Rich Republicans Demand First Town Hall

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    Bob Fertik
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Boy this story is rich - literally!

Bloomberg, ABC propose first Town Hall

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and ABC News on Sunday proposed that the presidential nominees hold a joint town hall as a 90-minute network special from Federal Hall, on Wall Street in Lower Manhattan. 

Everything about this story sucks.

First, Mike Bloomberg is a Republican billionaire who gives and raises huge amounts of money exclusively to Republicans.

Second, ABC News hosted the very worst Presidential debate (and there was a lot of competition!) on April 16. Among the worst moments was whenb millionaire Charlie Gibson attacked Obama for wanting to slightly increase the capital gains tax, which would take a few pennies out of Gibson's (and Bloomberg's) pockets.

Third, the proposed host is Diane Sawyer, who rose to fame and fortune defending Richard Nixon as Ron Ziegler's deputy during Watergate.

Finally, they want to hold the Town Hall on Wall Street so they can fill the hall with other super-rich Republicans and attack Obama for wanting to raise their taxes.

One of the blogosphere's greatest successes during the primaries was stopping Democrats from debating on FOX. I'm not sure whether we should support or oppose McCain's proposed Town Halls - why not Obama's proposed Lincoln-Douglas debates?

But whatever format we prefer, the location of the first event is obvious: the Ninth Ward of New Orleans.

This Bloomberg-ABC Rich Republican Town Hall is a no-brainer - absolutely not!