On Tuesday, Let's Stand Up to Tea Party Republicans

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Job PartyLast weekend, tens of thousands of us rallied in New York City and around the nation. We demonstrated our solidarity with workers in Wisconsin and around the nation who are under attack by Tea Party Republicans like Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

Step by step, we're creating a powerful grassroots response to the Tea Party: a Job Party.

On Tuesday, we're joining with Moveon again to rally across the nation. Will you join us after work?

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Scott Walker isn't backing down. When Wisconsin Democrats bravely refused to surrender, Republicans crammed their union-busting bill through, breaking laws in the process.

And in Michigan, Republicans passed an "Emergency Manager" law to let Gov. Rick Snyder appoint virtual dictators to rule struggling towns by breaking unions and selling local utilities.

These two actions are being called the "Ash Wednesday Massacre" - not of people, but democracy. And so we absolutely must respond on Tuesday after work:

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Cheesehead Rally NYC #1

Our Job Party movement is just beginning. On Wednesday March 16, we'll join Progressive Democrats of America in lunch-hour "Brown Bag Vigils" at local Congressional offices to demand Jobs not Cuts, Healthcare not Warfare, and Corporations Out of Politics.

On Monday April 4, we'll join the AFL-CIO in "We Are One" rallies to mark the date in 1968 when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated while helping Memphis sanitation workers form a union.

And on Monday April 18, we'll mark "Tax Day" with Moveon by demanding an end to tax dodging by corporations and billionaires.

I've been a progressive organizer my whole life, and I've never seen so much unity, passion, and determination. Workers, students, parents, the unemployed, veterans, feminists, Democrats, and a true rainbow coalition are coming together to protect our basic economic rights.

And we're not just on defense - we're organizing recall elections and building support for a 21st Century WPA.

So let's hit the streets, make new friends, broaden our coalition, and increase our demands for change - because our economic and political survival is at stake.

Thanks for all you do!


Wisconsin protest movement

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Speaking of defense and offense, has any thought been given to doing something like picketing the Koch Bros lobbying office in Madison?

I think the withdrawal of funds by the firefighters from the M&I bank in Madison is on the right track.

Try to redirect the public anger - to the extent it exists - away from public workers and union workers in general and back  to where it belongs: the financial sector that caused the problem in the first place.

There's some kind of election

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There's some kind of election in Wisconsin on April 5th - WI Supreme Court Judges*, etc. Do you know if there's any organizing going on to GOTV for it - esp. w/college students & registering HS students who've turned 18 since the last election? Can we provide them with a slate of who - & who not to - vote for? Maybe post it on facebook...

It would be great to have a big WIN & send out a loud message!!
They could also get RECALL signatures at the Registration table.

*We may need them if/when these Bills are brought before them for overturning.

Bumper Stickers and Slogans

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Bumper Stickers and Slogans Here are some Bumper Stickers and Slogansthat you can use as you wish.  Change them if you want.  It is things that need to said.
If you like, there are more.   Gov Walker, ( R ) WI  Dictators Outlaw Unions.    How far to the right can you go before you become a fascist? Ask the Tea Party.    Osama bin LadenIS A CONSERVITIVE.Are you?    Osama bin LadenIS A RELIGIOUS CONSERVITIVE.Are you?   $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$Do you see your Democracy turning into a Capitalism with NO worker’s right. Where the rich continue to get richer and the poor get poorer.    If I had David Koch money, I would buy a Governor too.   %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%The Republicans created the Depression, AGAIN.  The Democrats will have to fix the Economy, AGAIN.   Republicans don’t what to see Grandma eating cat food in her ghetto apartment. Republicans want to see Grandma homeless eating cat food.   Why do Republicans want to starve poor children?(10% cut in WIC) So they can give the money to the rich.    When Republicans cut of medical support to the poor and the old, they are committing CLASS genocide.   $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$The Wikileaks Solider is as guilty as Dick Cheney.   If you haven't started a RECALL WALKER movement, now is the time.  With all of the people at the capital, this is a perfect time to get the number of signatures needed.  Ask Grey Davis of Calif.  He was replaced by Arno.   Do this and other state will follow.
 Republicans Don’t want the economy to improve, because they want Obama to lose.   How can Republicans create jobs when they are taking YOUR tax money to ship YOUR job overseas?    Republicans don’t create jobs. They only create HOMELESS People.   NPR was right. Some Republicans and most of the Tea Party are racist, gun totting radicals that would like to see a second amendment solution to the President.    The current Democratic Platform looks like the 1956 Republican Platform and the current Republican Platform looks like the 1938 Socialist Democratic Platform of the then Germany. Can you imagine Modern day fascist with nuclear arms.   Sen. Joe McCarthy saw Communist everywhere in America.Rep Peter King sees al-Qaeda everywhere in America.   The Nazi condemned all the Jews.  The Tea Party condemns all Muslims.    If you believe in FOX News (Fascist News Channel), you are either a Fascist or a FOOL.   Considering the attacks on the middleclass right to live, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, isn’t about time we find a 2nd amendment solution to those that attack us? They would be Rush Limbaugh, the Koch Bros., and Bill O’really.   Republicans don’t care if American fails or not. Just as long as Obama appears to fail, they will thrash the countries economy as offend as they can.   How much is Clarence Thomas’s wife selling his vote on the Supreme Court for today. I bet the Koch Bros. Have already bought a few votes.   Hey, Republicans. What do you call a President that tripled the national debt and raised taxes higher then any President for 60 years…..Ronald Reagan.   Hey, Republicans. What do you call a President that jump out of the window of the state house to avoid having to vote on a law he thought would be harmful to the citizens……Abraham Lincoln

Another slogan for WI and Nation for 2012

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But this as a good plain message, that the educationally underserved can understand.

We are the last of the smart ones to fight for our children, who will need the people's justice, for their future.








tea parties not all the same

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I am glad you say, “Republican Tea Party”, though I would prefer “some
> Republican. tea party...”
> I am trying to effect a tea party movement to at least split off the real
> conservative, populists in both parties who are, as we started out, angry
> about the guys who stole our saving, homes, pensions, jobs—futures.
> I think true conservative, Constitutional Americans must agree that the
> first order of business before anything else should be discussed (partly
> because it unites the reasonable and sincere on left and right) is the
> selling of our laws, our government, our sacred Constitutional form of govt.
> to the highest bidder.
> The tea parties, many of them, veered off into corporate territory with a
> "Koch habit". If we are truly conservative, let’s be true to our own tea party
> origins in anger against the banksters who ripped us off and then went on to
> greater personal riches!

If anyone doubts that our government is the "best money can buy", how do they explain the insistence by both parties that the rich retain their unnecessary and economy harming tax breaks?


I have heard some politicians say, "Give me a break. Do you think I would sell access for money?"

My reply is that if your mother raised you right, of course you return favors for favors you accept.

How could you think we are so dumb we would believe anything else or that these guys would continue to give you money if they didn't get a lot out of it?
> bob williams
> hood river, oregon

Tea Party Hijacked

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I like the comment about "tea parties not all the same".  While I've never been part of a Tea Party, I have "monitored" them.  I have to agree that there is some truth in that statement.  How much, I'm not sure.  However, one thing is perfectly clear.  The Koch Brothers, FoxNews, and other corporate interests have hijacked the original movement.  It occurred over time, but was easily predicted.

The Koch Brothers provide the "new Tea Party" with funding, and FoxNews provides it with free advertising.  It should be noted how FoxNews does NOT promote the concept of getting money out of politics.  Instead, they defend it rabidly.  Not necessarily explicitly, but by promoting every position that is aligned with it.  Try to pass a "sunshine" law requiring full disclosure by everyone of all political funding, and see what happens on Fox.  They'll start a full scale campaign telling people why there is every possible problem with the law, that it violates the First Amendment, and will bring the downfall of democracy.

How do corporations control the US ?

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A Cartoon that explains how Corporations Controls our American Government, (the people no longer do.) and what we can do about it. Watch this video link below and then Pass it on,It is really greatly to help people understand what is going on in Wisconsin (and the rest of our nation) And will help our cause to stop these Corporate Monsters.  CLICK on this LINK:     YouTube - The Story of Citizens United v. FEC (2011)  8 min. video - an exploration of the inordinate power that corporations exercise in our democracy.

 > The Tea Party and

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 > The Tea Party and conservatives have declared war on us!

> They'd be happy to return to the boom and bust cycle
> evidenced in the 1800s: 10 years good followed by
> 10 years bust. Oh, the Vanderbilt's, Carnegie's, and
> Koch Brothers will be alright, the rest of us will be
> in trouble. Let the business cycle rule? No! I can't
> wait for Election Day, 2012.


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Well, let's stop all the politics and get our country back on track.  I'm sick to death of all the fowl language and stupid threats.  Where are the true Americans?  I agree with some of the things that the Tea Party stands for.  What makes them Republicans?  These seem to me to be people that want less government and more say in how the country is run. Makes me wonder if my alliance in the wrong place.  Been a member of the carpenters union for 45 years and so this isn't said without much thought.  I'm sick and tired of politics in general.  Where is the good old American that had morals and stood for something.  Having our party run and hide in WI is just about as mature as my 4 year old grandson being caught with his hand in the cookie jar.   Lets get some representation that doesn't embarrass the party!   I'm for voting them out and getting new blood!   shameful!

Actually, Unions are Really Harming US

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Yes, I am a Democrat and I am for the dissolution of labor unions.

I have seen first hand how unions have affected worker's rights and hurt business. Unions have been extremely important, HISTORICALLY. But, let's face it. We now have strict state and federal laws that protect workers, ie. EEOC, overtime, breaks, and working conditions to name a few.

Companies are struggling to survive. I am not willing to pay dues for protection that is already granted through laws. I am not willing to sacrifice my job over cut backs that need to happen in order to keep my company alive and my job intact. I chose a job over no job. I do not want to protect colleagues that do not perform, unions seem to do. Protecting pensions is not the way to go. That is how GM went bankrupt, our schools are broke, and states are in the red. Unions are hurting business, and would rather shut them down than scale back in tough times.

Companies actively look for weak union states, meaning they shy away from my state, Michigan, and to states like Tennesee and Kentucky, or,of course abroad. Unions hurt job creation.

My workplace is a union shop. I do not even have a choice to be non-union. What kind of democracy is that?

Tax Day

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I wrote Michael Moore last week suggesting a one-hour strike from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m., with everyone walking off the job and protesting in the streets calling for campaign reform to get the money out of the election, re-election, equation.


1) Limit holding office to a maximum of 12 years.  Two six-year terms in the Senate, six two-year terms in the House.  If moving from the House to the Senate, one has to have served less than three terms, and then would be limited to one term in the Senate, in order to meet the 12 year maximum rule.  Since originally writing this, it was suggested that an elected official could serve a third term if:

a) he could not run for the third term.

b) 70% of the qualified voters would have to vote in the election, and 2/3's of those voting would have to write the officials name in as a write-in-candidate.

2) PAC's, 527's, etc. would be abolished.

3) Individual contributions would be abolished.  Individuals running for office would be limited to providing the filing fee required at the time of application.

4) Once the application is accepted, the candidate would receive a fixed amount from the public trust to run his or her campaign.  Campaigns would be limited to 60 days for local, 90 days for state and congressional, and 120 days for presidental.

5) Enact a truth in news Act.  Any station broadcasting a lie about a candidate to deliberating mislead the public would lose their broadcast license.  Cable and satellite providers would pay a fine and two-years in jail.

In otherwords, we get the money out of the equation so that corporates and the wealthy can't buy off our elected officials.



Thank You!

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    Yellow Dog Blues Hound
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Thanks for your solidarity.  It has kept us in the Wisconsin public sector going strong in the face of the Tea Party's hate campaign.  Many public sector workers with already modest incomes are now being faced with further pay caughts and a relentless onslaught of degradation and disrespect.  To many of them, support from people like you around the world has no doubt meant the difference between life and death .  Stay organized.  Recall the corporate whores.

could step right in where

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could step right in where they left off and whisk Obama into the White House again just like they whisked him into the Senate. I have all of the Weather Underground books together with the FBI Files on disk as well as actual footage on DVD of their statements and what they did. The movie won an award at the Sundance Festival.  Party Bus Charlotte NC