Reverse Citizens United


I am proud to sign on as a Citizen Cosponsor of the Reverse Citizens United Amendment to counter the anti-democratic Citizens United decision (S.J.Res.29).

Elections must be determined by voters – not deep-pocketed corporations and Karl Rove's shadowy groups.

25,804 of 25,000
people have signed this petition.

The Citizens United ruling has unleashed a flood of shadowy, corporate money into our political process, led by Karl Rove’s American Crossroads. It’s an attack on our democracy. In a system where one person, one vote is supposed to be the rule, outside groups like Crossroads are having an outsized influence.

But a group of Democratic senators has introduced a constitutional amendment that would essentially repeal the effects of this terrible ruling.

Become a Citizen Cosponsor of the "Reverse Citizens United Amendment" (S.J.Res.29). We need to deliver 100,000 signatures before the second anniversary of this travesty of justice on January 21. Let’s commemorate the day by wiping this terrible ruling off the books.

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