Progressives and Bluedogs Can Defeat War Supplemental

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    Bob Fertik
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Tammy Baldwin
Michael Capuano
Yvette Clarke
John Conyers
Jerry Costello
Peter DeFazio
Lloyd Doggett
Donna Edwards
Keith Ellison
Sam Farr
Bob Filner
Alan Grayson
Raul Grijalva
Luis Gutierrez
Jay Inslee
Steve Kagen
Marcy Kaptur
Dennis Kucinich
Barbara Lee
John Lewis
Eric Massa
James McGovern
Michael Michaud
Richard Neal
Jim Oberstar
Chellie Pingree
Jose Serrano
Carol Shea-Porter
Brad Sherman
Jackie Speier
Pete Stark
Nikki Tsongas
Nydia Velasquez
Maxine Waters
Diane Watson
Lynn Woolsey
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All 178 House Republicans plan to vote against the $100 billion Iraq/AfPak War Supplemental to protest $5 billion for the International Monetary Fund. That means 39 Democratic opponentsĀ could defeat the bill. 36 Democrats on the right promised to vote no, so we only need 3 more.

On May 14, 51 Democrats voted no and 4 Democrats were absent. Most were Progressives who oppose the war funding, but a few were Bluedogs who want to cut unnecessary spending.

The list below includes every House Democrat who has ever voted against Iraq War funding, so activists should contact every one they can.

The first column codes are:
++: voted with us on May 14 and will definitely vote with us
+: voted with us on May 14 and still with us as far as we know
*: voted wrong on May 14 but will vote with us now
~: voted with us on May 14 but wavering now
a: absent on May 14
I: will vote with us if it includes IMF funds
M: will vote with us if it includes IMF funds that could go to Iran
F: will vote against us if IMF policy is "pro-growth"
P: will vote with us if it includes FOIA ban on torture photos
-: voted with us on May 14 but now oppose us



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That will cause us more

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That will cause us more trouble, look, if we say we can't afford the war on TERRA, then logically we can't afford NEW HEALTH CARE, besides, trying to stop the funding will only give the repukes the stones to say we hate the troops, or that we want the terrorists to win... Oh, did I say we have enough fights on our hands right now?

War money and health care are not the same thing.

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No one cares about what the GOP says or claims, and by the way they "LOST" the election. We should fund Government Health care for all, and break up these "for profit" companies that decide if we should even get the care we already pay so dearly for with them. At least we'll know the Government isn't going to be profiting like the Insurance Industry does. No one worries about "what the GOP will say", nor will anyone buy their false claims that "we don't care about the troops". "THEY" don't care about the troops and their votes to deny a pay raise for the soldiers proved this again and again. Don't buy their propaganda. Our Democratic Congress funded money for the troops pay raises, while under Bush theirs denied them funding for our own soldiers. We care what the republicans think for what reason??
After Bush denied the troops an increase in pay time and again, no one is going to believe, "The Democrats didn't care for the troops". The GOP sent them to this war that is a lie after all, we didn't. We still can not fund this war in Iraq because it has proven to be illegal and a bold faced lie, yes a lie. Health care should be a right in America for all people here. A war is not the same thing as health care for children and elderly people and shouldn't be in the same sentence. This illegal war is optional, Health care is necessary and should be an American right for all people. I want the same care Congress gave itself, and if they can't do this then we should stop funding their health care too. See how fast Congress acts to help those of us who elected them once we stop paying for their health insurance.

Iraq/Afghan war funding

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I agree with pulling out of Iraq. that war should never have started in the first place. But if we pull out of Afghanistan who will subdue the Taliban and all the other terrorists? It would be nice if we could but I think, at this time, it would be a big mistake.

jerry nadler wavering?

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    sharon lynch
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i just called jerry nadler's dc office and was told by his washington director that nadler is reluctantly supporting it. i sent a blast to pda members in nadler's district and heard back from one:

I just heard from his NYC Manhattan office that his press secretary said he hasn't decided. His DC office said the same thing yesterday and today (but not reportedly from his press sec'ty).

nadler reads the blogs. maybe we are having an effect. if others have time to call his office: 202 225 5635.