Torture Deaths

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The Busheviks have done a brilliant job of bamboozling Americans about the brutality of their torture methods. But there's one thing that can't be bamboozled, and that's when torture results in death.

How many prisoners have been tortured to death? The Pentagon counts 34 homicides, while Human Rights Watch counts 45.

Manadel al-Jamadi
with Sgt. Graner

What are their names? I have not found a complete list; below are the best sources I can find.

Much of the documentation comes from FOIA requests filed in October 2003 by the ACLU and New York Civil Liberties Union, along with the Center for Constitutional Rights, Physicians for Human Rights, Veterans for Common Sense, and Veterans for Peace

On 10/24/05, the ACLU released a list of 70 deaths (without names) based on autopsy reports. Of those, 14 are classified as "homicide," including this prisoner from Helmand Province, Afghanistan:

Death caused by the multiple blunt force injuries of the lower torso and legs complicated by rhabdommyolisis (release of toxic byproducs into the system due to destruction of muscle). Manner of death is homicide.

In February 2006, Human Rights First documented 20 deaths, providing photos and in-depth articles on each:

Abd Hamad Mowhoush
Abdul Jaleel
Abdul Wali
Abed Mohammed Najem
Dilar Dababa
Fashad Mohammed
Hadi Abdul Hussain Hasson al-Zubaidy
Jamal Naseer
Jassim Al-Obodi
Manadel al-Jamadi
Mohammed Munim al-Izmerly
Mohammed Sayari
Mullah Habibullah
Nagem Sadun Hatab
Nasef Ibrahim
Obeed Hethere Rada
Sajid Kadhim Bori al-Bawi
Sher Mohammed Kham
Zaidoun Hassoun

On 4/27/06, the ACLU documented 24 deaths, of which 9 were not included in the HRF report (*) and 3 more were unknown:

Abd Hamad Mowhoush (smothering)
Abdul Jaleel (blunt force injuries and asphyxia)
*Abdul Wahid (blunt force injuries)
Abdul Wali (blunt force injuries)
*Abu Malik Kenami (hypothermia)
Dilar Dababa (blunt force injuries)
Dilawar (blunt force injuries)
*Hamaady Kareem (gunshot)
Jamal Naseer (blunt force injuries)
*Karim Hassan (gunshot)
Manadel al-Jamadi (blunt force injuries)
Mohammed Munim al-Izmerly (blunt force injuries)
Mohammed Sayari (blunt force injuries)
*Muhamad Husain Kadir (gunshot)
Mullah Habibullah (blunt force injuries)
Nagem Sadun Hatab (strangulation)
*Naser Ismail (gunshot)
*Qassim Hassan (gunshot)
*Tahah Ahmead Hanjil (gunshot)
*Thaher Khaleefa Ahmed (gunshot)
Unknown (gunshot)
Unknown (hypothermia)
Unknown (hypothermia)
Zaidoun Hassoun (drowning)

On 5/14/08, the ACLU obtained Navy Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS) investigations, which included the first mention of Hemdan El Gashame. 

The NCIS document contains new information about the deaths of some of these prisoners, including details about Farhad Mohamed, who had contusions under his eyes and the bottom of his chin, a swollen nose, cuts and large bumps on his forehead when he died in Mosul in 2004. The document also includes details about Naem Sadoon Hatab, a 52-year-old Iraqi man who was strangled to death at the Whitehorse detainment facility in Nasiriyah in June 2003; the shooting death of Hemdan El Gashame in Nasiriyah in March 2003; and the death of Manadel Jamadi during an interrogation after his head was beaten with a stove at Abu Ghraib in November 2003.

The addition of El Gashame brings the total list of identified torture deaths to 30 along with 3 unidentified deaths. Here is a unique list:

Abd Hamad Mowhoush smothering
Abdul Jaleel blunt force injuries and asphyxia
Abdul Wahid blunt force injuries
Abdul Wali blunt force injuries
Abed Mohammed Najem  
Abu Malik Kenami hypothermia
Dilar Dababa blunt force injuries
Dilawar blunt force injuries
Fashad Mohammed (Farhad Mohamed?) blunt force injuries
Hadi Abdul Hussain Hasson al-Zubaidy  
Hamaady Kareem gunshot
Hemdan El Gashame gunshot
Jamal Naseer blunt force injuries
Jassim Al-Obodi  
Karim Hassan gunshot
Manadel al-Jamadi blunt force injuries
Mohammed Munim al-Izmerly blunt force injuries
Mohammed Sayari blunt force injuries
Muhamad Husain Kadir gunshot
Mullah Habibullah blunt force injuries
Nagem Sadun Hatab (Naem Sadoon Hatab?) strangulation
Nasef Ibrahim  
Naser Ismail gunshot
Obeed Hethere Rada  
Qassim Hassan gunshot
Sajid Kadhim Bori al-Bawi  
Sher Mohammed Kham  
Tahah Ahmead Hanjil gunshot
Thaher Khaleefa Ahmed gunshot
Unknown gunshot
Unknown hypothermia
Unknown hypothermia
Zaidoun Hassoun drowning


What a disgrace!

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This isn't American.


Due Process

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I agree Jim, I want to beleive that No One in America could order or produce these types of end results to another human being. This is not the REAL America where I've spent my life to date.
These non-patriotic people who have been a part of this barbaric destruction of one of God's children, shall one day suffer the same end. Those who are a part of these acts have probably attended some type of religious ceremony of their chosing, where they have been judged by our creator, leaving only his sentencing to be delivered. Stoning would be a light punishment for they will have forth coming. All will receive the warth of our God for their deeds against his children.


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Rush, O'Reilly, etc. think that our World War Vets had it easy and did not "HAVE" to torture, but somehow all of a sudden "WE" do.

We've dealt with evil in the past and arrived at the American solution: CIVILIZED POWER. Both are important.

I'm afraid that for many on the Right, they have already received a measure of divorce from any higher power: they languish in ignorance and fail to see just how wonderful/glorious this life can be.


torture deaths

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If you believe nobody died from torture by the US in WW2 I think you are pretty naïve. In that war the Army maintained a tight control over what news correspondents did and did not see and what they could and could not report. Everything that was printed in the major news media was approved by the Army.

I suggest you check out these links before castigating a group of people for doing horrendous things to other people. It seems that most people will "torture" other people under the right conditions.

People do...Nations don't have to.

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In addition, non third world nations have found it advantages NOT to.

I repeat, CIVILIZED POWER is where we want the USA to sit, and not simply for high brow moral reasons.

The experiments you cite seem a given. I have no quarrel with them.

And as far as castigating.

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Yeah, scum bags should be prosecuted.

Is this me being holier than though? NO. I would torture too given the right circumstances.

That does not change the need for scum bags to be prosecuted, nor the need to investigate whether torture was the action of a scum bag, or a soldier under extreme duress.

If you think that BOTH can't occur, then I would suggest it is you who are naive.

On the other hand perhaps you simply read my post too broadly?


P.S. None of this goes to whether a NATION should torture.

Prosecute NOW!

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Have you guys tried sending links in your letters to the AG. It works also. When they have access to the info we have, instead of the ditto's, they have proof enough for warrants. This is important to back up your charge with facts or links to the facts.

This in turn makes those arrogant sob's to think it's just to piss us off, and increase their printing of hatred to draw attention as it needs to be. They slink and hide undercover with Fox as their shield. But the "phazer" are on and their shields are weakening, as the people see them for what they are.