out.

Carl Sperr
Spokane, WA

wire tapping

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    hillbilly democrat
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i wish congress would stop Bush. The entire war is not declared because technically congress has to declare war and to this date the us congress didnt declare war Bush decided all on his own and Poor President Clinton got impeached over a blow job...Why cant we impeach bush???????????