Stop Keystone XL

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The Senate is about to reverse President Obama's courageous decision last month to say no to the dangerous Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

As early as Tuesday, they may vote to greenlight construction of the pipeline without any environmental or economic review.

That's why for the next 24 hours dozens of organizations from across our movement are joining together to collect and deliver 500,000 messages to the Senate.

President Obama's decision to stand up to oil industry lobbyists, and threats from Republicans, was a huge win for both people-powered organizing and for fighting climate change. Heavy tar sands oil creates three times more carbon pollution than conventional oil.

Sign the petition and tell the Senate not to undercut the president's bold stand against the Keystone XL pipeline and dirty energy lobbyists.

A compiled petition with your individual comment will be presented to the U.S. Senate leadership.


Dear Senator:

In the next few days, your vote will determine the fate of a pipeline that would link a vast oil deposit in Alberta, Canada to refineries on the Texas Gulf Coast. This pipeline, Keystone XL, would carry one of the most carbon-intensive sources of oil on the planet.

If you care about the climate, you have to care about stopping this dangerous pollutant and the pipeline that carries it. After extensive research, the EPA estimates that annual carbon pollution from the Keystone XL pipeline could be at least 82% higher than average crude refined in America -- if not more.

What does that number really mean? That's the same amount of pollution as adding 4.8 million cars to our roads: an additional 27 million metric tons of carbon pollution.

It doesn't matter where you live, or if the pipeline crosses into your home state. An increase of carbon pollution anywhere leads to climate change everywhere.

To put it simply: say NO to Keystone XL.


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