Byrd on Bush: "The Senate can send you home. You better believe that"

There's not much that's glamorous about the part of covering the Senate that requires reading through hundreds of pages of Congressional Record a week. But, if you're a wonkish sort, it can be endlessly fascinating and can sometimes even yield pure gold.

Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) gave a short speech when the U.S. Senate returned from recess yesterday and the longest-serving member in Congress renewed his commitment to the Senate resuming the role it traditionally held until the Republicans took over.

"Senators and other close observers of the institution have grappled with their own ideas about the Senate seeking to highlight its unique and enduring attributes, and to explain its role in the American system of checks and balances. What is it? What is it? What is it that makes the Senate stand apart from other legislative bodies?" said Byrd on the Senate floor Monday."

"But, if the Lord wills it -- God willing, in other words -- over the next few months I plan to offer a series of addresses in which I shall sample these ideas of the Senate with some explanation of each observer," continued the 88-year-old Byrd, considered by his colleagues to be the Senate's premier authority on the body's history. "Their ideas have ranged from the necessity of the Senate to its role as a balance wheel with the "People's House," the other body. They have focused on the rules of the Senate and its civility and decorum. They have viewed the Senate as a protector of constitutional liberties, a source of stability, and a product of politics."

But here's where Byrd really kicks his philosophical speech into gear and addresses George W. Bush -- based on Bush's perceived control of the Senate, via the rubber-stamp GOP majority -- and, most importantly, broaches the subject of impeachment.

Despite more than two centuries of pressure to change and "modernize" the Senate, as an institution, it remains remarkably similar to the body created at the Constitutional Convention in 1787. It retains all of its original powers, including providing advice and consent -- yes. You said it. You better read that again in the Constitution.

It retains all of its original powers, including providing advice and consent to Presidents on nominations and on treaties, serving as a court of impeachment--you better believe it, Mr. President. The Senate can send you home. You better believe that.

If the House impeaches you, the Senate will try you. The Senate, don't forget it, serves as a court of impeachment and has an equal say with the House on legislation. The Senate has an equal say with the other body on legislation.

"If the House impeaches you, the Senate will try you." Man, I like the sound of that.

Byrd, who lost his wife of 68 years just last month, then went on to reinforce the talks he will give in the weeks ahead, saying that his words "…will suggest, the distinctive features of the Senate have survived for so long because they have purpose and will endure as long as they serve the good of the Nation."

Between that and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) lashing out at Bush today, you've got to like whatever gumption some of these guys found while they were on their Congressional break.

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You go for it robert byrd!.

You go for it robert byrd!.

I agree!

Go for it Sen. Grand Wizard of WV, as quickly as you can, shakily, to a pine box.

Did you just threaten a

Did you just threaten a United States Senator?

I see you don't stand by your words.

If you quit running please tell me how an overt racist like yourself cares one whit about racism in others -especially many decades old crap.

I mean I do understand peasants like yourself who plant your head up your boss’s ass for chump change. You are after all a Republican and not an Independent like those in the Democratic Party. But what I’ve always wondered is, while you chase pennies you think Immigrants, Blacks, etc have taken from you, does it EVER dawn on you that those above are laughing all the way to the bank? Ever? Can you count? This is not about politics this is about arithmetic.

Regardless, thanks for providing the next tier in slave labor.

Sorry but you don’t have

Sorry but you don’t have to worry about me. Just your Party’s Government.

But you will not of course, because you’re a fence sitter, including the way you let your friends, family, and neighbors down when it comes to behaving in the Free Market as those above you do and not as they tell you to.

Secondly, your party, and you in particular are steadfast Communists while proclaiming the opposite. You manage to be Un-American in two polar extremes. Since you and your bunch are also genetically incapable of gaining an education you also suck down welfare like no other group.

(And I get that you are going to come back and blab about how you are not a racist on technical grounds. But you are bub. Your affinity for the shiny objects your superiors dangle in front of you ensure that the bottom 90% (those making $100,000 and less) will continue to be woefully underpaid. Once again, thanks for the second tier of slave labor and watch out for them Aliens.)

You're talking to a ghost

You're talking to a ghost Jim... The Ghost of Neocon Nitwit.


Oh well, Brother Silence will make much more compelling counter arguments.

I noticed on his site...

...his wife recently passed away.

I suspect Robert feels his mortal coil may be coming to an end soon and wants to go out with a bang that folks will remember.

Impeaching this miserable weasel-boy president would sure do nicely.

Byrd and Pelosi,

back from their Congressional break, must have received a strong back wind and injections of spinal steroid from their ever-growing anti-Bush constituents.

An old bird like Byrd knows that revenge is a dish

best served cold. He's setting the stage now and after November I think rats will be trampling each other to get off the sinking Bushship.



Liberal:  If this word bothers you, then you don't know what it means.


Sen. Byrd to Bush: Constitution More Than Piece of Paper

>"If the House impeaches you, the Senate will try you."

Sounds like no more Mr. Nice-Guy to me! Simple, direct...and ominous. Go Byrd!


Geez and my rant grew longer...but I was cut off at the pass!

Byrd had problems

In the past but I seem to remember for at least the last couple of decades overall he is a pretty good Senator. He is a lot better than either Senator for Kentucky, so I can't say much.

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