Kucinich Introduces 35 Articles of Impeachment Against George W. Bush!

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What you can do:

Email your Representatives to support
Kucinich's Articles of Impeachment

Call your Rep. at 202-224-3121

Call your favorite talk shows and tell
everyone who supports impeachment to
sign the petition at Democrats.com

Login and click local to meet your
neighbors and organize a
"Honk To Impeach" event to
lobby your Representative

Robert Wexler (FL-19)

Countdown with Keith Olbermann
Ed Schultz
Randi Rhodes

History is in the making as I type: Rep. Dennis Kucinich has taken to the floor of the House and has begun reading 35 Articles of Impeachment against President George W. Bush. (Watch the first 5 minutes. Read the full Articles.)

At last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We can be sure Kucinich will come under furious attack by the White House, the Republican Party, the Corporate Media, and even Bush Democrats. So let's inundate Congress with emails and calls showing our full support for Rep. Kucinich's Articles of Impeachment!


Click "read more" for our press release:

Democrats.com Applauds Dennis Kucinich for Introducing Articles of Impeachment

Congressman Dennis Kucinich is on the floor of the House of Representatives right now introducing 35 articles of impeachment against President George W. Bush.

Bob Fertik, President of Democrats.com, said: "We've waited seven years to find one Member of Congress brave enough to stand up for our Constitution, for which generations of Americans have fought and died. We are thrilled and honored that Dennis Kucinich has chosen to be that one genuine patriot. We congratulate him on his historic leadership, and pledge to do everything in our power to persuade Congress to adopt all 35 Articles and put George W. Bush on trial before the Senate of the United States, exactly as the Founding Fathers wanted."

Fertik continued, "Some might question why Congressman Kucinich has done this now. My question is why 434 other Congress Members have not done it before. Despite the uncountable and unspeakable crimes this administration has committed, George Bush and Dick Cheney remain in power and immune from prosecution. Congress must impeach Bush and Cheney now - before they further abuse their power by pardoning for all of their crimes."

David Swanson, creator of ImpeachCheney.org, Washington Director of Democrats.com and co-founder of the AfterDowningStreet.org coalition, said: "Congressman Kucinich is the first, but we will be pressuring 434 other Representatives to join him. We must act to prevent an attack on Iran and to reestablish the rule of law for future administrations.

"Bush has had many accomplices,  first and foremost Vice President Cheney. But our Founders created a single executive precisely so that we could hold that one person accountable for the actions of the Executive Branch. It is high time we did so, and millions of Americans will be urging their representatives to support the effort being led by Congressman Kucinich.

"Bush's public comments have time and again advertised his indifference to the laws he is violating. Not only does overwhelming evidence show us that Bush knew his claims about WMDs to be false, but the president has shown us that he considers the question of truth or falsehood to be laughably irrelevant. When Diane Sawyer asked Bush during a televised interview after the war was underway why he had claimed with such certainty that there were so many weapons in Iraq, he replied: 'What's the difference? The possibility that [Saddam] could acquire weapons, if he were to acquire weapons, he would be the danger.'

Swanson continued, "What's the difference? Hundreds of thousands of corpses and a fatal blow to the rule of law among nations. That's the difference - unless we remove impeachment from the Constitution by failing to exercise it, in which case truth will no longer matter any more than justice or peace."


More details coming later tonight!

Action in the House coming later this week!

Good websites to watch for updates and actions:

Let Justice roll down like waters in a mighty stream . . .


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IT'S ABOUT TIME..............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This sob should be quartered and hung!

I listened to some of Kucinich's accusations last night and how stupid these other congress people are if they don't support him.

Bush is the biggest liar in the history of this country.
He should NOT be allowed to profit from his last 8 years of screwing this country over. Send him out of office indisgrace!

Cheney.........YOU'RE NEXT!

My, what a wonderful Christmas 2009, this would make

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I almost creamed thinking about it. For Justice to truly be served again, like in the seventies. It must have really hurt them (corruption) It took decades to get the majority back. They set up Carter with their "Minnie Me Paulson of Wall Street, or Was it Greenspan? Money changers the whole lot of em", just the same. The set the Presidents up to fail, and run on it in the next election. Watch for it in 2012.

Socialism this, and Joe the plumber that. Totally Stuck on Stupid stuff, that Aemrica has moved on from. They are so small minded, they don't think the people have enough intellect to know, when enough is enough.

We the people do not elect the, to dry hump US, from the rear, We the People, pay them to manage OUR TAX DOLLARS, and laws for equal every thing, under the law.

When management, is caught embezzling (gambling bubbles) or the accountant is caught with his/her hand in the Peoples "cookie jar" unauthorized, THEY GO TO JAIL, AND DON'T COLLECT $700 BILLION.

Their the ones that were playing "monopoly" on WALL STREET.


Articles in plain text

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For your copy-and-pasting pleasure.
You may find them here.

Congress- 435 Members, 1 pair of balls.

Ray Vogelpohl

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The person who posted this video on youtube under your link "watch first 5 minutes" is apparantly hostile to Kucinich He superimposed text on the original video later which says " A very small left wing conspiracy" You should take this link down and lead people somewhere else.

Ray, --- Youtube name rayvo


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You da man Dennis. You had big balls when you were mayor of Cleveland and they haven't shrunk one bit in all these years. The clear thinking people of this country love you and the people of the Cleveland,Lakewood, Parma Ohio area especially love you. Whenever you run for re-electio
n your yellow campaign lawn signs are everywhere. From an airplane it must look like a huge field of daffodils

youtube video

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Good point. here's a better link: http://www.youtube.com/v/1qy3z7XWtQc&hl=en
It's the same thing, but without the "very very small left wing conspiracy" tag over it. Good for you, Dennis. It's about time someone stood up and did this.

Youtube video

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Apparently the problem with the superimposed text on the "watch first 5 minutes" link has been corrected. I don't know whats goin on but I know that I'm not the only one who seen this. If you scroll through the comments pertaining to this youtube video you would see that other people noticed it too.

Kudos, Dennis!

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I am glad to see there is a Democrat with a spine in the House. What in the devil are the others afraid of? Do they owe too many big money donors and are worried about keeping their jobs?

Nader's Opinion

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Found here.

Volumes can and will be written, about what can go down as the most serious abdication of impeachment responsibilities by a Congress in its history. No other president has committed more systemic, repeated impeachable offenses, with such serious consequences to this country, its people, to Iraq, its people and the security of this nation before, than George W. Bush.

It is never too late to enforce the Constitution. It is never too late to uphold the rule of law. It is never too late to awaken the Congress to its sworn duties under the Constitution. But it will soon be too late to avoid the searing verdict of history when on January 21, 2009, George W. Bush escapes the justice that was never pursued by those in Congress so solely authorized to hold the President accountable.

On our local news, the

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On our local news, the female newscaster lead off this story by rolling her eyes, and saying "Kucinich is at it again".
We'll be fighting this same type of "reporting" all during the campaign for president - at least here in Ohio.

why not fight back?

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    Bob Fertik
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go to change.org and create a petition to the president of the local station to fire her.

at FOX today they fired the "newscaster" who called the Barack-Michelle love tap a terrorist tap.

Actual Coverage!

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The INN World Report, broadcast on Free Speech TV, just aired a long segment on the subject, including an interview with Ray McGovern. This is the only mention I have found on TV today, with the exception of a short mention on Democracy Now! this morning. Nothing on CNN or cnn.com, nothing on ABC, NBC, or CBS evening news. This is a complete news blackout. If you thought the NCMR people were a bunch of wackos, this should open your eyes.

The mainstream media is either all complete idiots or wholly stuffed into someone's pocket. You be the judge.

Call your Rep #

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The # 202-225-3121 is not in service. Can you please post the correct #?


it worked fine for me

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    Bob Fertik
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just now :)

Impeachment Success Strategies

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    Larry Litt
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Americans love underdogs and con men. Also cheerleaders and hustlers. And of course actors. We are suckers for their boyish charm and quick words. Otherwise public relations wouldn't be a thriving business, nor politics overflowing with Hollywood machismo. I believe Mr. Kucinich went about the Impeachment Articles reading the wrong way. He should have hired actors to read the Articles in Lafayette Park. He desperately needs to be fronted by emotional and expressive speakers. And Americans love contests. The best reading would win a DVD audiobook contract to be distributed around the country by The Nation. Make this bigger than the documents and event. Make it bigger than the White House Horrors. Make it real for Americans.


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Impeach Bush?
Is there any doubt?

The House can't vote him out of office. That job goes to the Senate, to remind that large percentage of the population which slept through Civics class. The House is voting to indict him, not to convict him. We should therefore produce some evidence of Probable Cause. OK...

Bush publicly stated at at least one press conference that he had violated FISA, was violating FISA as he spoke, and planned to continue violating FISA. I have seen it on TV. I don't know if it can be found on line.

Of course he never said he intentionally broke the law. What he said was that he broke the law. Intent has nothing to do with it. If you run a stop sign, it doesn't matter whether or not you intended to stop, what matters is whether or not you obeyed the law.

For another clear example of guilt, look no further than Iraq. The rest of the world knows it, heck, they knew before the war was started that it was to be a war of aggression, the supreme international crime. That's why there was the largest coordinated international protest in history.The American People (the capital P is intentional) were intentionally deceived about the answers to several crucial questions.

That's as public as it could possibly get. No other evidence is required. Bush can not deny his actions. He has tried himself in the court of world public opinion.

That's about all the probable cause I think is needed to bring this to trial. And that's what this resolution is about. Bringing Bush to trial for the gross violation of his oath of office. The impeachment hearing in the senate is the trial. This resolution is the equivalent of a grand jury indictment. That is all.

Don't you agree that there is sufficient probable cause that the president should be brought before the Senate for an impeachment Hearing?

Contact your Congressperson immediately to let them know how you feel. If the Congress votes against impeachment, then they are saying that there is no Probable Cause, that the evidence suggests that no crimes of any kind have been committed. This is clearly contrary to a vast number of widely and publicly known facts.

you're exactly right

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    Bob Fertik
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the House serves in effect as the Grand Jury to determine probable cause for an indictment (Articles of Impeachment), while the Senate conducts the trial to establish innocence or guilt, requiring a 2/3 vote for conviction.

the Founding Fathers thought it all through and came up with a simple but effective process.

it's long past time for the House to use it!

Please Connect me to RMizzo

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I did what you said and clicked local and found a lone respondent from 2 years ago. We have done tons of things and have a great e-mail list of supporters. We would like her to join us. I added a comment on that local site to this person. But I highly doubt that she will be looking for a reply to a posy on December 2006.

Please ask her to contact me at 609-921-6002 or mmarino@patmedia.net.
Mary Ellen Marino

try RMizzo's contact form

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    Bob Fertik
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our internal contact system is much better than posting emails/phones publicly to avoid ending up on spam lists - you can edit your comment and delete them.

Media coverage

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    Victim of Coal
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Fox had OH (R) Boehner on about the Republicans blocking the Windfall profit tax, and repeal of $17 billion in tax breaks. For some reason the Dems are allowing them to be proud of this. They breifly mentioned Dennis wasteing congressional time by reading the articles for impeachment, and quickly dismissed it. I have signed the petition at impeachbush.org and signed on 3 other voters, so far. I also called my congressman, both Senators, and Nancy Pelosi. You can get your congressmans # at ilovemountains.org and while your there check out what the Friends of Coal are doing to your country.

Too little too late?

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While I do applaud Rep. Kucinich's effort, I have to wonder why he didn't manage to do this a couple of years ago. Has it really taken this long for people to get outraged enough? If so, then they truly haven't been paying attention and have been willing to let Bush and his cronies fleece this country to a fare-thee-well. I'm happy to say that, like Sen. Obama, I was against the Iraq War from Day One (no matter that he wasn't in the Senate then, and shame on Bill Clinton for dismissing it as a "fairy tale"); anyone in his right mind could have seen there were no WMDs (and if there had been, Saddam would have gotten them from us), nor any connection between Saddam and al-Qaeda (Saddam's government was a secular one, whereas bin Laden and his buddies in the Taliban were religious fanatics, so what possible use could they have had for each other?). Bush announced his intention to go to war with Iraq during the 2000 campaign, that I remember. And speaking of international protesters, I was in London in February of 2003 and personally marched in the big anti-war march on Feb. 15th of that year, one of 2+ million like-minded individuals, marching from the banks of the Thames to Hyde Park. I knew Bush was bad news during the 2000 campaign--I am Wiccan, and I remember his comment that he didn't consider Witchcraft to be a real religion (it is, in fact). In short, the man is an enemy of freedom and democracy; he and Cheney were busy fleecing the country during their first term, and voices like mine were voices crying in the wilderness, falling on deaf ears.

While I don't see Kucinich ever becoming President himself, I'm glad he finally stepped forward and took this action. I'm just worried that it won't have the effect it ought to have. Bush and Cheney have about 7 months left in office; I'm thinking what will have to happen is a trial for crimes against the People of the United States of America and against the People of Iraq...crimes of treason, crimes of war. And most likely, it'll have to happen after Jan. 20th of next year. Nonetheless, good luck, Rep. Kucinich. This country seriously needs to wake up.

Kucinich has been at it since 2004, the

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The Dems were slow and yellow to do something about it. They forgot they had a say and dicn't open their mouths towards justice. We must get rid of the whimps and replace them with more independents and Democrats OF the People. It's quite evident, after twenty five years,.That the Rethugs, don't give a hoot about the success of our Government, to keep the safety nets in place to prevent even more poverty.

Therefore we need Greens, and Indeendents to help right the course of America. Rethugs don't know how to reshape anything new, they are still on page 1900 and We the People who have waited so long, are on page 2025.

Since healthcare is so sucky, we don't have much time in our fighting bodies to do it. So yes, the balls of the party must be taught now to our youth, so they won't get snookered by the same people, only more desperate, to steal again.


Apology to Honorable Representative Kucinich

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Representative Kucinich, on behalf of the internet community, I would like to apologize to you for not offering this advice sooner. When ABC (was it?) mistreated you in the July?2007 Presidential debate, removed you from the picture of the candidates, deleted or deemed inappropriate most of the posts endorsing you for President, and removed the two online polls showing you first slightly in first place and secondly greatly in first place, I would have suggested holding a recorded debate to be placed online. We would have rented a small forum space, and we would have invited all candidates. I can guarantee some of the other candidates would have shown up. Many forums would have gladly posted this debate including YouTube. I, however, did not find out until May 2008. Your positions would have swept the election by a landslide.

Quran Reading

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I am a teacher in reputed university.I think democrats have good thinking.Today world problem is education and economy.

Jimmy, just to clarify a couple of things for us...

Are you a teacher in a reputed university...or are you a teacher in a reputable university? You might consult a dictionary for the definition of reputed/reputable.

You seem to have problems with the English language, grammar and punctuation. Is this because you are not a native English speaker? Or is it because you never bothered to learn how to express yourself in the English language.

Your 2nd sentence: " I think democrats have good thinking." What does that mean?

3rd sentence: "Today world problem is education and economy." Do you mean: today's greatest problems are education and the world economy?

If you are a teacher, then we are really in trouble.

A mind once expanded can never return to its original dimensions.

Anne Hathaway: 1556-1623


The greatest derangement of the mind is to believe in something because one wishes it to be so.

Dems have always been for the People's equal Rights since

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since Kennedy. Kennedy was racially and religiously persecuted, when he was running..
The Dems decided after his death, and LBJ, that blood for the God given right to live, was too high a cost to be American, when the human being born in this country is naturalized citizen automatically. Every nationality, that towed the line to be an American, was supposed to enjoy life and the pursuit of happiness. Some sects of people put hurdles up, and like the athletic people we are, we jumped over them. Some people's hurdles, came at bad times or our lives, and we lost our jobs and livelyhoods, at the whim of someone, that just didn't know, we are the witnesses to the world. We have the darkest of hues, and have been around since the beginning. Who else but us, to bare witness to what is going on here on earth, to Heaven.

The time of making the decision has past, let's put the good deeds and repentance, frontforth, and move on. God expects his children to behave appropriately and tolerantly, for it is HIS job to judge the children of the Earth, not Man's.

Now that being said, the subject of education and economy. The rich feel there always has to be a larger labor force, to manipulate with wages. This has been know since the 30's, we experienced it in the 60's, cured it with living wage laws of the 70's and Reagan stopped it in the 80's. This has been the conservative mantra,(plantation laws) of why do the workers need a representative? If you look at DC and the way the Republicans have lost jobs left and right during their rule, you will see the repeat of the same unfair labor movement of corporations for the cheapest labor at all cost. "Make them get two jobs each head of the family. The greed is beyond excessive, but maniacal. It used to be a man could raise his family for an honest days labor for an honest days wages. Not any more. Cross training of skills and no raise, became another mantra. They would say you are underqualified and make you take courses, and then work twice as hard in the position, for the same wage or 100.00 more monthly. All that time in education reduced to plantation sharecropper rules. You want to keep your job, you'll do as I say and take what I give, someone else is waiting to slip in, if you don't just shut up and work.

Massah sure has come a long way. He don't use just color no more, he use "class and Political affiliation" Watch out for the set ups in court, like that Democratic Governor, Karl Rove set up.

The Justice Department was Politically Breached.

Oh, but a American Blue Tsunami Train of Change is NOW!!

A new day is dawning in 2009. Our Generation has Arrived.

No More Bush It! Like Nixon, "let the WH door hit you, where the Dark Lord split you.


We follow laws in a nation, but we have to answer to an awesome God for OUR Deeds done on Earth, when the Book of Life is read on each of our souls.