Support President Obama's Second Term Agenda


I'm pledging my support for President Obama's second term agenda:

• Creating jobs and growing the middle class
• Enacting comprehensive immigration reform
• Passing commonsense gun safety laws

We can't let Republican radicals stand in the way of progress. It's time to create good middle-class jobs and economic growth that improves the lives of every single American.

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people have signed this petition.

President Obama laid out a bold vision in his State of the Union address, pushing for key reforms and pledging to defend the middle class. In particular, President Obama:

• Pushed for crucial investments in infrastructure and education programs
• Called on Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform
• Demanded an up-or-down vote on commonsense gun safety laws

But the GOP is already vowing to block many of his key proposals, just as they did throughout President Obama's first term. We can stop them, but only if progressives like you speak up.

Sign our petition and tell President Obama we're standing with him. He's always fought for us – now it's our turn to have his back.

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