Rep. Steve Cohen Drafts Articles of Impeachment for Gonzales

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    Bob Fertik
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According to Rep. Steve Cohen's hometown newspaper, the Memphis Commercial Appeal, Rep. Cohen is working with Bruce Fein to draft Articles of Impeachment for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

In a telephone interview from Memphis on Monday, Cohen said he and his staff are working with former Reagan Justice Department lawyer Bruce Fein to draw up articles of impeachment against Atty. Gen. Alberto Gonzales. The conservative Fein has advocated impeaching Cheney for initiating kidnappings and secret detentions and advocating the ongoing domestic warrantless wiretapping program.

Bruce Fein has advocated impeachment since the New York Times revealed Bush's warrantless wiretapping program in December 2005. Fein made the case for impeachment on Bill Moyers Journal in July along with John Nichols. Rep. Cohen is a Freshman who replaced Harold Ford Jr. when he ran for U.S. Senate and was put on the Judiciary Committee, where he personally witnessed Gonzales' evasive and dishonest testimony:

"I just think that with what I've seen in these first seven months is that there's been so much disregard for the Constitution by the administration," said Cohen. "I've seen it firsthand on the Judiciary Committee with General Gonzales."

Cohen said Gonzales' efforts when he was White House counsel to get a surveillance program approved by then-Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft as he recovered in his hospital room were particularly egregious.

"It's a major part of our country's civil liberties, and principles, that we don't spy on our people," Cohen said.

Cohen's Articles of Impeachment for Alberto Gonzales go one step further than the Rep. Jay Inslee's H.Res. 589 which calls for an investigation of whether Gonzales committed impeachable offenses.


Best news in a long time Bob!

Gonzales is just a puppet. He is the liar who we opposed in the first place. I hope we can stop the Fascists before they destroy our world and freedoms. It's not good for anyone in the end. 

Our weapons more deadly and polluting to wage any war today. We have to fight to save our earth not a political philosophy or a few elite's robbery.

Religious organizations have to face the fact that they too could disappear in the chaos which could follow. They won't be so powerful or wealthy as under democracy and tolerance.  They have to support lower population and tolerance to survive.  If bombs, starvation, and hate occupy your world it's hard to think about anything "Godly or spiritual". "Peace and Prosperity" is just that.