The Crawford Coward is Terrified of Six Moms

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    Bob Fertik
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Why won't Bush meet with Cindy? Mike Allen of the Pentagon Post finally digs up an answer:

The aides said they also took into account the fact that a meeting might lead to a spate of similar demands, and they said they thought it was possible that any meeting would fuel the attention to Sheehan rather than head it off. "If five mothers replaced her, what have you accomplished?" a senior administration official asked. "That was a huge part of the decision."

Are they serious? Bush has no problem sending hundreds of thousands of soldiers to be killed, maimed, traumatized, or poisoned - but he's terrified of explaining his decision to six moms?

Impeach Bush Now!!



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George Bush IS a coward!! His military performance is a pretty good indicator. AWOL, shirking duty, a drug addict. What's the surprise??

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Re: Coward

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Hmmmm.....I think I like your idea......ALOT

Yes, he is a coward

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    Steve Otto
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It’s not surprising that a president, who has blundered the economy, miss-managed a war we never needed and won an election without being able to make a single intelligent statement during a debate, would act like this.
He is one, if not THE, dumbest president in the history of this country. The only thing he was known for doing as Texas governor was executing people and at the rate he was going, he probably took some innocent lives. He used oil money for a huge campaign chest and his daddy’s name to get elected. During the Vietnam War, he smoked pot, snorted cocaine and drank heavy with his frat buddies while poor people went to fight in the war.
And he can still pass himself off as a “patriot” during an election. So he now sends our sons and daughters to their deaths, while all of his family is safe and secure.

Lies, Fraud, and Deception

Don't Prettify Our History
Published: August 22, 2005

The 2000 election is still an open sore on the body politic. That was clear from the outraged reaction to my mention last week of what would have happened with a full statewide manual recount of Florida.

This reaction seems to confuse three questions. One is what would have happened if the U.S. Supreme Court hadn't intervened; the answer is that unless the judge overseeing the recount had revised his order (which is a possibility), George W. Bush would still have been declared the winner.

The second is what would have happened if there had been a full, statewide manual recount - as there should have been. The probable answer is that Al Gore would have won, by a tiny margin.

The third is what would have happened if the intentions of the voters hadn't been frustrated by butterfly ballots, felon purges and more; the answer is that Mr. Gore would have won by a much larger margin.

About the evidence regarding a manual recount: in April 2001 a media consortium led by The Miami Herald assessed how various recounts of "undervotes," which did not register at all, would have affected the outcome. Two out of three hypothetical statewide counts would have given the election to Mr. Gore. The third involved a standard that would have discarded some ballots on which the intended vote was clear. Since Florida law seemed to require counting such ballots, this standard almost certainly wouldn't have been used in a statewide recount.


The BA is nothing but a conglomeration of lies, built on a foundation of fraud. The truth is out there…

Lies, and more Lies

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If one lies to a goverment official that individual is subject to go to prison - just ask Martha! Yet when a goverment official lies to the American people there are no provisions or recourse for prosecution - WHY ! ?

There are too many unexplained facts regarding the 9/11 attack on America. Too many inconsistencies on the purported evidence and lack thereof that need answers.

The so-called mainstream media will not investigate this aspect which leads me to believe that there is a cover-up going on and our National Security is involved.

You would think that all the questions regarding the 9/11 attack would be put out in the open so Americans can feel safe that they were told the truth - yet these things are not being done which only leads me to further believe that the account of the 9/11 attack is in fact a BIG FAT LIE !

I am a registered Republican yet I cannot believe nor trust any of my fellow republicans which is why I will vote Democratic this coming election for Congress. Bush does not belong in the oval office but in a prison cell. We must never elect anyone ever again who is a member or associated with the Skull & Bones organization. Our Constitution is about to be destroyed by these people.

Attack on the pentigon

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I am flabbergasted that the American People are so damn gullible in believing that the Pentigon was attacked by an commercial airliner.

The hole does not match the size of the aircraft, there were no bodies, no debis nor luggage left at the scene, hell - the grass was not even burnt at the sight - but more importantly, the structure of this building could not be penetrated but no other means but through the use of explosive devices - and if you do not believe me just ask any civil engineer!

For God's sakes America - wake the hell up - this has sabbatage written all over it and the do'ers are right here - and it has Skull & Bones signature.

Speaking of cowards...

August 22, 2005 - 9:45 a.m. ET
Limbaugh runs away from Limbaugh (Keith Olbermann)

NEW YORK - There is nothing wrong with an unpopular opinion.

Nor is there anything wrong with a subversive one, nor a crazy one. This country was founded on opinions that were deemed by the powers-that-were to be unpopular, subversive, and crazy. Dissent - even when that dissent strays from logic or humanity - is our life’s blood. But if you have one of those opinions, and you express it in public, honesty and self-respect require you to own up to it.

Unless you’re Rush Limbaugh.

On his daily radio soap opera, on August 15, Limbaugh said “Cindy Sheehan is just Bill Burkett. Her story is nothing more than forged documents, there's nothing about it that's real…” The complete transcript of the 860 words that surround those quotes can be found at the bottom of this entry.

Yet, apparently there was something so unpopular, so subversive, and so crazy about those remarks that he has found it necessary to deny he said them - even when there are recordings and transcripts of them - and to brand those who’ve claimed he said them as crackpots and distorters. More over, that amazing temple to himself, his website, has been scrubbed clean of all evidence of these particular remarks, and to ‘prove’ his claim that he never made the remarks in question on August 15, he has misdirected visitors to that site to transcripts and recordings of remarks he made on August 12.

Limbaugh is terrified. And he has reason to be.


Rush and Rove must have gotten their signals crossed…

Simply amazing what ...

Oxycontin can do.

Especially when taken by an

Especially when taken by an oxymoran...

Well, I sorta figgered that he probably puts...

them in his ears so that he doesn't hear his lies.

How do you forge motherhood

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Rush, what does it mean to forge motherhood? Does that mean you didn't really give birth to the baby that was in your womb? Do you think that Cindy hallucinated the birth, life, and death of her son Casey? You are a sick, sad person who should be wandering the earth for eternity. Not only are you mean spirited, you are a coward. I hope that the oxycontin takes the edge off when you have to remove that foot from you mouth. It's too bad that pilonidal cyst didn't metastasize to damage your other orifices. The air quality would be better. Have any of the stations other than KMOX suffered because you are on them?


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Just got back from Camp Casey yesterday and wanted to let you
know that an AP article published yesterday called the
Republican protesters in Crawford "patriots".
I emailed AP to complain that the Camp Casey protesters
have never been referred to as Patriots.
If you are interested - write Associated Press at
thanks for your time