Reid Thinks Bush Stole Election, And Thinks Kerry Was Right to Let Him Do So: Says A Lot About the Current Congress

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'Hardball with Chris Matthews' for Jan. 25
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… MATTHEWS: What did you think your colleague John Kerry, the Democratic nominee last time around, who you worked hard for, dropping out of 2008 contention so early in the battle?

REID: Chris, I spoke on the Senate floor and it was really heartrending to me, to see him say he is not going to run. He did the right thing, I acknowledge that. But he came so close and that was such a terribly unfair election. Here is a man who is a hero, decorated war hero, and with the Swift Boat stuff at the end of the campaign, people wondered if he had even ever been to Vietnam. John Kerry is a good American. He has been a great senator. He will continue to be a great senator.

MATTHEWS: Do you think he was treated unfairly in the count or was it just in the campaign? Do you think he got a good count in Ohio, for example at the end of that election?

REID: Well, I think the Ohio count was bad, but he is a good American. He realized that it was time to end the election and not drag this on. I think some votes could have been changed in the state of Ohio, but John Kerry did the right thing. He just pulled the plug….


2004 Stolen Election

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    Brick Sykes
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David...I get the impression that you're talking about Kerry dropping out of the 2008 race when the text that Reid addresses clearly states the 2004 results, specifically Ohio. I am certain that Reid knew what Kerry learned through the last hours of the 2004 Vote tally: That the Republican Machine had in fact Stolen the Presidental Election in a way totally unprecedented in US History, and that the night of the "Election" was NO time to advise the country of that fact. At that time, there was just too little known about the criminal mischief that had to've taken place to alter so profoundly the Will of the Country. He had little or nothing to back him up; He knew that if "They" were so criminally rabid to steal this election it would only make things much worse to begin to shine the spotlight on the Whole Republican Party! Which he would have to've done.

Both Reid and Kerry are so convinced of the absolute necessity to let "the system work" through Democratic procedures, they were forced to "loose the bathwater" in order to save the Baby. I am certain they believed that Time and the Rule of Law would find out these guys, even if there were to be serious losses in the process. If we don't solve this Democratically, then we are just as guilty as they are.

My vote was "Lost" in 2004 so we made our county return to paper ballots in 2006, and it worked flawlessly. That will be the only answer to the National Election Problem. That, and possibly extending the voting window to a week, or so. Or, maybe even use the mails like Washington (?) or Oregon, I think.

I like what you write and will stay tuned...Brick

i didn't mean

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to say anything about 2008, but i sure am glad kerry's not running

David Swanson