Tell Clinton, Obama, and Edwards to Produce an Out-of-Iraq Plan for 2009

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    Bob Fertik
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During the Democratic Presidential debate at Dartmouth College on 9/26/07, the candidates gave their timetables for getting all U.S. troops out of Iraq.

  • Kucinich: 4/09
  • Richardson: 1/10
  • Dodd: 1/13
  • Edwards: will keep 3,500 to 5,000 troops to protect the U.S. Embassy and humanitarian workers
  • Obama: combat troops out by 5/10 but will keep troops to fight Al Qaeda and protect our embassy and civilians
  • Clinton: will keep combat and Special Operations Forces to fight Al Qaeda
  • Biden: keep troops only for peacekeeping

Please click the link for each candidate's contact page and copy/paste the letter below or write your own.

I am appalled and outraged that you want to keep U.S. troops as an occupying force in Iraq until 2013.

We only invaded Iraq because Bush and Cheney lied. Our invasion has cost the lives of 3800 brave soldiers, 1 million innocent Iraqis, and $500 billion tax dollars. Our military is broken.

The Iraqi people want us to end our occupation, and support killing our troops to drive us out. Our occupation is driving more Muslims around the world to join Al Qaeda. Every day we occupy Iraq makes America LESS safe.

Dennis Kucinich has a plan to get all our troops out of Iraq in three months of his presidency and Bill Richardson's plan takes a year. We call upon you to propose a plan to bring all our troops home in 2009.



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Thank you for the suggested action item. Would it be possible to get 3 petitions, one for each candidate, and submit the signatures to them? Candidates might be even more influenced if they saw a long list of names of concerned constituents. Aaagh, these progressives really do care about ending the war in Iraq!


Thanks again for the action item. Keep 'em coming!

if I could find email addresses

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    Bob Fertik
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for the candidates, then we could do a petition and send them via email.

but these campaigns only have web forms :(




I'm for Kucinich

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For what it's worth, I am for Kucinich.  But, I am sure, most people aren't.  So, I wrote a letter to Hillary and to Edwards, saying, "why don't THEY do that" ???


Hope it helps.

Out of Iraq

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    freeky fred
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I can go along with Obama and Edwards, but Clinton is full of crap!

Read my Lips 2000 Presidential Campaign

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    Bob. Lipsett Sr.
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"I'm not going to be a nation builder" that was a broken promise and the Democrats fell for the "FEAR" line on Sept. 11, 2001 and backed into a closet in 2002 at the "DRUM BEATS OF WAR". Rove, went to the churches to display "FEAR" about Gays & lesbians and about abortions. And played to the rednecks about the possible loss of rights to own guns. For 12 out of 14 years I've watched my country being reduced to that of the third world. Everyone says we are in a world war against Terror. Why hasn't the 80% sitting on the sidelines afraid to join those that are the "REAL AMERICANS" our Citizen Soldiers and All Volunteer Army. Take time to read and answer "First Read on MSMBC" I've been critical to all the prospective canidates as to there cowardness to speak firmly,loudly and clearly against this illegal invasion Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul are the only ones brave and Patriotic enough to tell the truth. One Question that has not been discussed is the fact that the US Serect Embassy has beeb built by 900 Asian slave labor and to this day not one congressional person ever mentions this Ultra Secret Colossal Embassy when they return from field trips to Iraq. Until any one these beggers will say enough is enough, the lid will come off if the US takes all our troops now and I say the lid will come off even after 50 years. Democracy must be earned and not at the point of a weapon.  We fought for our independence and won in 1776. Why should our military be used to build another nation when the USA was the aggressor nation?? 

Weak People, Weak Democrats.

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If the big 3 dont want to listen to us. Fine, we shouldn't play their game. Let's vote for the guy who is willing to get us out and listen to us. We are like the Democrats in the house and senate begging and pleading for the Republicans to change their ways. NO! Let's not play this game. We should say that if they don't want to fight for us, we'll back the candidate that will. They (democrats) should be pleading us for our votes. If you don't like what they're saying move on to the next guy. Dennis Kucinich 2008! Join us.

independent living

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hey, how about people with disabilities who want to live independently be given the choice of owning a house? (not just rent an apartment or some dinky trailer, but a real house.) subsidized mortgage, no property taxes, maybe even a little discount on utility bills.

Troop pullout

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I would like some clarification of what is meant by "keeping the troops in Iraq until '13". US military aggression needs to be ended immediately, but we have a responsibility to stay in Iraq to rebuild it. The world isn't going to let the US government walk away from this responsibility. Troops will have to remain in Iraq until the rebuilding is completed.

that would be nice

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    Bob Fertik
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if so many Iraqis weren't killing us and we weren't killing so many Iraqis.

the vast majority of Iraqis want U.S. troops to leave and believe it is justified to kill our troops to get them to leave.

that makes it awfully hard to rebuild anything even if our corrupt contractors were capable of it, which they have repeatedly proved they aren't. 

Sick and Tired

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    Specter of our Framers
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That's it, I'm fed up. I've been patient, I've been nice, I've been respectful.
NO MORE! This country either gets back to the values that were given to us by the Founders and Framers, or it falls into the hands of those that I would today consider enemies of all that our forefathers sacrificed for. They gave all. True patriots should also be willing to give all.