Rep. Patrick McHenry's Voting Fraud Scandal is Also a "Sleepover" Scandal

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Remember Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC), the GOP's lead defender of page-molesting Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL)? It seemed strange that anyone would defend Foley, so I decided to learn more about McHenry and - suprise surprise! - last October I outed him as gay.

Now McHenry finds himself at the center of a voter fraud scandal - a real one, not the bogus kind cooked up by Karl Rove and his "loyal Bushie" U.S. Attorneys. A young male campaign staffer, Michael Aaron Lay, was indicted on May 7 for voting in McHenry's 2004 primaries in North Carolina while living (and receiving his campaign paycheck) in Tennessee. (Michael Rogers has the voting and pay records to prove it.)

Now it's not unusual for young campaign workers to leave their home towns to work for Congressional candidates. But usually they rent an apartment or stay with friends. Where did Lay sleep? According to his illegal voter registration, he slept at 1100 Requa Road - Patrick McHenry's home!

And here's where it gets fun - McHenry and Lay weren't the only single young men in this bachelor pad! Michael Rogers did some digging and found another out-of-town paid staffer, Jason Jent Deans. And he also found Matthew Allen Hamilton, who registered in 1998 but only started voting in primaries when McHenry was on the ballot. Rogers also found a registration for Neil Everett Capano.

McHenry's secret life inspired the creation of the Patrick McHenry blog, which asks "Why Won't He Just 'Come Out' And Tell The Truth." The blog reports

Lay was one of six college-age men living temporary at McHenry’s Cherryville home during the primary campaign, and all showed up in N.C. State Board of Elections records as having voted in Gaston County.

And here's another key fact: McHenry won the primary by only 86 votes

As Rogers writes,

I mean, enough already!

The funny thing about McHenry is this: I've received tons of tips from across the state, including one from an elected official who told me, "I can tell you Patrick McHenry is gay. I've known him long enough to know."

Now, I'm not saying he is gay, but he does seem to like engaging with Barney Frank. If you have not seen the video of their exchange, it's priceless.

And on Thursday, McHenry refers to Congresswoman Ellen Taucher as a man. It seems clear to me that Patrick has some serious gender identity issues.

In typical form, is it any wonder that Patrick McHenry was the Republican attack dog against the Democrats on Foleygate? What is really funny here, is how he tries to call Foley an "obscure congressman from Florida." Check this video out:

Joseph Cannon sums it up:

This story has it all: Republican hypocrisy on gay issues (McHenry first came to my notice when he tried to blame the Foley scandal on Nancy Pelosi!) and a revealing look at the voter registration fraud controversy. Karl Rove wants us to think that only Dems would fill out a registration form improperly -- but so far, the only evidence of such a thing actually occurring points to the four Village People hanging out at the McHenry pad. And to Ann Coulter.

Now that the D.A. has indicted one of McHenry's sleepover staffers, it seems likely that one or more of the others will follow. And McHenry could also be charged with conspiracy to commit voter fraud.

And with all of this attention on McHenry's sleepover staffers, people are going to ask whether McHenry was having Foley-style "sleepover parties" with the young men. How will that go over in Jesse Helms country? 

Anyone wanna bet on how long McHenry stays in Congress?


Patrick McHenry

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On sending this article to others in my family, all Democrats who live in McHenry's area and don't like him, I got this reaction: "Unmitigated smearing. I don't like him for his policies, but saying that just because young men share a house means they are gay is ridiculous." I got another similar one from my son. Anyone can write anything they want on a blog. But to waste credibility on such charges is self-defeating.  Like the little boy crying "wolf", if charges of real substance come out, people will pay no attention because there is no credibility. Come on, fellow progressives, we can do better than this. I would like to hear some valid charges, but these are worthless. Worse than worthless.  JS5

So you and your family

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    Bill Harding
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So you and your family believe that exposing Republican hypocricy is "worthless?"

The main topic of the blog is voter fraud, and the homosexual overtones are just another side to the complete story. If the young men living with McHenry were willing to commit a crime (voter fraud) for him, it is conceivable that there were reasons other than partisan politics involved.

People who know McHenry well have "outed" him as being gay, and you are correct -- no one would have given that revelation much thought by itself. But when the fact comes out that he has young volunteers living with him (regardless of their gender), who are under investigation for crimes, then everything surrounding his life is fair game.

Bob's post is NOT homophobic, it is about neoconservative, religious-right double standards. When McHenry defended Foley's deplorable actions, he exhibited complicity. He also showed a willingness to look the other way when it comes to matters of predatory sexual behavior, and of breaking the law.

Maybe you should read the post a little more carefully, and do some research on your own before you take someone else to task (especially the owner and founder of for publishing "worthless" information.