Think You've Seen How Low Republicans Can Go?

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    Bob Geiger
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OK, let's face it, we're as jaded as they come when it comes to the low-rent campaign tactics Republicans will use to smear their opponents. We've seen them swift-boat decorated Veterans like John Kerry and Max Cleland and we've watched them go after the wives of candidates, such as in 1988 when they exploited Kitty Dukakis's battle with alcoholism and floated a rumor that she had once burned an American flag to protest the Vietnam War.

But this may be a new low even for them… And this is GOP-on-GOP smearing in the form of a mailer sent out by California Republican Bill Conrad, a candidate for State Assembly, attacking his primary opponent Tom Berryhill for having -- are you ready for this? -- heart surgery and promoting the idea that voters should not support Berryhill because he might die soon.

"Tom Berryhill doesn't have the HEART for State Assembly," says the mailer, which then goes on to list "facts" about the survival rates of people who have Berryhill's surgery and implores voters to consider "…the costs to taxpayers for a special election when poor health renders him unable to fulfill the duties of office."

Have a look:

You can see the full ads here and here.

Wow, I guess if Berryhill were a Democrat, they wouldn’t have been this gentle with him.

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Dick Cheney

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Where does this put Dick!

Excellent point, Kathysschroeder.

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According to this mean spirited nonsense,
Cheney should have been out after the first
bout with chest pains.

Have a Heart

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Submarine   USS Wahoo  ss238

That is lower then low, as we all know Republicans
do eat their own, and this is no exception.
I can see ads asking questions on opponents policies
and agenda, but this takes the cake.

Hey Republicans.........have a heart

Wow, that is the most

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Wow, that is the most mean-spirited
thing I have seen one of those slimy
rethugs do. Goes to show that all of
them are only concerned about themself
and will probably be the same way if
they get into office. Let's hope not!

I don't really think the Repugs want to regulate or close the...

border. What they are interested is in more household help(low cost), low wage employees, making English our official language and preventing the flag from being burned. Fences and a few thousand National Guard troops wont do the job...and how will they close the Gulf?

The folks can just paddle canoes right in to Mobile Bay.

The ad sucked--no other word for it.

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The greatest degrangement of the mind is to believe in something because one wishes it to be so.

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Height of Irony

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It's like cartoons. The heartless blackguard criticizing some for an issue with their heart. Saying in so many words 'you have no heart'. Gods, the insults these folks throw around. Sean Hannity once said 'you have no soul' to a guest.

And they think THEY have better values?

Man... that's just spooky.