CNN Distributes Bush's Fake News

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While purviewing furlmate Leigh's latest postings I came across an article from NPR that answers a question about Smirk's fake news scandal. That being, how does Smirk's fake news get distributed? Answer: CNN

A spokesperson for CNN recently adopted a technique more fitting for some of the dodgy companies it covers -- dissembling in the hope that unwelcome questions would melt away. This winter, there was a flood of stories about the widespread use of "video news releases" -- sent out by government agencies -- that were designed to mimic actual news stories. They were broadcast on many local TV news programs. When asked about the practice, the nation's media critic in chief – that would be one George W. Bush – defended it, saying that the stations ran the pieces voluntarily. But local news directors said they thought they were real. Why? Because they came from a division of CNN.

WOW! Stop the presses! CNN distributes Smirk's fake news?!!

More than 800 American stations pay that division -- which is called CNN Newsource -- to send them stories from CNN and its affiliates. But that's not all CNN Newsource does. Many public relations firms also pay it to distribute "video news releases" from their clients -- including the U.S. government. (Several competitors have similar deals.) So CNN Newsource had more than one kind of client here. When preparing a story on the subject last month for NPR, I asked CNN, How big a side business is this? A CNN spokesman said there was no way to know how many video news releases were distributed by CNN in the typical week or month or year. It was impossible to tell, he said. The "video news releases" weren't a major source of revenue for CNN, he explained, in genial tones meant to inspire confidence. They only generated modest fees. Naturally, the size of those fees couldn't be divulged. He also said CNN put tough safeguards in place when the issue first surfaced last year. Each public relations firm now had to sign a contract for every "video news release" saying each spot would make clear who paid for it.......

Granted, from the article, CNN doesn't "exclusively" distribute Smirk's fake news but apparently advertises itself as "CNN/NewSource is the largest affiliate service in the country". It's shocking, shocking, I say, that CNN, a major corporate mediawhore, distributes Smirk's fake news and THEN doesn't report about it! Imagine that!


Damn Media Whores!

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Damn Media Whores!

It's all about the Benjamines

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CNN want's the FCC off it's back. CNN wants the corporate sponsorship. CNN wants the FEDs out of the way during merger talks. So it happily plays ball. I'm not sure how we have kept the myth of a civically minded MSM News alive in our minds for all these years...if you go back and watch Citizen Cane, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Network, etc...the message is always the same....Corporations, regardless of their product (chemicals, shoes, papers) have a single bottom line. Grow and make money.

Until we remove THAT basis for their existance they'll continue to screw us at every turn. I strongly recommend the recent Documentary "The Corporation"...along with the above movies for any still wondering. Also, a great book about news media, skew, and censorship is called "Into the Buzzsaw". Reading that will result in a few lost nights of sleep.

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This really knocks CNN

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waayy down the media totem pole! ;-(

Fox News part 2..... sigh

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Fox News part 2..... sigh

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