There Are NO Honest Republicans

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As ThinkProgress notes, rightwing bloggers have gone to war with House Republican leaders over the appointment of scandal-ridden Ken Calvert (R-CA) to replace scandal-ridden John Doolittle (R-CA) on the Appropriations Committee.

But there's a simple reason why they replaced one scandal-ridden Republican with another - they have no choice because there are no honest Republicans.

There used to be semi-honest country-club Republicans in the Eisenhower-Kennedy-Johnson era, and a handful held on for a few more years (Howard Baker, Lowell Weicker, Mark Hatfield, and Bob Michel come to mind). But cold-war hustler Richard Nixon was completely corrupt, and he corrupted the Republican Party through his paranoia and desire for imperial power.

When Nixon was finally driven from power, the people who filled the void were equally corrupt: former CIA director George Herbert Walker Bush, former GE spokesliar Ronald Reagan, and assorted rightwing ideologues like Bob Dole, Trent Lott, Newt Gingrich, and Tom DeLay.

Gingrich and DeLay played a crucial role in corrupting the Republican minor leagues, so no Republican could even raise enough money to get elected to Congress without selling their souls. (A few self-funded country-club Republicans like Senator Peter Fitzgerald didn't have to sell their souls, but they couldn't stand the corruption in their own party and quietly left.)

And after 2000, George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Karl Rove corrupted the entire executive branch, from the Judiciary Department to FEMA to the CIA and even the Pentagon. (Once again the few honest self-funded Republicans like Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill quickly left.)

It's a huge story, yet incredibly it remains an untold story: how the Republican Party completely corrupted themselves and most of America (including the Corporate Media).

And the question for America is whether it is possible to undo this complete corruption.

Update 1: CREW just filed an FEC complaint against the Republican National CHAIRMAN, Senator Mel Martinez (R-FL), alleging multiple egregious violations of the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) and FEC regulations. Like I said, there are no honest Republicans.

Update 2: ThinkProgress reminds us that Ken Calvert was caught in a parked car with his dick out and a prostitute's head on his lap, as recorded in the police report:

I observed a male subject in the driver seat…As I made my way to the driver door, a female immediately sat up straight in the front passenger seat. It appeared as if her head was originally laying in the driver’s lap. … I noticed that the male subject was placing his penis into his unzipped dress slacks, and was trying to hide it with his untucked dress shirt.

As the male subject covered up crotch area with his left hand and shirt, he started his vehicle and placed it into drive and proceeded to leave. I ordered him three times to turn off the vehicle, and he finally stopped and complied…The male identified himself as Kenneth Stanton Calvert.

That happened in 1993, before the rise of the blogosphere, which would have ended his career in a heartbeat - just ask Mark Foley. With a new prostitution scandal embroiling Washington DC, do Republicans think no one will remember? Ken, quit now while you're ahead.


As Rummy might say, "heavens

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    Bill Harding
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As Rummy might say, "heavens to Betsy, you clean out the treasury with the Republicans you have -- not the Republicans you wish you had."

LOL Bill! ... might want to check out Bartcop today.

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