• 90%
    2,241 of 2,500
    To: Republican Officials and Lawmakers, Recent proposals by lawmakers in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and elsewhere to split electoral votes in presidential elections and apportion them based on congressional district or vote percentage, …more
  • 90%
    4,490 of 5,000
    Dear Walmart Owners, the Waltons: I support Walmart workers' calling on you to publicly commit to paying them $15 an hour and giving them access to full-time hours. If you fail to respond by Black Friday, (November 28th) the biggest shopping day of …more
  • 75%
    5,969 of 8,000
    Dear President Obama: On this 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, I urge your Administration to recommend that the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge be designated as Wilderness, and to pass that recommendation on to Congress …more
  • 11%
    111 of 1,000
    To: Democratic Members of Congress Democrats have the chance to make a historic comeback in 2016. Not only can we elect another Democratic president, but with the bigger turnout of a presidential race, we can wipe out recent Republican gains and …more
  • 93%
    9,251 of 10,000
    TO: CBS, NBC, FOX and ABC The right-wing billionaire Koch Brothers are going to spend close to $300 million - and a huge chunk of that is going towards misleading television ads to try and smear Democrats in critical states. In fact, the …more
  • 102%
    4,081 of 4,000
    Dear Representative, I am writing to urge you to support H.R. 2692, a critical bill to protect our food security by saving our honeybees from extinction. Our nation's number one food security guards, honeybees, are dying off by the thousands. These …more
  • 99%
    7,899 of 8,000
    Dear Representative, I'm writing to ask you to support the Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2014 ("VRAA"), H.R. 3899/S. 1945. As I'm sure you're aware, the voting rights of millions of Americans were made more vulnerable by the Supreme Court's …more
  • 119%
    1,186 of 1,000
    To: New York State House and New York State Senate Pass the Women’s Equality Act 10-point plan for full women’s equality under the law: 1. Equal pay for equal work 2. Stopping sexual harassment in every workplace 3. Stopping businesses from …more