Let's PRIMARY Democrats Who Oppose Alito Filibuster

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    Bob Fertik
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Based on the statements collected by Bob Geiger below, I'm feeling reasonably optimistic that 40 Senate Democrats will decide to filibuster Big Brother Sam when they meet next week.

My biggest concern is the defection of some of the Democratic members of the Gang of 14.

Joseph I. Lieberman, Connecticut
Robert C. Byrd, West Virginia
E. Benjamin Nelson, Nebraska
Mary Landrieu, Louisiana
Daniel Inouye, Hawaii
Mark Pryor, Arkansas
Ken Salazar, Colorado

Activists across the country - including these states - have pressured their Senators for weeks to Stop Alito. But the 7 Democrats on this list have screwed us before, and they might screw us again.

Three of them are up for election in 2006: Lieberman, Byrd, and Nelson. Now might be a good time to look for primary opponents who might oppose them if they oppose the filibuster.

Lieberman may face a primary from Ned Lamont, a wealth businessman opposed to the Iraq War. That may be why Lieberman has not been sabotaging filibuster efforts so far.

I would be astonished if Byrd opposed a filibuster. He is the Senator who is most passionate both about stopping an Imperial Presidency (which Alito personifies) and about preserving Senate powers, including the filibuster.

Ben Nelson is another story. He votes with Republicans more than any other Senator, and said he has not seen any "disqualifying issue against Judge Alito." Is there a popular progressive Democrat who could challenge him in a primary?

In 2008, Mary Landrieu and Mark Pryor will have to face the voters. It's not too early for a primary opponent to step forward for those races. Are there any popular progressive Democrats in Louisiana and Arkansas who could put some heat on these two?


This is why no one listens to you

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    Brian in MN
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We can not go around primarying every Senator who makes a vote we don't like. Lieberman is the only one who I can remotly understand, but even that is ify. Especially in the case of Nelson, its either we have him or lose that seat. I'd rather hold the Senate. We should not mount a fillibuster against Alito because they made a piss-poor case against him. It's probably worth letting him overturn Roe.. which will never happen but still, just so America can see that that is what they want.

"This time, vote for what you believe in"
-Sen. Paul Wellstone

Are you sure that you're a Democrat?

First of all, stating that "no one listens" to Bob Fertik or the sentiments expressed at Democrats.com is just plain silly. I'm not sure what you base that statement on, but it couldn't be further from the truth.

Are you sure that you're a Democrat? How in the world will we ever clean out the DLC rat's nest, if we don't replace them? Nelson (both of them), Lieberman, and the rest of that "New Democrat" crowd are the reasons that we have lost elections for over a decade.

We can not afford to support backstabbers who vote against our interests, just to keep a faux-Democrat in office. A Congressional majority is meaningless if they feed from the same corporate trough as the neocons. Actually, both Parties need to clean house -- the Republicans need to reclaim their Party from the neocons, and we need to reclaim ours from the DLC "New Democrats." Both contingents play in the same corporate arena, and are equally dangerous to the Constitution and Middle America.

Sometimes the cure is more painful than the disease, and keeping these corporate whores in office does absolutely nothing to rebuild the Democratic Party. Perhaps if we looked very hard, we could find true Democrats to replace them. If not, then the Republicans deserve to win seats from these Republican-Lite liars.

And actually, it is "centrist" Democrats who are doing "absolutely nothing" to rebuild the Democratic Party. Returning control of our Party to grassroots Middle Americans is the goal of Howard Dean and the DNC, and of Democrats.com.

Actually, both Parties need

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Actually, both Parties need to clean house -- the Republicans need to reclaim their Party from the neocons, and we need to reclaim ours from the DLC "New Democrats." Both contingents play in the same corporate arena, and are equally dangerous to the Constitution and Middle America.

Maybe that is why Osama was sending that plane to the Capitol on 9/11. He would have cleaned up the ruling majority of Republicans in the Senate and House. I really am wondering if he was warning us of our governments action. He seems smarter than our intelligence community. He had proved smarter than our defense department. And Osama doesn't get distracted like Moron.

"They want the federal government controlling Social Security

like it's some kind of federal program."

- George W. Bush in a debate in St. Charles, Mo., Nov. 2, 2000

It's not 'A' vote

It's MANY votes and if a 'democrat' votes like a republican 80-85% of the time, perhaps they're just not being truthful to their constituents, huh?

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DLC dems frequently fail to understand that just...

to hold a seat for our party, a seat occupied by an individual who votes with the opposition more than their own party, is a totally worthless move. Might as well go whole hog and put a repugnant in place...at least the votes won't change and you know what you have.

When the need for party unity arises...some of our people have failed to rally together. That is why nothing has been done, nothing has been prevented, nothing has changed.

There are times when it would have helped if all our members switched into lockstep mode.

I hate to think of all the damage that will be done...

if Roe v Wade (choice) is overturned. I saw the world as it used to be...and it wasn't pretty. Anyone willing to sacrifice CHOICE is out of their mind.

Over 50% of our population is female. Most of the hard-core opposition to CHOICE just happens to be older white males...and brainwashed fundies who can't think ahead.

Give up choice, then give up the vote for women, then what? This is no longer the golden age...that was over 100 years ago.

Other opponents of abortion

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    Guy Robert Trudeau
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My wife and I and various in laws. All Catholics, many female, all white.


Do you have daughters?

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Also, Catholics who actually help the poor are generally approachable on this issue and many others. It is by far NOT all Catholics.

By the way, when a rich Anti Choice "Christian" wants an abortion they buy an abortion whether it is legal or illegal. Look at the statistics. It is others that end up dead in alleys. Those that can’t afford abortions when made illegal. I hope there is a way around that if you get your wish.

As for me I find it a shame we can’t leave it as it was when this Nation was founded and for long thereafter: Legal.

Though I understand your deep concern over this issue I wonder how you can support the Republican Party which increases abortions while the Democratic Party decreases them. All the while destroying lives and creating misery for so many. I would think there must be a better balance somehow.

Typical religious-right, rhetoric

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    Frank Ranelli
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Typical religious-right, republican rhetoric. You want Roe v. Wade overturned so you can control people, most of all women in society, but also to impose you’re religious views on everyone else, based on a self-righteous, holier-than-thou attitude towards anyone dissenting from your perspective.

Sorry, but people like you are the same Bible thumping nuts that bring new meaning to the word- hypocrite. Your transparent, sanctimonious views typify how laughable and two-faced your type can be.

You condemn a woman for having/wanting an abortion, based on your belief that it’s against the ‘will of God’ or your religion. Unfortunately, according to the Catholic religion, it’s also a ‘sin’ to engage in homosexual relations. Something that thousands of Catholic priests do every year, but with children! (This, by the way, is ILLEGAL in the US- having sex with children.)

This activity is of course swept under the carpet everyday, as priests are moved around in secrecy, so as to avoid the public limelight, prosecution and scrutiny, only to continue their homosexualality with children in another church or behind another altar.

If you are going to attack issues based on the religious beliefs they should be illegal and put an end to them, then let’s open up the whole ‘playbook’ for a closer look and not just your cherry-picked favorites.

Perhaps we should start with: Leviticus, 18:22; Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

How about some tougher, new laws, brought before the Supreme Court, based on the Bible’s word (see above), that priests who molest little boys are an abomination to society and God? What should we do with them? How about castration? Put to death? What’s fair is fair…right?

Trot on back over to Newsmax and blog away while the rest of us ‘intellects’ try to genuinely figure out a better way to govern our society based on reality!

"The first casualty when war comes is truth."

So, that makes you a clan of

So, that makes you a clan of WASCs? Do you sincerely believe that it is your right (mission-in-life) to dictate how others handle private and often gut-wrenching decisions? Did you try to "save" Terry Shiavo?

What about trying to make "life" better for those already born, and in need of our support? How about trying to think of those whose decisions you would control with more compassion, and a little less venom? How about coming down off of your sanctimonious high-horse, and trying to alleviate the causes of unwanted pregnancies, rather than castigate those faced with this dilemma? By the way, how's that "abstinence only" policy working out for you "Catholic white" folks?

Do you really believe that a woman makes the decision to terminate a pregnancy on a whim? Maybe some Republican women do -- "Oh my! I'm due on Thursday, and that's polo day. I'll just have to postpone this planned birth until a more convenient time."

Give me a break, and go peddle your holier-than-thou, psuedo-religious bullshit somewhere else. We've allowed you to participate on this blog in order to show our members what a bigoted, un-American bunch some Republicans really are. You've proven our point.

Thanks, Bill...My Sentiments Exactly!

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    Frank Ranelli
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As I illustrated in my post above yours, these people disgust me!

I thought my node was terse, but I like yours even more! ;-)

Bigots, hypocrits, 'me first', charlatans, the list goes on...when will they ever come out from behind their transparent, religious curtain and enter the world of reality? Is it truly impossible for them to have an open debate about government without waving the religious card in your face?

Like I said, lets open up the whole 'playbook' for discussion and let's see how much of it points back to their own 'dirty deeds' they so desperately try to cover up!

BTW, pointing out the obvious, these people don't want to help or alleviate any cause or problem- only to control the actions of others using a faulty, severely corrupted religious principle for their own contemptuous, baseless, senseless selfishness!

"The first casualty when war comes is truth."

You and Bill both gave

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You and Bill both gave excellent replies/posts. Bravo!

Yep. They have all of the

Yep. They have all of the compassion of Marie Antoinette, and the political tactics of Genghis Khan.

Overturn Roe v Wade

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    Warner 08
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And Democrats would be swept into power in a landslide - like 1994 in reverse. Of course, that's the cynic in me talking. I don't want Roe v Wade overturned. I agree with you, grinch, that the results could be very bad for women in those states that do not have a right to privacy in their state constitutions or where their state supreme courts have not upheld abortion rights.

it isn't practical

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    Brian in MN
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I am as principled as you, I'd rather see Dems stand up and fight, but we can't win by going after ouw own. Focus on open seats, like Tester in Montana, get the netroots candidates in that way. But we can't get a Congressional majority without centrist "red state" dems. I know that we can win by being liberal, but we can't shut out the centrists. Aren't we supposed to be a "big tent" party. If you don't want the person, you can sure primary them, that's your right, but I think we lose more that way.

P.S. Yes, I'm sure I'm a Democrat.

"This time, vote for what you believe in"
-Sen. Paul Wellstone

What does a "Centrist" believe?

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The problem I see is that “Centrist” is usually code for being between Republicans in power and DLCers in power. MEANING:

“Centrists” are in no way, shape, or form, representative of the majority of Americans. The only centrists around are Liberals and old school conservative folks (meaning conservative of dress, with respect to sex, etc.) NOT the Republican elitists who bash traditional Christianity at every turn.

I disagree

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    Brian in MN
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Most Americans are centrist. Most favor abortion restriction, but oppose overturning Roe. Most favor universal Health Care, but favor low taxes as well. It isn't just black and white, I believe that Nelson is actually better than Lieberman, though he is more conservative than Joementum. At least he doesn't fight against his own party, and kiss the Pres.

"This time, vote for what you believe in"
-Sen. Paul Wellstone

The tipping point comes when

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The tipping point comes when the difference between American Liberalism and modern Republicanism is thrown into such bold relief in every nook of American Politics and power that it can not be caricatured.

I have always been happy to compromise and have said so repeatedly. The argument is not about compromise. It is about strategy to gain a super majority of true American centrists: Liberals.

Your examples prove my point:

Universal Health Care involves “taxing” somebody! The reason people think Liberal policies cost them a lot in taxes (which is f***ing nonsense) is due to the words and actions of false Certrists.

Gaining ground on fully centrist (and therefore Liberal) economic policies (based on American Values and Scientific Fact) opens the door with the average American with respect to Abortion. I guarantee you if Democrats put forth a fully Liberal Economic policy so that the vast majority get to enjoy a much higher standard of living they will also listen to some subtle arguments as well. Don’t forget that the majority in both the Senate and the House are Democrats already even with extremists like the fake centrists you note muddying the waters! (I speak here of representation not the Republic, which leans Right at this time.)

As to the subtlety of

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As to the subtlety of argument with respect to Abortion:

Liberals put enormous restrictions on Abortion. We eliminate them, unless its gonna kill the mother, in the last 1/3 rd of the pregnancy. (When the brain actually develops. Considering we may be able to make humans out of any cell in the human body someday I am not sure where this leads one’s notion of “when life begins” except to note when consciousness/thinking is possible.)

Beyond that, even though 50% of Americans already vote Democrat, I would hope regaining the bully pulpit would allow a further discussion of Abortion. Since it is more life threatening to have a baby then to terminate the pregnancy in the first trimester Roe V Wade ensures that the government can NOT force an individual into health care decisions that would put them at greater risk. This protection seems to be logically needed as soon as someone is capable of being pregnant. Hence the Liberal stance against allowing government interference with “minors”.


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Go here for zero taxes:


Although Liberalism always yields the highest standard of living to the vast majority and almost always the lowest taxes for that majority I am not sure what you are referring to except the propaganda of false centrists. Still, I go further on the node I cite.

I do fully agree with your concern but obviously not your frame.

Liberal Kerry

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By the way:

Kerry was offering lower taxes on the bottom 99% (and 98% of businesses) AND adding tens of millions to health care. How is that non centrist?

Kerry was not only happy to restrict abortions in the last 1/3 rd of pregnancy but also happily get rid of partial birth abortions as long as the woman is protected. How is that non centrist?

Yet Kerry was bashed as being too Liberal. Hmmmm.

Most Americans are NOT

Most Americans are NOT "centrists" -- they are moderates. Big difference.

Centrists typically consider themselves above the fray of day-to-day politics. Centrists are willing to overlook the faults of neoconservatism in order to get the leftover scraps from the corporate feeding frenzy. Centrists are the DLC "New Democrats" who believe that corporations have equal rights with American citizens. Centrists don't have an identifiable stance on any particular social or fiscal policy -- they take orders from those who donate to their careers as professional politicians. Centrists vote whichever way the political winds are blowing, and not from convictions.

Most Americans, on the other hand, are fiscally conservative and socially liberal. That is not a "centrist" point-of-view, it is a moderate one. Most Americans do not mind paying taxes, as long as they are fair, and are spent on programs that serve the common good. Most Americans do not want to pry into their neighbors' private lives, and do not care what goes on in the privacy of each others' homes. Most Americans do not want to proselytize other Americans to convert to their own preferred brand of religion. Most Americans want to believe that the representatives that they elect to public office will actually represent these American values, and not sell out to the highest corporate bidder.

Unlike you, we Democrats on this blog wish to rid our Party of all those DINOs who talk the talk, but don't walk the walk. You may think that you are a Democrat but, in reality, you are a centrist who, just like the DLC, is unthinkingly enabling the PNAC neoconservative anti-American cabal -- a gang of thieves which is attempting to destroy our Constitution, and the very essence of what being "American" stands for.

Defending the Constitution and America from neoconservatism is much more important than which Party controls either the Congress, or the Oval office. Most recent polls show that Middle America is waking up, and is ready to replace those now in office -- especially in the Congress. Middle America is also willing to give Democrats a chance to show leadership, and if we are not willing to clean our own house, we don't deserve that chance any more than the Republicans do.

First things first, and then we can get back to the partisan Democrat vs. Republican arguments about taxes, and what to spend them on.

Well said Bill.

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Well said Bill.

I would also add that the words conservative and liberal have been so murdered that speech is awkward. I hate to add an additional word but I suppose one might say it thusly:

Responsible Economic Policy, either liberal or conservative, both remain truly centered between the mob and the monopoly. The distinction is only with respect to the degree of error one wishes to entertain. True liberals are cautious not to screw the individual but error on the side of the majority. True conservatives are cautious not to screw the majority but error on the side of the individual. This goes right to the way you describe things and I too look forward to rational folks of differing views working through compromise.

I am long winded (besides due to my own faults) simply because I am working this through to the point that I might map out the array of views so American Liberalism can be taught as properly CENTRIST.

I think Necco’s “because it’s the right thing to do”, your direct appeal to the way America WORKED, and the above “flow chart” I am working on complement one another. I know that with some of the younger folks I meet, there seems to be a need for a single diagram.

Of course this may simply be the nerd in me talking….by the way I overslept but got a chance to catch the second showing of BSG!

I believe that you are

I believe that you are entirley correct Jim, in that most of us are saying similar things, but with different perspectives.

The neoconservatives started the anti-Liberal spin several years ago, and have turned any mention of the word into the political equivalent of "have you stopped beating your wife?" In retaliation, Liberals have lumped all Conservatives into the neoconservative category.

Recent "divide and conquer" tactics by Karl Rove and his spin machine have further antagonized these false perceptions. Americans are at each others' throats because they have been manipulated into these adversarial positions -- "you are either with us, or you are against us." This is not a natural state-of-mind for moderate Americans.

The truth is out there...

Mary Landrieu a Democrat?

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Mary Landrieu a Democrat? c'mon you must be kidding! i write to her ALL the TIME and she NEVER replies. even Vitter answers his mail and he's got an excuse--he's a Republican! if Mary Landrieu's supposed to be a Democrat she should know better and respond to the people. i've voted for her for the last time!

i've complained and complained to her office, both here in Baton Rouge and in Washington, and they KNOW she doesn't reply. i think she's a closet Republican, and i get disgusted now when i see her wimpy face on TV trying to look so quiet and virtuous like a saint--the VIRGIN Mary she ain't! she's one of the reasons why the Democratic Party isn't doing so well and the MAIN reason why i switched to the Green Party.

"defection?" she was never really a Democratic to begin with, no matter what her daddy did for New Orleans. i have neighbours that feel the same way--they worked for her election campaign and now she just ignores them.