More Reasons to Abolish the Senate

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    Bob Fertik
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On 11/19/08 I proposed abolishing the United States Senate since it is hopelessly useless.

Discussing Ted Stevens' lobbyist cronies, Christy offers another reason for abolition:

When I was doing all of my coverage on McCain's cronies, I kept running across the same names on the same money forms for Sen. McCain. I wondered: does each powerful Senator spawn a cottage industry of greedy sycophants and well-heeled, intimately connected lobbying cronies playing a sort of match game with moneyed industry interests and social-climbing elites jockeying for a seat at the power table each election cycle?

And looseheadprop offers another reason in the context of annointing Caroline Kennedy:

So, not showing up for work. Not actually raising the money. Not submitting information for vetting, but Mike thinks Paterson should just go ahead an appoint her to a seat that isn't even vacant yet.

Do you really think United States Senator is a good choice for someone's first "real" job?

Clearly Kennedy's "first real job" wouldn't be an issue if there simply was no Senate.


Senate vs House

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It's a shame that both Houses of Congress are doing nothing more than spending the taxpayers hard earned money for nothing. Think of the savings we could have without these big spenders doing nothing more than spending money. And they're spending it on themselves at record paces also. They have voted themselves exclusive control over their ability to spend, spend, uncontrolled by anyone.
Think about this for a moment, history has shown that these people do very little for the good of the country and, "We the People". Why do we need them to start with? Most have sold their support and votes to Corporate America anyway. They have established themselves very deep in Washington D.C., they live there, they play there, they have themselves readily available to Corp. America on a daily basis. And "We the People" are paying their tabs, on a daily basis.
Just think for a moment, what if we let the States control things that are real issues to the states. And we required these elected officials to be in their own states, and their own districts where the people could have easy access to them, as Corp. America has in Washington D.C. We could possibily see pretty quick, we don't need all of these people anyway.
Why should someone like the Big Oil Industry, contribute large amounts of money to a Senator from Tennessee, other than buying his/her suppoprt and votes in Washington. We could erase a great deal of closed door bargining for votes, by simply not allowing this practice to be legal. Call it whatever you chose, it is a major part of buying out these officals from their own constitutents.
Politics has become a big money game anymore. What makes up the political frameworks, "PEOPLE"? And "We the People" have let these greedy bastards buy our government officals everyday of our lives. And the situation will not change anytime soon, for "We the People" are no longer a part of the system. Our government tells us; when where, with whom, how long, what we can or cannot do, and how much we'll have to pay for it.

a very strong argument

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    Bob Fertik
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can be made - and you're making it - for abolishing Congress altogether, rather than just the Senate as I proposed in this blog.

you suggest strengthening the power of the states, which is what the Founders intended. of course American History is the story of the centralization of power by the Federal government under both Republicans (Abraham Lincoln) and Democrats (FDR).

the Reagan Revolution of 1980 included champions of the 9th and 10th Amendments who wanted to return more power to the states. but they were minor players who had no impact. Ron Paul is the only Republican in Congress with that viewpoint.

one reason there are few advocates for expanded state power is that state governments are no better than Congress - think Rod Blagojevich.

so I would propose a 21st Century solution instead - reduce Congressional power by expanding Direct Democracy through mechanisms like online voting.

of course online voting can be rigged, and a significant portion of Americans have no Internet access. so there are practical problems that need to be addressed before we can move closer to Direct Democracy...


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You do have a couple of strong points to discuss here. Online voting might be acheivable by multitasking the voting process using seperate web sites to complete the voting process as is in use today on a similiar basis in other areas. Factor in also the need for more than just one day for voting. Voting poles for people without internet access, with a paper trail initiated at the poling stations.
Rod Blagojevich is nothing more than a freak case. Other Governors would, should, be allowed to dismiss this person under ethics polices. His alleged behavior, if proven factual, should require immediate removal from office. The longer it takes to address the real issue, the tougher it will be to acheive closure, and get on with the get ons of business of the states.
If everyone needs pleasing each time an issue becomes available, that would be like what we have today, too much red tape, little to no action what-so-ever. If a person wants to challange the system, and what ever polices and rules apply, they already know the consquences up front. Challanges should be outside actions to start with. Somewhere, some how, someone has to be in charge. Look at all the messes today due to no regulations.
We need a little bite in our barking sometime, so unbleviers will be able to understand what rules and polices are all about.
When people chose to act like children, they need to be treated as such in return.

A Better Approach

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The way Senators are elected should be changed to a system of proportional representation. The two major political parties don't even come close to representing the majority of the population. Proportional representation would increase voter turnout dramatically.