Rove Gets Spitzer's Scalp

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    Bob Fertik
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Karl Rove just added another Democratic scalp to his collection: Eliot Spitzer's.

Spitzer has not been charged with any crime. He was railroaded by the Corporate Media, led by Rupert Murdoch's NYPost and FOX News, with Karl Rove's "loyal Bushies" leaking furiously from Bush's InJustice Department.

So what's the standard here? If hiring prostitutes is a disqualification for office, then David Vitter must resign today too. In fact, a good chunk of the men in politics must also resign (and possibly a few women as well). And a bunch of reporters and editors must quit as well. And pundits too - yes I'm talking 'bout you, Dick Toesucker Morris.

If adultery is the standard, then Larry Craig must resign today, along with half the men in politics and the media.

If hypocrisy is the standard, then everyone in politics and the media must resign today, because there isn't one who isn't a hypocrite in some large or small way. Take Saint John McCain on torture, campaign finance, immigration, Iraq, global warming, lobbyists... you name it.

And if a criminal violation is the standard, then George Bush and Dick Cheney should not only resign immediately, they should go before a firing squad for war crimes (invading Iraq and torture) and treason (outing Valerie Plame).


Spitzer's scalp

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Though it probably is true that the Republicans scattered the banana-peel all over the place for Democrats, it is delusional to support people like Spitzer, regardless of his party affiliation.

Here is a man who has put people in jail for the very same crimes he appears to have committed. If anything, he should receive double the punishment, because he should - and does- know better.

If we, Democrats don't clean up our own house, how can we stand up and criticize the Bushes and Cheneys of this world, who, I agree, belong behind bars for all they have done to this country.


Our house

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    Bob Fertik
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is a whole lot cleaner than theirs.

But our house will never be spotless, because we're all human.

If Vitter and Craig can remain in office, Spitzer could too.

Our house will get mighty dirty soon

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The crux of the issue is not about a character flaw or poor judgment. And it is not about Spitzer's crime being less egregious than invading a country, authorizing torture, etc so we should give him a pass and focus on the real criminals in the White House. This was an elected official who pretty much ran on the 'You break the law and I'll kill you' platform. While he was making allies with groups fighting against sexual trafficking (ie NOW NYC) and prosecuting sex rings he was participating in them. He broke the law and if we come to his defense we are doing the progressive movement a total disservice and being as hypocritical as Spitzer.


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Okay, so yes, he could remain in office, but that would require a WHOLE lot of fortitude - especially if he is "client number 9". If you're innocent, you don't resign. Period. He's apparently NOT innocent, so this was easier than putting his family through a very public hell. He broke the law. Period. Any politician who breaks the law should not only resign, but be prosecuted. Think about it - soliciting sex in a bathroom isn't really against the law unless you offer to pay for it. Having a mistress isn't against the law. Neither is getting a blow job from an employee.
I especially agree about Cheney and Bush. No political house can ever be truly clean.
It's just a shame that we care more about our politicians' sex lives than we do about their political doings and misdeeds.
I wonder if impeachment would even get the executive branch to resign. They are filled to the brim with hubris and believe that they are above it all.
I do think impeachment is worth a shot.

Oh, of course you do

to 'save' the party. Not everyone can be Clinton.

Wait. Everyone hated him, too.

Is it more honorable to stand up to the radical right and face the music the legal way or is it more honorable to resign to 'save the party,' and allow people like, uh, YOU to ASS U ME guilt? No one has been convicted or a danged thing, here. Can't have it both ways, so which should it be?

Due Process or Wild West?

Usama bin Forgotten


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You've got that right! I see "vast right-wing conspiracy" all over this.

I was convinced when the last piece fell into place: that when Spitzer leaves and Patterson moves up, guess who becomes our Lt. Gov?! Our old friend, Joe Bruno! Then he is in perfect position to move into the Gov's office by whichever plan they choose. (Election or Patterson's resignation.)

Spitzer was just getting too close to too much and too many. They had to find a way to bring him down. It is so obvious to me that they initiated the process and the bank cooperated. Is it also clear that Eliot tried his best to keep his little dalliances as quiet as possible -- and as far away from Albany and New York as was feasible. Cheez, the Mann Act hasn't been used in years! (Think Jack Johnson and Charlie Chaplin!)

Spitzer was a real threat

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    Bob Fertik
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because he could be President someday.

They had to stop him and they did.

And too many cowardly and foolish Democrats stood by and let them.

They HAD to Stop him?

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Just like he had to pay women for sex? He stopped himself.

Less repubs get targeted in this way means we have lax standards of accountability.

What would be a real rallying call is that our politicians , all of them Dem and repub, hold themselves to the same rules we are held accountable to as constituents.

I imagine that if this were a repub Gov then there would be no petition to fight back, even if the situation was exactly the same.

Lets expect more of all our politicians.

You are right about one thing though. Johns are not usually prosecuted like this and its obvious that the prosecution is for political motives.
HOWEVER, that means that all johns should be prosecuted, not more ignored as the petiition calls for. Sweden has made some of the strongest strides in the arena of prostitution where the prostitute is not a criminal but the john is. This has drastically reduced the number of unwilling participants in prostiution.

In a state like New York where more and more women are trafficked in for sexual slavery we need some politicians who will stand up for human rights.

We need constituents whose ethics don't waver just because its one of their own. I thought that was a republican value. I would like to be proved wrong.

Too many cowardly and foolish Democrats stand by and let politics define their ethics instead of ethics defining their politics.

Maybe we wouldn't be in a war if ethics came before poll numbers.

Got a conviction there, SGT?

just wondering.

Last time this nation was led by an idiot with no concrete information to back up his blather we wound up in a quagmire in Iraq.

This is America...right?

Usama bin Forgotten


Grand Ol' Pervertican Desperation.

It's back to the sex and republicans needed a democrat's head on the block to make their party look less amoral. It reminds me of Condit.

Usama bin Forgotten

didn't have to be wellstoned

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Spitzer's crimes might just have saved his life!

The media

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If it only was FOXNews and NYPost. I got most of my dirt on the whole affair from The New York Times. As to Spitzer, it was his pride and folly that did him in, not the media.

And obviously, you got none

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    Bill Harding
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And obviously, you got none of your "dirt" from a court of law. Fyi, Spitzer has not been charged with any crime as yet, but you have already tried and convicted him based on "evidence" from the media.

I'll bet that you tell us the latest gossip about Britney too...