Pardon Update 12/23/08

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Nadler: Mukasey Should Appoint Independent Counsel to Investigate Cheney, Rumsfeld

Hans Blix Would Testify Against Bush-Cheney War Crimes

Leopold: Cheney Says He 'Signed Off' on Waterboarding

Brecher/Smith: Will War Crimes Be Outed?

John Dean Wants Prosecution Not Commission

Cohn: Bush Cannot Pardon and Obama Must Prosecute

Latt: Is Cheney Blackmailing Bush for a Pardon?

Ratner: Why Cheney Confessed on TV

Gellman: Cheney Out-Nixons Nixon

Parry: Cheney Defends Imperial Presidency to the End

Horton: Interview with Interrogator "Matthew Alexander"

Horton: FBI Director Calls Cheney on Torture Lies

Frick: Duncan Hunter Lies About Torture Results

Leopold: Rice Lied to Congress About Niger Uranium

Wheeler: Indict Gonzales for Lying to Congress

Scarecrow: Throw the Book At Them

looseheadprop: Sen. Levin Wants DoJ Investigations

Kagro X: Beltway types already decrying investigations

Ponder: Media Ignores Bush's War Crimes

Friedman: Media Ignores Bush's War Crimes

Newsweek: The Noose Tightens

LA Times: Darth Cheney,0,5166966.story

McClatchy: Immunity for War Criminals

Greenwald: Full Immunity for High Government Officials

mcjoan: WaPo Hates the Rule of Law

Digby: Nixon's Legacy is Establishment-Approved Lawlessness

Rosenberg: Our Entire Political Class is Criminal

Ackerman: Cheney's Papers Are His Alone?

Corley: Cheney Echoes Nixon: If The President Does It, It Is Legal

Frick: Cheney Lies Again About Democratic Approval of Wiretaps

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Pardons, pardons, and more pardons.

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Enough gossip about who is getting pardoned, who's expected to be pardoned, the bottom line, or the reality is, George W Bush will have the final say. Nancy Pelosi has given him that option and if he stays true to his past behavioral pattern, he'll have a massive pardon agenda very soon.
What will happen then will be a total rats nest to untangle. " we the People" have no recourse anymore, the U.S. Constitution will look lack a child's essay, and Nancy Pelosi will have imposed "HER WILL" on "We the People".
It is a sad day when we democrats have let our so-called leadership continue to support America's worst President in our history. Shame on our leaderers.