Why Do Republicans Hate America's Veterans?

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    Bob Geiger
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In his quiet moments, Rep. John Murtha must sometimes catch himself thinking about how much easier his life would be if he had just kept his damn mouth shut and gone along to get along on the Iraq war. The Democrat, who has represented Pennsylvania's 12th Congressional District for 32 years, began angering the Republican party in late 2005 when, having seen enough of the Bush administration's incompetence, he became the most vocal critic of the White House's failed and dishonest Iraq policies.

"The war in Iraq is not going as advertised. It's a flawed policy wrapped in illusion," said Murtha, in November 2005, in calling for an immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. "The American public is way ahead of the members of Congress. The United States and coalition troops have done all they can in Iraq. But it's time for a change in direction. Our military is suffering. The future of our country is at risk. We cannot continue on the present course. It is evident that continued military action in Iraq is not in the best interest of the United States of America, the Iraqi people or the Persian Gulf regime."

Despite Murtha's standing as a highly-decorated combat Veteran, who served in the U.S. Marine Corps for 37 years, it was off to the races for the right-wing smear machine. They immediately set upon Murtha, who just turned 74, for requesting moderation and a cautious course when risking the lives of our military men and women stationed in Iraq.

And who did most of the attacking? Conservative chickenhawks, who have never served a day in uniform in their lives, but who immediately began talking tough and accusing a man of Murtha's stature of running from a fight.

It started on Nov. 18, 2005, the day after Murtha's initial remarks, when Jean Schmidt, R-Ohio, the most junior member of the House of Representatives at the time, implied loudly on the House floor that Murtha was a coward.

"Cowards cut and run, Marines never do," crowed Schmidt, as the House chamber erupted in shouting and came to a standstill. Schmidt was eventually forced to withdraw her statement as inappropriate but, knowing how the GOP leadership operates, it's safe to assume she was given major kudos behind closed doors for taking one for the team.

Dick Cheney, told in advance of Murtha's new stance on the war, had begun insulting former Marine Murtha almost immediately saying, "The president and I cannot prevent certain politicians from losing their memory or their backbone."

Meanwhile, Murtha, who was fighting in Southeast Asia while Cheney was kicking back on one of his five military deferments, fired back at the vice president.

"I like guys who've never been there that criticize us who've been there. I like that," said a disgusted Murtha. "I like guys who got five deferments and never been there and send people to war, and then don't like to hear suggestions about what needs to be done."

But that didn't stop the likes of Cheney and Schmidt at the time, and it's proceeded to get worse ever since -- the same ugly specter of Republicans who claim to be so patriotic and to worship at the military altar smearing decorated veterans at every turn for the crime of being Democrats and voicing dissent with GOP policies.

They did it with former Georgia Sen. Max Cleland, who lost three limbs in Vietnam, famously brought out the Swift Boat Liars to smear John Kerry's war record, and they immediately started doing the same with Murtha, who volunteered for Vietnam in 1966 and for his service was awarded the Bronze Star with Combat "V," two Purple Hearts, the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry and the Navy Distinguished Service Medal.

In January 2006, a pseudo-news organization known as the Cybercast News Service (CNS) picked up with Murtha where the Swift Boat Liars left off with Kerry by questioning the circumstances in Vietnam that led to Murtha's two Purple Hearts.

This time it was David Thibault, editor in chief of CNS, who picked up the prevailing tactic of the GOP, which is to smear the patriotism and good name of any Democrat who dares question Bush and the war -- even if, like Murtha, you happen to be a 37-year military veteran and a former Parris Island drill instructor decorated for valor in combat.

CNS, which is part of the ultraconservative Media Research Center, trotted out the familiar, slimy routine of questioning the seriousness of Murtha's war injuries and the extent to which they were worthy of the Purple Heart awards. Thibault made his motivation clear, saying that Murtha had brought the attack on himself because "the congressman has really put himself in the forefront of the anti-war movement." There's the theme again: Shut up and go along with Bush or get slimed beyond recognition.

Which begs the obvious question: Why do the likes of Thibault and so many Republican operatives who so righteously question the courage and patriotism of guys like John Kerry, Max Cleland or John Murtha hate our veterans and the military so much?

Their deeds speak louder than their words, and one wonders how they would treat liberals who questioned the guts of men who put their lives on the line and bled for our country. The wailing and outrage would be deafening, and yet they believe it's perfectly acceptable to vilify certain veterans if they happen to be Democrats and it furthers the far-right political agenda.

And what of their disgracefully insulting treatment of the very military institutions they claim to support? Those of us who have served know that you don't just walk into the PX and buy yourself a Bronze Star or a Purple Heart -- they're awarded at great discretion by the leadership of the military. Yet even those who have reached the upper echelons of our Defense Department now have their wisdom and integrity called into question by people who will stoop so low as to question whether or not someone came close enough to dying in combat to receive a Purple Heart.

My guess is that it's just a matter of time before House Republicans don Purple Heart bandages to ridicule Murtha's service as their people did on the floor of the GOP national convention in 2004 in an effort to minimize John Kerry's service.

It's repulsive, insulting and demeaning to every veteran, whether or not they have ever been unfortunate enough to receive that decoration.

The latest salvo appears to be a new smear site, MurthaLied.com, which is about to be drawn out from under a rock and it certainly has all the looks of the same people who brought you pure fiction about Kerry in 2004. The website is run by a woman named Amanda Doss, who has a long alliance with -- guess who? -- the Swift Boat Liars and a whack job named Ted Sampley, who runs the hate site, The U.S. Veteran Dispatch.

That name may sound familiar to you. This is the same guy who once wrote of John McCain as "The Manchurian Candidate" and suggested that McCain had been brainwashed during his lengthy captivity while a POW in Vietnam. Oh, yeah, he also said McCain was a KGB Spy. It's also the same Sampley who headed Vietnam Veterans Against Kerry and was responsible in 1992 for faking a photo of Kerry allegedly shooting an American MIA in Vietnam.

It was Republican McCain who called Sampley "one of the most despicable people I have ever had the misfortune to encounter" and said "Sampley has a nose for publicity and knack for making money from invented controversies."

If you want to know what kind of people are going after a legitimate American hero like John Murtha, look no further than the likes of Sampley, Doss, Thibault and their Republican backers.

There's also right-wing prom queen Ann Coulter, who recently said that Murtha was "the reason soldiers invented fragging," suggesting that Murtha should be killed. She followed that up by saying that "if he did get fragged, he'd finally deserve one of those Purple Hearts."

Only time will tell how much more repulsive this gets, but the mainstream media needs to explain how these cretins keep managing to get ink and air time. At least in Coulter's case, it can be partially explained in her being a high-profile cretin who may be good for ratings. But the mystery endures of how little-known -- and discredited -- "sources" like Sampley and the laughable CNS continue to get attention and relevance.

So we'll watch and see what happens in the coming days and weeks to Rep. Murtha, a man who has dedicated his life to serving his country both in the military and in the halls of Congress. How much character assassination will the 74-year-old Murtha have to endure for simply being a veteran who has seen war, doesn't like war and believes that a solid national security posture has nothing to do with starting wars for no reason?

And how much stomach do the American people have to continue watching Republicans and their operatives so piously chanting "support the troops" while turning right around and treating veterans and our military with such outrageous disrespect?

"War's a nasty business," Murtha said on CBS's "60 Minutes" earlier this year. "It sears the soul. The shadow of friends killed, the shadow of killing people lives with you the rest of your life. So there's no experience like being in combat."

When I was in the military, no matter what personality conflicts arose during long sleepless hours at sea or on patrol, the main measure of your regard for a shipmate or fireteam partner was this: Who do you trust to hang tough when the crap hits the fan and true courage needs to kick in? Who do you want in that ditch, in those weeds or sitting in that foxhole with you?

It would be interesting to take a poll and see if, faced with those circumstances, most Americans would choose the likes of Ted Sampley, David Thibault, Jean Schmidt and Dick Cheney, or men like John Kerry, Max Cleland and John Murtha.

Yeah, that's a tough call.

Update: Is Congressman Duncan Hunter also somehow involved in the smears against highly-decorated Veteran, John Murtha? One of my favorite bloggers, Taylor Marsh , investigates here and here .

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Cheryl Seal One of the most

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    Cheryl S
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Cheryl Seal

One of the most blatant proofs of Bush's total disrespect for US veterans is the way they are treating wounded vets returning from Iraq. To avoid having to spend money on these vets, while not OBVIOUSLY denying them benefits they are entitled to, the Bush VA instructs VA workers NOT to inform veterans of their benefits: they can only tell them if they ask specifically about a program. Which of course, means they WON'T ask because how can you ask about something you don't know about?

The DAV tried to get the necessary information to wounded veterans by sending reps to Walter Reed and other hospitals to counsel with them. But they were barred from the wards. The excuse? the VA is "only protecting veteran privacy." Yeah, right. The wounded vets, again, had to ask specifically to see a DAV rep. But many young veterans wouldn't even know that the DAV was there, willing and able to send people to talk to them.

Another screw-the-vets strategy is what I call the "bottleneck scam." Bush in 2002 raised the VA budget and announced he was going to insure that more vets were able to apply for benefits. But here's the catch - yep, more vets were able to apply for help all right. The VA even increased the number of intake workers. But then once a vet filled out a claim, it just sat there (current waiting time for a final determination on disability - about 2 years) because they didn't hire any new caseworkers to process the claims. And, because of increased pressure on the panels deciding on case outcome to deny benefits, the DAV says at present about ONE-THIRD of all disabled veteran claims are wrongfully denied.

Another little-publicized Bush anti-veteran scheme is Bush's efforts to dramatically reduce the amount of compensation paid to vets suffering from PTSD. The reason? Because the number of vets returning from this war who are suffering from this sometimes paralyzing disorder is higher, in terms of percentage, than ANY PREVIOUS WAR. I have worked with PTSD soldiers and written extensively on the condition in the past and I can tell you - it can be even more disabling, in terms of keeping a person from making a decent living and life, than many severe physical disabilities. A high percentage of homeless veterans are afflicted by chronic PTSD and the self-medicating substance abuse that goes with it. In addition, PTSD is often a terminal "disease": the suicide rate among PTSD vets is staggering.

In short, the Bush VA is run like some multinational corporation and our veterans are treated about the way Halliburton treats its third-world slave labor force.

Here is a RESOURCE GUIDE FOR VETERANS AND ACTIVE DUTY SOLDIERS/RESERVISTS/NATIONAL GUARD I put together a few years back. Please send the link to any soldiers/veterans you know, or their families.


Awesome post

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Cheryl. That is one thing that I learned working for our campaign in the primary, and we tried to point out about our Congressman is that the Republicans in Congress just love voting against the Disabled American Veterans. If you look up interest group ratings from the DAV, you will find horrible scores for most Repugs. Its disgraceful.


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I am a Vietnam Veteran. One of my pet peaves is how this conservanzi republikan bunch gets away with screwing veterans. I am also a life member of the VFW. A mistake I will never repeat. Those guys love the republikans, no matter how hard they screw vets.

Here's what should be done. The DAV, VVA and the VFW should broadcast loud and clear how the bu$h regime is doing all this. But they don't. They don't want to offend the bu$hnazis who control the purse strings. So, rather that do the most valiant thing and scream out about abusing and rejecting the most defenseless in our veteran society, the keep their mouths shut for fear of not being listened to by the bu$hnazis. Well, guess what? If you don't speak up, fellows, you are also part of the problem. That's what's wrong with this picture.

The bu$hnazis are screw citizens by spying on them. Screwing the press that announces the abuse and crimes of this conservanazi regime. Probably giving financial institutions our valuable bank records for abuse also. I believe the bu$h regime is scared of this nation's citizens. They are spying on us to group together the opponents of bu$h/cheney. Soon, if given the chance, US citizens will be arrested or detained, no charges filed and incarcerated without trial, bail or hearing.

Good luck, folks. We are all going to need it if the rotten scumbags get back in office.

BTW, someone wake up the Democratic Lawmakers and see if anyone of them has any balls to expose this problem.


Hey, instead of waiting for someone else to speak out....

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    Cheryl S
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Cheryl Seal

Here's an idea for ya - how about  joining Veterans for Peace, DAV, or VVA, and going to Washington with the next bunch and testifying yourself. They need all the help they can get - not complaints from the sidelines.....I bet you'd find once you started hanging out with these guys that you are dead wrong about their feelings on the Bush Reich. You'll find some kindred spirits, I bet. I don't know about the VFW - it IS pretty conservative. And I suspecdt it's about as similar to Veterans for Peace of the guys I know in the DAV as Bush is to Howard Dean!

The DAV Needs Your Help!

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    Cheryl S
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Thanks RDillon! I forgot in my post to add a link to the DAV....they are doing incredible work and could use help from us all - in donations or in volunteer service. 

Here's a link:


Cheryl, thanks for linking the DAV website.

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I contribute to them on a regular basis.
My economics aren't the greatest, but I
always try to donate something to them.

They are an incredible organization.

It is pitiful that the Repugs don't support them more!


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Couldn't give much, but gave a little. This is a damn good charity!!!!


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My father was a commander of a DAV unit in Texas. I contributed often to their cause. I wrote a letter to the DAV asking them to denounce this conservanazi regime in order to help the disabled veterans. Guess they weren't interested in my opinion. So, I wrote again explaining since they can't speak up, I can't afford to give to them anymore. I give their share to the VVA. They are at least speaking out against the bu$hnazis, but not as loud as they should.

What is shameful is that this government is screwing the most defenseless in our community! Where is the outrage?



There's rotten apples in every barrel

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    Cheryl S
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Cheryl Seal

Sorry you had a bad experience!  Although you may have gotten a rotten apple, the DAV in general is great - and they ARE speaking out, loud and clear. The DAV national commander has testified SEVENTEEN TIMES before Congress on behalf of veterans just since February of this year!! So not sure where you get the idea they aren't.  Here's a list of dates of testimony and topics: http://www.dav.org/voters/testimony_leg_correspondence.html

Cut these guys some slack - right now they are swamped just trying to work through huge case loads of new vets trying work their way through the fucked up system.  There are other organizations I should also mention that are working with vets, including returning Iraq vets : Vietnam Veterans of America, Veterans for Peace, Gulf War Vets - you'll find contact info for these and others at my resource page for vets and active military: