Is Rove Planning a Terror Attack on the Super Bowl?

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    Bob Fertik
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The White House is being way too quiet today, and the silence is eerie.

Sure, Bush is on the road talking about "competitiveness." But he might as well be talking about Mah Jong for all anyone cares.

Bad things happen when Bush is babbling about things he cares nothing about - sometimes very bad things.

Remember 9/11? That morning, Bush was babbling about education in a Florida classroom, as if Mr. "Is Our Children Learning?" gave a crap. He learned about the first plane crashing into the WTC at 8:46 a.m. - he twice said he saw it live, which of course no one else did - yet at 9:00 a.m. he walked right into the classroom as scheduled. And right after the second plane hit at 9:05 a.m. - which everyone except Bush saw live on TV - Andy Card whispered in Bush's ear that "America is under attack." Yet Bush didn't flinch; he just kept reading "My Pet Goat" with the kids for another 10-20 minutes. He then gave a horrible TV statement and flew as far from Washington as he could. But a few days later, Karl Rove put him before the cameras with rescue workers on Ground Zero, put a bullhorn in his hand, and instantly transformed him from a clueless coward to a "hero."

A few days ago, a reader sent an email entitled "Detroit the next target?" and made some excellent points:

Here is an article from WND [, a right-wing site] that points out the problems with Detroit Super Bowl security and the use of the Feds.

It's interesting that this year the NFL changed the company that has handled security for the Super Bowl.  Odd thing to do at a time when there are concerns about attacks.  Why get rid of a highly experienced company?

As the WND points out there are 400,000 muslims in Detroit.  Wouldn't that make Detroit a good place to increase fear and hysteria? 

We need something big to justify attacking Iran. What bigger (to us) than Super Bowl weekend?

Feds secure NFL profits instead of football fans?
U.S. agents to focus on confiscating counterfeit merchandise at big game

While Sunday's Super Bowl in Detroit will be the largest security operation for any event in history, some Homeland Security and U.S. Customs officers are being diverted from protecting the spectacle from terrorists to busting individuals suspected of selling counterfeit NFL memorabilia.

At last year's game in Jacksonville, Fla., agents seized some 21,000 pieces of counterfeit NFL merchandise worth $5 million...

But some terrorism experts are wondering how and why the Department of Homeland Security could possibly be involved in confiscating T-shirts when the nation – and especially high-profile events like the Super Bowl – remain potential targets of terrorism.

Some security experts point out that Detroit is the U.S. city with the highest population of Muslims – some 400,000 total. Included within that community is a small minority of radicalized supporters of al-Qaida and other terrorist organizations. The proximity of the city to the Canadian border has also raised concerns.

Some international terror analysts and intelligence sources told Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin [note: paid subscription only] this week they see a high likelihood of a major terrorist attack next Sunday.

The warning is made on the basis of several factors:

  • There is increased "chatter" in the terrorist world about a major new attack in the West – a sign often leading to an impending strike;
  • The date Feb. 5 has been specifically referenced in some of this chatter;
  • The date is significant to Osama bin Laden;
  • Much of the Western world will be watching television that day.

Certainly Super Bowl security is high:

Super Bowl; Super Security

Cast of 10,000 will serve, protect during big week

David Shepardson / The Detroit News

DETROIT -- Sunday is D-Day.

The FBI and Detroit Police will open one of the largest security operations in U.S. history, guarding against any threats to Super Bowl XL and aided by more than 50 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

Including private security guards, there will be upward of 10,000 security personnel on duty in Detroit for the Super Bowl, rivaling the security for any other one-day event in U.S. history and on a scale with a presidential inauguration, the FBI says, capping 18 months of intensive preparations. It would be a larger force than any previous Super Bowl.

But security preparations for this Super Bowl are getting a lot less media coverage than the last 3 did.

Which leads me to ask: is Karl Rove planning a terrorist attack during the Super Bowl, in order to set the stage for building towards war with Iran over the coming year?

Remember, Rove has played the "war card" before. The Iraq War buildup in 2002 was all about politics. Veteran Texas journalist - and Rove expert - Jim Moore exposed the whole plan in "Bush's War for Reelection." Moore must have struck a nerve in the White House, because he's now on Homeland Security's no-fly list.

Investigative reporter Russ Baker also found evidence that Bush planned the Iraq War for political reasons as early as 1999, according to Bush's first biographer, Mickey Herskowitz. "He was thinking about invading Iraq in 1999. It was on his mind. He said, 'One of the keys to being seen as a great leader is to be seen as a commander-in-chief.' And he said, 'My father had all this political capital built up when he drove the Iraqis out of Kuwait and he wasted it.' He went on, 'If I have a chance to invade…, if I had that much capital, I'm not going to waste it. I'm going to get everything passed that I want to get passed and I'm going to have a successful presidency.'"

Right after 9/11, Bush and Rove saw their opportunity to invade Iraq, as Richard Clarke famously reported in his book. Immediately after they overthrew the Taliban in Afghanistan - but even as Osama Bin Laden remained free - Bush ordered Gen. Richard Myers to begin planning an invasion of Iraq, much to Myers' disgust.

The justifications for Bush's insane War with Iraq had to be created out of whole cloth. Iraq posed no threat whatsoever to the United States - both Colin Powell and Condi Rice said so before 9/11. Cheney got reports that Iraq was trying to acquire uranium from Niger, so the CIA sent Joe Wilson to investigate and he (and two other investigators) told the CIA the report was baseless. Of course, Bush and Cheney knew that all of Iraq's WMD's had been destroyed before 1995, when Saddam's son-in-law Hussein Kamel defected and told us.

But that didn't stop Bush, as the Downing Street Memos make clear; on July 23, the head of MI6 returned from a meeting with CIA director George Tenet and famously reported: "Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy."

Bush desperately tried to get Saddam to attack U.S. forces to justify an invasion. In the spring of 2002, Bush sent U.S. warplanes patrolling Iraq's northern and southern "no-fly" zones into the center of Iraq to provoke anti-aircraft fire, and Bush significantly increased bombing runs. In the fall, Bush demanded (and got) a U.N. resolution requiring strict inspections inside Iraq, hoping to "wrong-foot" Saddam into refusing - but Saddam complied in full. This drove Bush practically insane; in January 2003, according to a brand new White House memo revealed on British TV that has barely been reported in the U.S., Bush told Blair "The US was thinking of flying U2 reconnaissance aircraft with fighter cover over Iraq, painted in UN colours. If Saddam fired on them, he would be in breach."

But even if Bush couldn't provoke an Iraqi attack, Bush still had to have his "war for reelection." So in the summer of 2002, the White House Iraq Group planned its public relations campaign to sell its war of lies. First, Rove and Libby planted lies about Iraqi WMD's (the infamous aluminum tubes) with Judy Miller in the New York Times, and Cheney went on Meet the Press to hype Miller's leaked lies. Then Rove sent Bush to the U.N. to beat the war drums on September 12, 2002, just a year and a day after the 9/11 attack. And Rove forced Congress to vote on a war resolution in early October, thus defining the political landscape at the height of the Congressional campaign. Rove's TV ads attacked Democrats like Max Cleland as weak on national security, Republicans gained seats in Congress, Bush invaded Iraq, and Bush rode his "commander-in-chief" horse through another stolen election in 2004.

But now the political tides have shifted, and both Bush and the Republican Party are in grave danger as the 2006 campaign begins. Bush's approval rating is stuck at 40% (39% in the latest NBC/WSJ poll), despite two months of high-profile speeches. And the approval rating for House Republicans is barely half of that, thanks to bottomless scandals involving Tom DeLay, Jack Abramoff, Duke Cunningham, etc.

If this pattern continues until November, everyone agrees Republicans will be swept out of Congress and Democrats could take control of one or both chambers.

Within the realm of "normal" politics, there is nothing Rove can do to reverse the tide. Bush's State of the Union was a dud, and he offered no important programs to set the political agenda in the coming months. And all of the daily headlines are bad for Bush.

Scooter Libby's trial is under way, and crucial emails have been scrubbed - echoes of Nixon's infamous 18 1/2 minute gap.

Bush's domestic wiretapping scandal is before the Senate, and top administration officials are once again lying through their teeth (listen to Randi Rhodes for the gory details). If they keep lying, Senate Democrats and Republicans may finally start screaming - and demanding the truth.

Economic news is gloomy, with massive layoffs at GM and Ford. The Dow is stuck under 11,000, just as it has since Bush stole the White House. Housing sales are turning south, which could trigger a recession or worse.

And gasoline prices continue to increase, up $.21 in the past two months. As we know, Professor Pollkatz has proved conclusively that Bush's poll ratings move in (reverse) lockstep with gas prices.

Of course, gasoline prices are driven by crude oil prices, which are approaching post-Katrina highs. Much of this is driven by fear of a confrontation with Iran, the world's 4th largest crude oil producer. And with neocons firmly in charge of White House policy, relations with Iran are likely to get worse in the coming weeks and months.

If we were operating in the world of "normal" politics, Karl Rove would want to quiet the confrontation with Iran, in order to push world crude oil prices down. But he appears to be doing the opposite, pushing the IAEA to refer Iran to the U.N. Security Council while filling the TV airwaves with former Generals demanding war - the exact same playbook Rove used to sell the Iraq War in the fall of 2002.

So does Rove want war with Iran to produce a Republican victory in November? Rove's January 22 speech to the Republican National Committee put terrorism front and center once again:

Rove Lays Out Road Map for Republicans in Fall Elections


Karl Rove, the president's chief political adviser, gave nervous Republicans here a preview on Friday of the party's strategy to maintain its dominance in the fall elections, offering a searing attack on Democrats for their positions on terrorism, the administration's eavesdropping program and President Bush's effort to shape the federal judiciary.

If Rove wants a war with Iran, he will have to manufacture it, because Iran (like Iraq in 2002) is not trying to provoke a war.

And how better to manufacture a war than to manufacture a terrorist attack on the Super Bowl right while the whole world is watching - and blame it on Iran?

Of course, Rove will have to be very creative this time, beyond even painting a U.S. plane in the colors of the U.N. (Perhaps a "Canadian" submarine will float up the Detroit River? Watch it live!) The FBI is prepared for just about anything - Special Agent William Kowalski says "there are no credible threats against the Super Bowl" - and does not want to be humiliated yet again. Rove's plan would have to be so evil as to justify yet one more farcical White House claim that "no one could possibly have imagined" such a horrendous thing.

I pray that I am wrong. But ever since Karl Rove plucked Bush out of his drunken stupor to groom him for a career delivering speeches fed to him through an earpiece, just about everything I feared has come true.


I hope you're wrong, but...

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...deep inside i know you're right. It hurts me so deeply, when I think of
what is going on in this world. To be honest: on 9/11, I felt deeply sorry
for the many victims, but compared with the number of people killed directly
or indirectly by US-politics and\or secret services, that sad day didn't even
come close. It hurts you American folks so much, because that time it was closeby.

Half a year ago, I started noticing people running websites that question 9\11
and Afghanistan\Iraq reasons for going to war. I don't consider myself dumb or
super-smart, I am just average. I was Pro EU, Pro Schröder (I am German, now you noticed at last...).. but then I learned, that our BND (Nr.1 secret service) took part
in Iraq war, I learned, that Schröder, the self-labelled Socialist, joined a big gas
company right after (not?) being voted off as Chancellor, and now - thanks to Loose Change - I learned there has been massive inside trading short to 9/11, I learned of the PNAC (Project of New American Century), I learned of the renter of WTC#7 that he had let it be destructed some 12 hours after 9/11, and many other facts.

Bush were a poor boozer again after 2004 elections, if 9/11|Iraq|all that election fraud hadn't been there. But it all happened, and short before the Oil-Euro comes to existence, I bet all secret services, the PNAC (remember Pearl Harbour?) and a big part of the (fucked up) US media are thrusting for a war again, and I have become a real pessimist concering US politics attitude shifting to the good side again.
I am watching every bloody day, and I am telling as much people as possible (Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, even US-Americans in my company) about you REAL democrats, with that kickass attitude that would change the world and take away the reason for terrorism (if any?) right away..

I would rather die than living in this 1984 type of your beautiful country.

Regards from Amsterdam

My beloved Europe consists of nothing more than
traitors and ignorants

Hello to you in Amsterdam

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Thank you so much for posting. It's very comforting to know that we are not alone, and that people in Amsterdam and elsewhere are watching. It's a great feeling of connection because our government and media want us to be isolated from the rest of the world so we only know what they want us to know. And people from other countries who have endured much suffering and learned lessons from history bring insight and wisdom to Americans, and I think that's why this government has such xenophobia. I don't blame people for not wanting to come here right now. I wouldn't.

I don't see US politics coming around to the good side again either without a tremendous struggle from the grassroots to make that happen. I believe we will succeed. I don't know how long it will take, but I have to believe we can do it. I know things will get worse before they will get better, but I believe it is inevitable that we will win against this evil fascism that has taken over.


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Many people here (I explicitly noticed this in Germany) are simple Bush-Bashers,
but they are not informed. The only update they received was from populist newspaper "Bild"
or such populist channels like "N24" (playing US military technology documentaries 10 times a day)or RTL, but that was while the US were preparing and having the war in Iraq.
Pure populism, and for worse - the educated people in Germany try to distinguish from the mainstream, so as soon as Bush-Bashing got popular, they turned their backs to this.
The elections in 2004 were recognized as estonishingly fair and clean. Of course, 95% percent of Germany was hoping for Kerry to win, and the polls definitely saw Kerry in front. But when the outcome was not the expected, the media began to state that Bush won because some million Americans would have votes in favor of religious matters and seeing Bush as the guy able to protect his country from the (nonexistent) terror threat.

That was about the time that I discovered this site.
It shocked me hard that the USA, the country that states to be determined to deliver freedom to other countries, were so thoroughly disrupted by a corrupt system.

Companies make your law, isn't that the truth? Regular democratic politics hardly show spine. Americans must register manually for voting. This sounds funny to me as a German, because here everbody is being registerred with 16 (locally) and 18 (nationwide) automatically. But at the same time it makes me thinking, sad and angry, because this means that all the people in charge of the elections have the actual chance to interfere largely without notice.

And I absolutely HATE that one is considered a conspiracy weirdo as soon as one speaks out doubts in the official stories. (9/11 - Afghanistan - Iraq - Bin Laden - etc.)
I am not antiamerican, I am against the system you are controlled by.
I hate Bush, but even more I hate Cheney, because he's - to me - one of the masterminds of the last 6 years. But even that doesn't come close to what I feel for your foreign secretary - "Condy" Rice. The media and the people in Europe recognized her employment as a tendence to normality, because she is (was?) black and a woman, of course, and I could
absolutely not think of a black woman in the government being such a neocon monster.

Everytime I see her face, I feel like an evil alien controls her mind, playing the good show and acting like a threeleggers from "War of the Worlds".

I wish you all the best. You can and have to change this lovely country. I will continue spreading the information. Maybe you should send copies of this blog to any media that you know, also Foreign media, and in case something should happen (f.i. at the Super Bowl XL)
the people will maybe start thinking.

Greetings from freezing Amsterdam

Europe is afraid of the USA under Bush&Cheney


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I sure appreciate that there are people in other countries that feel the way you do, blue. I never thought I would live to see the day that I actually physically fear my own government, or that the people in this country would allow the US Constitution to be destroyed. But there's quite a few of us here who are doing everything we can to wake folks up, and I, for one, ain't about to give up.

Stay warm there in Amsterdam!

Europe is afraid

So bluebbers,
Europe is afraid of America, is it? Well then, I suggest the European parliament pass a law demanding that we remove our troops from Europe in total. Now that the Soviet Union is no more, the EU faces no security threat anyway, right? Of course, those Islamist fascists who promise not to destroy you (as long as you accept your coming dhimmitude) in your midst are set to become a majority in Europe within the next generation but, hey, I'm sure you have nothing to worry about. Just remember to keep your head down, and say NOTHING that might cause offense to any typical misogynist, anti-Semite with a 10-th. Century mind-set.

Your comment about the German people being uninformed was interesting, in light of similar commentary offered up at davidsmediencritik, which tells us that German media offer nothing more than crude caricatures of America and Americans. OF COURSE you were shocked when Bush won the 2004 election, because the left-leaning Euro-media presented no possibility that Bush was actually the preferred choice of many Americans. What they (and you?), and frankly, many American leftists can not comprehend is that an American voter may not be particularly religious, but is nevertheless not hostile to those who are religious, or to religion in general. Many of us DO take seriously the threat from Islamo-fascism, and the sad fact is that one of our two main parties does not seem to feel the same. As to your characterization of the terror threat as "non-existent," that, sadly, speaks volumes about your own prejudice, and non-seriousness.

Ah, the old "Islamic

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Ah, the old "Islamic Fascist" card.
I am continually fascinated by the far right's ability to brand people that want self determination, using a philosophy or religion that they find abhorant, all the while trying to impose their own brand of fascism on both the middle east and America. Because, just in case you haven't been paying attention in history class, that is exactly what the Christian Right is trying to do here and in the middle east.

We have been sticking our fat, oil glutonous asses in these people's lives for the last 80 years, at the behest of the Saudi(F**K democracy for our own people)Royal Family, Israel's (God gave us this land, even though we have no historical proof of said transaction) Likud Zionists, and you think that the locals have no right to want to boot our asses out?

Tell me, when does a freedom fighter become a terrorist? Were the American revolutionaries terrorists or fascist? Why did we deserve to fight against an imposed government and these people don't.

Because despite the misinformation coming out of the White House,that some people choose to blindly believe without supporting facts because their only source of information is Fox News, we have imposed ourselves on these people.

America is waking up to the lies of the PNAC, and the only way they are going to regain control will be to scare the crap out of you again. That means elevated alert levels and yes, perhaps another well covered up terrorist attack, so that some people will go back to cowering in the corners of their basements, sucking their thumbs.

I, for one, refused to run scared of PNAC's lies and threats anymore. I am not going to fear the "Islamic Fascist"(as you call them)or the Christian Fascists" (as I call anyone associate with Pat Robertson). I will fight against the Patriot Act. I will not give up the Constitutional Rights that 250 years of Americans have fought for.

Saving the world from stupidity
One Republican at a time
Since November, 2004

njoriole...nice of you to have dropped by...

you obviously haven't checked out this particular site prior to making such a stupid generic repugnant post.

njoriole escorted to the edge of the world and dropped on his tookus.

Damn, and I wanted

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to hear his reply, too.

Saving the world from stupidity
One Republican at a time
Since November, 2004

Repugs battle Dinosaurs

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It is solely the Republican Party that does not take Terrorism seriously.

Maybe you should remember what it was like to be a Conservative in the past, and dissect Bush policy from that vantage point.

The Right only has time for a money grab and protecting America from those imminent threats: Communism and Dinosaurism.

another letter regarding superbowl

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Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 21:18:34 -0600
From: "Jacob G. Stansbury, Jr."


Note: I have NO direct knowledge of any conspiracy as described below as a possibility. The facts and conclusions are drawn from stories the open media and the alternative media, including websites and mail groups.

Detroit Super Bowl Terrorist Attack
Possible Scenario:
(Revised 30 January 2006)
I. The Setup:
(a) A multitude of warnings from government officials of another domestic terrorism event have aired in the whore media.
(b) The new "bin Laden" speech threatening an eminent "muslim" terrorist attack more devastating than 9/11.
(c) Patriot Act II ready to be approved by congress. (Martial Law)
(d) Plenty of time to place "terrorist" weapons in the stadium to be remotely detonated on cue.
(e) This date, February 5, 2006, is an "11" day for the numerologists
(f) The football League has cut ties with the nationally respected security firm it has used for the last 29 Super Bowls, and hired three smaller, less-experienced companies (Owned or controlled by Bush family members as in the World Trade Center on 9/11?)
(g) NORAD and other military entities are staging drills to "protect" Ford Field on Sunday, February 5, 2006. (Remember 9/11?)
(g) Many more others are available but these are more than necessary to illustrate the point.

II. The Event:
(a) Destruction of Ford Field with a mini-nuke and/or other less deadly but massive and overwhelming pyrotechnic weapons is exercised.
(b) Thousands of "American" men, women, children and "heroes" are murdered in a few seconds.
(c) Tens of millions of people are watching the event "live" on television all over the planet!
(d) Shock and awe, terror, fear and anger on a historic level far beyond that of 911 ensue.

III. The Benefits to the Criminals:
(a) Shifting public concerns away from the Bushites incompetence and criminal acts, and back to even greater terrorist fears.
(b) Provision of a "reason" to attack Iran with nuclear weaponry. (Reason for the neocons to use a mini-nuke for "terrorist" event.)
(c) Investigations of illegal spying on the American people scheduled to begin this week will be quickly dispensed with.
(d) The Patriot Act that expires on February 2, 2006 is guaranteed to be renewed, and Patriot Act 2, 3, 4 etc. would be passed.
(e) Congressional hearings on illegal wiretapping scheduled to begin February 6, 2006 will be cancelled or easily dismissed.
(f) A number of lawsuits, initiated by various citizen groups set to begin to enter the court system on February 6, 2006 against the Bushites, will be quickly and quietly eliminated.
(g) The re-cycling of an "obsolete" major city with huge profit potential for the "elite" is facilitated. *

IV. Immediate implementation of the Fourth Reich.
(a) Complete loss of all remaining freedoms of the people of the United States under martial law will result.
(b) All elections will be "Temporarily" suspended, and the establishment of a permanent group of criminals in power will be quickly accomplished.
(b) There will suddenly appear a myriad of "patriotic" groups with appealing acronyms. These will lure the gullible to do their "patriotic" duty and report/fight anyone disagreeing with the NWO directives.
(c) Plans for policing and censorship of the internet are in place now and will be used to eliminate individuals using it against the NWO.
(d) Heavily armed foreign troops now secretly housed in the U.S. will be deployed to replace any uncooperative police and military units, and deal with any militia threat to the New World Order being established.

V. Final Result:
(a) The total destruction of the United States of America by a worldwide alliance against the Fourth Reich would eventually be achieved, or civilization would be wiped out by a nuclear holocaust.

*Detroit, once the bustling and economically powerful center of production of automobiles is now blighted by huge areas of empty industrial buildings and facilities due to outsourcing caused by political/economic forces. The crime rate is among the highest in the country. Its destruction therefore would pave the way for "carpetbaggers" to seize the land and re-build the city as their own. Thus this city may be expendable for these reasons, in the eyes of the neocons. New Orleans was the first major U.S. city where this kind of plan is now being tested and seems to be a success so far for the criminals who now control our destinies.

I wouldn't put anything past these lunatics

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    Daughter of Liberty
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Anything to achieve their objective of unlimited dictatorship.

But I hope to all that is good in the world that we are wrong.

I Think Rove is too Busy Listening to Personal Phonecalls

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If Rove has been put in charge of any homeland security position, he is more than likely listening to the phone calls of the media and the Democrats.

The king of smut is busy as a bee trying to get as much dirt as he can before 2006.

Now, if actually attended the game I would consider that a terrorist act, just having to look at his pasty face and smug smile would be enough to justify an attack. Rove is a terrorist, along with the rest of his evangelicals.

I guess we'll know today but my bet is NO

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    The Right Reverend I M Wayright
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While I would NEVER be surprised at ANYTHING Karl Rove dreams up (i.e., the Bill Clements self-planted listening device he installed in his own office in the White/Clements Gubernatorial campaign in Texas many years ago to the McClain-crushing racist rumor in the 2000 South Carolina Primary that the Senator had a black child out of wedlock), THIS theory goes against the grain of their political message - "we should stay in Iraq to keep the terrorist attacks over there" and "look how safe WE'VE made the U.S. with OUR vigilance and THE PATRIOT ACT".

The Patriot Act expansion vote has been extended until March so there IS the possibility that an 'incident' would heighten chances for its expansion BUT even Rove is only facing possible perjury charges and being investigated for much lesser transgressions than something as grandiose and genocidal as terror at the Super Bowl.

Even if they staged something, they would have to prevent it by KILLING an entire cell (that way, the paid participants wouldn't know their fate and couldn't talk if they were caught). That would take a conspiracy on a scale that would surpass even Oliver Stone's entire body of work!

My take is that they are stacking the court for multi-national corporate domination of the U.S. In 1980 1% of the population controlled 30% of the wealth. Today, that same 1% controls 40% of the country's wealth.

Roe v. Wade was just the carrot waived in front of the Religious Right in order to mobilize public support of Roberts, Miers and Alito. Corporate donors paid for the ads to motivate a coalition of conservatives and fundamentalist Christians.

THAT is the Rove thumbprint on what is happening just as it was his doing that the 'gay marriage' amendment was on the ballot in 12 states in 2004 in his "Git them Nascar fans and rednecks to the polls" secret plan.

May George Bush cause his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you and give you ... uh ...war,

The Right Reverend I. M. Wayright

Preaching Dubya's plan for your own personal wealth from the "Pulpit of Prosperity"

betting on the superbowl

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This is the perfect cover for the Repubs - just when more people are taking them to task, even from their own party, for spying on Americans, they will announce that they foiled a major attack on the superbowl (of course the details will be secret)to prove that they really have to have the power to do this kind of surveillance and if it isn't quite legal, well, then Congress ought to make sure it is because after all, they prevented a mass attack. I can see the headlines - no other sources of course, except the Rovian PR pieces that will be sent out. And all the talking heads will be on air screaming at one another about how smart they were to be able to foil such an attack. Media who get notice about this should take note of the origin of the communication and the time of its release. I wouldn't bet that there will be an attack, but I'd put money on that they will use the opportunity to make it up to fit the policy.

Superbowl Politics

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    Rod Brock
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I hope you're wrong about the Superbowl being a prime "terrorist" target this year, in part because I'm a lifer Washingtonian, and this is the first time Seattle has made it to the bowl in 30 years.

The other night I heard a commentator on the local news stating, in essence, "with security this tight, the Superbowl is going to be the safest place to be on Sunday afternoon." Maybe that's true, or maybe that's false, but either way, I will feel much, much safer at our little local SB party.

Even if "terrorism" should not materialize at the Bowl, this doesn't preclude having some disgruntled Stealers fan(s) stomping on heads if Seattle should actually win. ;-)

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves."

Superbowl Politics - The Day After

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    Rod Brock
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Now, with a day's retrospective on the Superbowl, it appears that the only possible conspiracy at work in Detroit yesterday were the terrible calls against Seattle, in favor of Pittsburgh, a matter which dominates the airwaves today from coast to coast.

Either way, be it the politics of government, or the politics of football, America has a way of deeply disappointing me over these last couple of weeks.

Maybe Karl Rove and Dubya had money riding on Pittsburgh? Ya think?

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves."

Rodney, you hit the nail on the head!

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I am still livid after the worst officiating I have ever seen in a Superbowl!
More than a few people ( not just Seahawk fans, of which I am one) think
the game was thrown in favor of the Steelers!
How else would you explain that damn first phantom Steeler " touchdown" that landed
outside the end zone, or the "illegal" tackle by Hasselbeck " below" the waist?
That tackle rule doesn't exist because it was A- OK for the Steelers to tackle the Seahawks by the
ANKLES!!! And those "holding" calls and "pass interferences" not to mention the first true Seahawks touchdown that was taken away from them by a call of "pushing". Gimme a break! I could go on and on--
Damn it- It reminds me of the 2000 and 2004 elections.
The party who "won" did so by stealing it! Gives a whole new meaning to name Steelers, doesn't it?

Deep breaths, find your

Deep breaths, find your center, more deep breaths. And remember, on any given Sunday...;-)


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The super bowl is merely a continuation of the...

Caesar's circuses to keep the mobs quiet and happy. Only problem was that they didn't have enough lions in those days.

Wonder when the 'fans' of the super bowl last attended a symphony concert, an opera, a ballet, a museum, an art gallery?

Science is not the only profession that is being shorted by the Emperor's circuses.