No $700 Billion Tax Cut for the Rich

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In his weekly address on November 6, President Obama said: a time when we are going to ask folks across the board to make such difficult sacrifices, I don’t see how we can afford to borrow an additional $700 billion from other countries to make all the Bush tax cuts permanent, even for the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans. We’d be digging ourselves into an even deeper fiscal hole and passing the burden on to our children.
I recognize that both parties are going to have to work together and compromise to get something done here. But I want to make my priorities clear from the start. One: middle class families need permanent tax relief. And two: I believe we can’t afford to borrow and spend another $700 billion on permanent tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires.

President Obama is right. Sign the petition to tell your Representatives you oppose another $700 billion tax cut for the rich.


Dear Representative,

The richest and greediest 2% of Americans are demanding an extension of George Bush's tax cuts for themselves, which would add over $700 billion to our national debt over ten years.

America cannot afford another $700 billion tax cut for the rich!

Our national debt is nearly $14 trillion and we need to reduce it. The Deficit Commission is even considering unacceptable cuts to essential middle-class programs like Social Security.

The first way to cut the debt is to eliminate tax cuts for people who don't need them. And the rich don't need a tax cut - they are rolling in dough while the rest of us struggle to survive.

If tax cuts for the rich created jobs, Bush's tax cuts would have created a booming economy. Instead they brought us to the brink of a Great Depression in 2008 and created our current Great Recession with nearly 10% unemployment.

As my representative, I demand that you end Bush's tax cuts for the rich immediately.

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