• 89%
    17,713 of 20,000
    Dear Senators, I urge you to reject any Senate version of Rep. Pompeo's "Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act," (H.R. 1599) which prohibits states from requiring the labeling of genetically engineered foods (GMOs) and prohibits any local control of …more
  • 29%
    729 of 2,500
    To: Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr., Publisher Dean Baquet, Editor The New York Times Dear Sirs, As readers of the New York Times, we write to demand immediate and fundamental changes in your coverage of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. We write …more
  • 114%
    2,857 of 2,500
    I'm joining with a bipartisan group of Members of Congress to introduce the Fair Chance Act, which would give applicants to federal government jobs an opportunity to interview without facing prejudice for mistakes in their past. Removing barriers to …more
  • 104%
    8,300 of 8,000
    I am writing to urge you to repeal federal asset forfeiture laws that encourage law enforcement to seize cash, cars, and other property from citizens never charged or convicted of a crime and pocket the proceeds from the property sale. These laws …more
  • 94%
    14,159 of 15,000
    I'm supporting Hillary's energy and climate goals because I believe that climate change is one of the defining challenges of the 21st century and America needs to take a lead role in solving it. …more
  • 164%
    1,644 of 1,000
    When it comes to college, I believe that costs shouldn't be a barrier and debt shouldn't hold you back. That's why I am joining Hillary's official campaign and standing behind the New College Compact to help make higher education available to all. …more
  • 73%
    734 of 1,000
    To Donald Trump: After your security removed Univision reporter Jorge Ramos from your press conference, Ramos was angrily confronted by one of your aides who ordered Ramos to "get out of my country." Jorge Ramos is a reporter and a U.S. citizen …more
  • 76%
    761 of 1,000
    To Donald Trump: We are outraged at your plan to send U.S. troops to war in the Middle East to "take the oil." First, after the horrors of World Wars I and II, all of the nations of the world came together to form the United Nations and declared …more