Should Rep. Dennis Kucinich Introduce Articles of Impeachment Against Bush to Stop War in IRAN?

97% (1826 votes)
3% (53 votes)
Total votes: 1879


Absolutely. The majority of

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Absolutely. The majority of us must insist on bringing articles of impeachment, as that's the only way we can stop the war in Iraq, prevent the war in Iran, and stop the office of the Presidency from becoming one of King.


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Impeach now. Many crimes and misdameanors were committed and the constitution is set to protect WE the people from them. We need to bring our troops home from this illegal war and this is the only way.

You're a genius! :)

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agreed. good statement.

numerous reasons to impeach

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why limit to war on Iran? I would like to see Kuncinich grab his balls and get started. Why do we need polls like this to get this man to do the right thing? What are the dems afraid of? Is there a massive extortion racket in place to maintain the status quo? Are the dems so beholden to the Israel-oil-military-industrial complex to be completely ineffective? So far the complex is winning and the people of the US, Iraq, and Israel are loosing. Mr Kucinich, do the right thing and file articles of impeachment. Would today be soon enough?


disregard for Constitution

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Bush and Cheney have deserved to be impeached for quite sometime now. They have broken the supreme law of the land, the US Constitution numerous times. Bush took the war making power out of the hands of Congress and into his own hands back in 2003, violating constitutional law. Habeus Corpus has been suspended for the first time in 200 years. He lied to the American people about the reasons to go to war; Hussein never had links to Al Quaeda, never sought uranium for WMDs in Africa, never was a threat to the American people. Also Bush broke Geneva Conventions and permitted torture. From illegal wiretapping to CIA leaks to the media, this administration is rife with corruption. It is past time we took action.


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The articles could have been introduced and acted on long ago.  The question now is whether the Impeachment process will end up with removal from office and it may fall well short of the required votes in the Senate.

The reason for this is the impact that "Corporate Personhood" has on our Government.  Our Senators will not risk losing the contributions to their Warchests from these bohemoths.

The impeachment process will bring to light many shady deals most likely from members of both parties because they both speak for Corporate interrests over the interrests of 'WE THE PEOPLE". 

I think Dennis's No strings attached statements and him breaking ranks with the Democratic leaderships statements to keep Impeachment off the table may indeed distinguish him to "We The People".  It speaks volumes to me.


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xgal: Is there some reason for your screaming on this board?

To post in all caps is considered 'screaming' on the net. Further, your post is somewhat confusing--it is Bush who is destroying the Constitution despite his taking a vowon his family bible to protect and defend the Constitution.

Provided you have actually read all the posts on this board, you should understand that the Dems are for the Constitution while the neocon fascists are against it.

Perhaps you would like to explain your stance in more detail to all of us.

A mind once expanded can never return to its original dimensions.

Anne Hathaway: 1556-1623

The greatest derangement of the mind is to believe in something because one wishes it to be so.

suspension of habeas corpus

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President Lincoln suspended habeas corpus during the Civil War. FYI.


Impeach. Period.

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It would be impossible to impeach on the basis of preventing war in Iran. Impeachment and conviction of Bush as a criminal for any number of past offenses, though, prevents him from having the opportunity.

comment on Bush impeachment.

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I couldn't read your entire comment.  However, impeachment, does not go far enough.  I used to think so.  But, these two dirty crooked leaders, should be tried for treason, for making up an excuse for war, whenh it is obvious, this was is abouty oil, nothing more.  Treason, and imprisonment for Bush and Cheney, for the deaths, the injuries, the mishadling of this occupation, and our tax dollars, and covering up their misdeeds by declaring homeland security, is herosy!  They have pnotificated about good vs. evil, while they are the evil dictatorial ruler's trying to see how much power they can take in the world wide community.  The have defrauded the tax payer's and the voter's, and I want justice, no matter how long it takes!

Thanks!  TMS 

You are correct, but

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    Bill Harding
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You are correct, but impeachment is necessary in order to prevent the next president from pardoning these criminals. First things first...

So what's next...

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I agree, we agree... so what's the next step?  When does someone do what?  How do they do it and what do they need to get the job done?  Does someone need a stamp?  I got one.  We've been staring at the evidence of this fiasco and rubbernecking long enough.  What does it take to DO something about it.  If I could figure that out I wouldn't be here either.

Numerous Reasons for Impeachment

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    James Patrick Meehan
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  I agree with you Nuggets.

  Truly, I believe OUR government  is no longer a Democratic Republic, and probably hasn't been such, in quite some time. 

It is a plutocratic, despotic, oligarchy.   

 Our Congress members offer ONLY lip service to U.S.,  while they ask for campaign donations, as they posture before a controlled and spineless mainstream media that shovels worthless trivia and domestic propaganda.

This TALK of Impeachment is just that - TALK.

Congressman Conyers was all big-winded- flatulant, when the Repugnican't Party controlled the House of Representatives.   Now, that the Do no' crats are in majority,  silence.      Hmmmm,   So where IS the ACTION that the Do no crats promised?    

I agree with you Nuggets.  I think ALL Congress members are bought and controlled by corporate interests.  

 "We the People"  is just a bumber-sticker slogan for  idealists.   It does not apply in reality.

OUR Constitution, OUR Bill of Rights, Habeus Corpus, and The Judicial Branch's autonomy and integrity, are just fancy door mats. 

2 master Nuggets

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    Michele MacMahon
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Mr. Kuncinich is doing the exact right thing!  The worst thing that he could do is to introduce this legislation and then not get every democrat to  support from the floor!!  This will work out the way we desire if we could get every Dem. member of Congress to sign on as co-sponsors!   He is allowing us the time to put pressure on our legislators to do just that.
   Over the years Mr. Kuncinich has proven his progressive beliefs and deserves only support for using everything he has to push a progressive agenda!  I do not know how serious he is in his bid for the White House, but I do appreciate it that he is giving up his time to to do the funraising that allows him to participate in the Dem. Debates and in so doing he can bring some of the issues into the spotlight!  Once that is done then more people will talk and word will begin to spread, with our help out there as well.

Finally - I am getting tired of hearing from people that the Dems are taking too long to put an end to the extortion that has been occuring in the Bush White House!  I too would like it all to move a bit faster...however I would prefer that they actually do their homework and go after the White House with information that can be backed up and will stand up in court!  Yes I know that they came into power in January 07, but look how hard they are working just to get the papers, the mounds and mounds of paper, so that they have the paper trail to follow.  The Bush White House has been ignoring subpeonas all over the place.  I also believe that this is even more reason that all involved should be called to task and impeached!  {I don't think that Carl  Rowe should be left out on this phase either!} 

 So until all the ducks are in a row I'd prefer that they work on aquiring all the evidence and THEN act!

Just my very humble opinion  !

Michele MacMahon








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Bush should not be impeached exclusively or primarily for the sake of preventing a preemptive attack against Iran. His first preemptive and unjust attack on Iraq was based entirely on lies, turned-up no WMD, lacked the support of the UN and world community, and has cost our country a big toll in the way of money and lives. For no good reason. All of this in a nutshell, is plenty of reason for why he should be impeached! If anything, it is long overdo!



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Personally, I think Mr. Bush and the entire administration should be arrested and jailed without bail! And, a full investigation administered by a neutral, private team. They are not worthy nor worth the expense of impeachment to the American people.

War Powers Act

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Establish a clear position that any violation of the War Powers Act will be grounds for impeachment.  The War Powers Act allows the President to engage in military hostilities only pursuant to an act of Congress or in "a national emergency created by attack upon the United States, its territories or possessions, or its armed forces."  This would not permit a pre-emptive strike on Iran, nor military force to defend Israel from Iranian retaliation.  And a minor military clash in the region would not constitute a "national emergency."  If the President violates these limitations, immediate impeachment is the proper option. 

impeach Bush

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    michael f. Huhges
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The Bush Administration is still manned by traitors, liars and thieves. Bush and Chaney should both be impeached for high crimes and misdemeaners. (sp). It is time to be bold in contravining the criminals running the executive branch.


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    Unleashed 08
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I am so sick and tired of all the talk. Bush is bad, Bush got us into this war. Where are the leaders? Who is going to hold this man and his administration accountable? Harry Reid? 99% of our reps in Washington are a bunch of self serving a-holes who worry more about popularity than having a backbone.

So please tell me that there is someone in Washington that will put their butt on the line to make sure that justice is served and our Constitution is not a post it note.

Impeach Congress

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Congress is responsible for the actions of Bush and Cheney.  They should be impeached by the American People.  They have the authority to stop this abomination in our corrupt government, but what do they do instead?  They give themselves a raise, while the American People are losing their jobs in record numbers. 

The Government Contractor is soon going to be extinct.   Where there were many jobs for Government Contractors, with high clearances, there will be low paying jobs that only require a Secret Clearance.  This allows them to pay half of what they were paying the cleared employees and permits them to use foreign nationals to do the work, even they can get a Secret clearance.  This is despicable!  Our own government has turned on its' people. 

Congress is responsible for allowing this takeover.  

Impeach Congress!!!!! 

Impeach Congress

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#1. Don't you think you're mixing apples & oranges?

#2. Congress is responsible for actions of Bush & his accompanying adult, Cheney? Hello?

#3. Even the Congress was misled (at the start) by the deception & fear tactics used to INVADE Iraq. Now, they're supposed to immediately clean up years of abomination by the evil twins. As soon as they won the majority, I knew they'd be expected to perform a miracle.   


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Impeach for many reasons

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    Anne Cavanaugh
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Both Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney should be impeached for the miscalculated war in Iraq, outing a CIA Agent, and for misinterpretation of the laws with which they are bound by their office. They have undermined freedom in the U.S. and around the world. They do not possess the intelligence to understand or interpret the Constitution including the checks and balances of the American Government as originally intended. Congress is suffering from the same malady. Beyond being ashamed of the American government and the corporations/media who prop up those organizations, I am horrified at what we have become. We are a greedy and stupid nation. We are a nation who has been given every known opportunity to lead the world toward global stability, be it through scientific knowledge, financial resources, etc... Instead we have moved in the other direction becoming more greedy in such a way as to create the demise of our civilization. Why are so many people proud of the jobs they participate in to "dumb down" the American public, specifically the politicians, the religious leaders and the media. Our intellectual values have strayed for many years and the steach of garbage has polluted our minds. Websters must now change the definition of Authenticity to mean Hypocricy. Do leaders of any kind really believe that Americans will stand for this indefinitely. Given what the pharmaceutical companies have done, many American citizens may be highly drugged and beleive they are living the good life? After all, what human being young or old would be able remain conscious if they took even a small portion of the drugs as advertised in America. People can take only so many lies, drugs, and political/religious hypocrites. They will eventually wake up from the haze of pollution and fuzzy minds. Maybe we should be thanking Bush for not being a reader, a leader, curious, or even a American service man. Bush and Cheney's lack of character and depth is obvious to everyman, even those with the most limited access to information. America has to change because of Bush and Cheney. It really isn't a matter of choice, it's a matter of survival.


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    Jim McCombe
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As long as you are going to Impeach, might as well include the other crooks such as Cheney and Condi Rice and make it a clean sweep.


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Yes Condi HAS TO be included. I don't know what I would do if she became more powerful


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we must impeach cheney as well as bush. although it would be acceptable to start with one and then impeach the other. you can't impeach one without the other, well yes you can and it would still be a good thing but it will not benefit the world or country to have either of these criminals in office.


Impeach them all

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Agreed, let's have a clean sweep, Bush, Cheney, and Rice.


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A mind once expanded can never return to its original dimensions.

Anne Hathaway: 1556-1623

The greatest derangement of the mind is to believe in something because one wishes it to be so.

Louis Pasteur


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Condi, Alberto, et. al., are political apointees and not subject to impeachment. They would be replaced by whoever replaced Bush as President.

ANY government official

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    Bill Harding
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ANY government official (Federal or State) can be impeached, regardless of whether they were elected or appointed. You, like many others, have confused the term "impeachment" with removal from office -- they are not the same.

At the federal level, impeachment is an indictment of "high crimes and misdemeanors" by the House of Representatives. Only the Senate can hold a trial based on the charges presented by the House, and take removal action. Civil courts may also try individuals based on evidence gathered by the House during the investigation process leading to impeachment.

The Constitution grants to the House the power to impeach "The President, the Vice President, and all civil Officers of the United States."

See: Wikipedia link

Columbia County, NY Locals Call For Impeachment

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Hi Dudes & Dudettes,

This is what we are doing in rural Columbia County NY. Pass it on.

For Immediate Release Contact: Leslie Gabriel 518 697 0463
March 20, 2007

Requesting National Accountability
Columbia County Citizens Call For Presidential & Vice Presidential Impeachment

At the next Hillsdale Town Board Meeting, @ 7PM, Tuesday, March 20th, a group of Hillsdale residents are launching The Columbia County Citizens For Impeachment.

The group will be requesting that the Hillsdale Town Board pass a resolution for the impeachment of George W Bush and Richard (Dick) Cheney.

According to Leslie Gabriel, one of the groups organizers, "there comes a time when we must take personal responsibility in the direction of our country."

"There has been a vaccuum of accountability on a national level, which has led to a draining of our local, county, state and national resources as well as a variety of destructive, anti-american and anti-constitutional acts to be taken by the executive branch of our federal government." And its high time that local towns hold our federal employees accountable for their actions," Mr. Gabriel added.

Some of the high crimes and misdemeanors the group will highlight are:

Bush and Cheney team deliberately misled Congress and the American public about the rationale for invading Iraq.

Bush and Cheney authorized the NSA to conduct illegal wiretaps on American citizens.

Bush and Cheney have set up a system of prisons around the world where prisoners can be tortured.

According to our Constitution, International Treaties are part of the "Supreme Law of the Land". They are not something that can be ignored when they are inconvenient. Bush and Cheney's violations of the UN Charter and the Nuremberg Charter are, therefore, impeachable offenses.

The group is interested in passing impeachment resolutions throughout Columbia County. By publicly start the debate within Columbia County they envision citizens from other towns in the county will take up this cause as their own - resulting in resolutions being proposed and passed throughout Columbia County and then the rest of the state.

Fighting For Our Water & Our Democracy,
Leslie Gabriel

Thank you Dennis!

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    Kerry won
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Once again, Dennis proves that he is the one leader America can believe in.

The only bad part about impeaching Bush and Cheney is that pro-war Pelosi winds up as President. We need Dennis in the White House.


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She mmay be pro-war, but at least she isn't filled with illusions of grandeur! She knows enough to do what's right. She is also a representative of the people, not her own interests as is Bush/Cheney! I would rather have her in office than those two. I would rather have damned near anyone in office than those two. And I voted for them.....sigh.


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Pelosi is a great disappointment. If congress can impeach a president for sexual misconduct, then why the hell can't we impeach this administration for war crimes?

I find Pelosi to be disingenuous in saying that impeachment would be detrimental to the "presidential position", attributing a weakening of
public confidence because of such action. Bah.

I would probably tolerate Nancy as President -- temporarily -- maybe, but I want to get Kucinich elected and installed in office as soon as possible!

Moral of the story is

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marlene keller

If you vote for repubicans you are committing an anti american act. The people need to figure out that every time repubicans are in office or a majority in Congress we, the people, suffer. We suffer at the least economic hardship but in the extreme we suffer the Dick Nixons and the Bush/Cheneys which threaten our country's survival and the futures of ourselves, our children, and grandchildren & on down the line. If we don't vote in Democrats we are setting our descendants up for lives of abject poverty and servitude to the descendants of the faction of evil we see now in power through illegal, unethical, and immoral acts. Under Reagan and Bush we suffered a dozen years of recession waiting for the money to "trickle down" as promised by Reagan and for that thousand points of light promised by Bush to bail us out of the unemployment lines that curled around the block for years. Take a look at the Vietnam Memorial wall and check out the war in Iraq with one planned for Iran just around the corner. Do you want your child's name on a memorial wall for a pointless needless war started for no reason except to fatten the wallets of the Bushs and Cheneys and Rices of the world whose agenda is to steal the oil -- not for our country but for themselves to profit from? Do not vote for a republican -- ever. They've proved themselves over and over again to be selfish pigs who worship at an altar of their own insatiable greed and power lust and who are evil to the bone.


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I'm sure you mean delusional...

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"She knows enough to do what's right"...........Are you SERIOUS? So far all she's done is intimidate other Democrats to keep impeachment off the table, strike the Lee amendment, etc.

I'm sorry for yelling at you (through the tube--Hahaha) but you ARE naive if you think Pelosi is "doing what's right".  Peace be with you!

Whoa, that took hutzpa to admit, after all this

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mess these guys have done and are continueing to do, I respect your admission and silent apology to America for being duped too.

That's the type of leader we wanted too.  One that would admit a wrong and change the course when noted by the American people.

Impeach Now, power to the people.



Impeachment Commission

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    Michael Daly
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Iran is not the only reason to consider impeachment.
Ignoring the laws of the land, spying on U.S. citizens using wire taps with out the courts supervision is illegal.
Escalation and redirecting the war effort from Afganistan to Iraq was a tragic mistake.

The House should begin the impeachment process, the Senate should render a fair judgement based on the facts presented.

Fair Judgement

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These are Politicians that you are talking about.  In politics judgement is anything but fair.  The only reason that the actions are not on partisian lines is that there is a mountain of crap rising to the surface of the cess pool. 

The corruption is so thick that the rats are abandoning the Bush/Cheney raft that is going down stream.  Impeachment would put all this on TV with a high amount of interrest and veiwing by a broard sampling of the voting public.  The required votes will come only if it is a matter of survival from these republican and democratic obstructionist.

The Corporations are souless entities with no concience.  They have unfathomable amounts of cash to distribute and bribe their way to getting whatever they want.  Some is donated on record to various warchests and some just ends up as cold cash in the freezers of our lawmakers.  The Corporations will pay off whoever has a vote or action for sale. 

The big question is " In America is everything really for sale?'  Shouldn't some things be held sacred.   It would be nice if at least half of the people who take an oath to protect the Constitution against all enimies both foreign and domestic would actually not disavow it and support things like the Patriot Act or the Military Commissions Act, but it pays better to support facist ideology.

This is a great step

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This is a great step forward, and everyone should demonstrate support for Dennis to move further and to persuade all members in the U.S. House to support articles of impeachment.
As you probably know already, 6 states -- California, Illinois, Minnesota, New Mexico, Vermont and Washington --- have introduced a Resolution to Impeach Bush-Cheney. New Jersey will be the 7th state in the growing list of states beginning to respond to the will of the people.
The Garden State offers the best chance for success in passing its resolution all the way through its legislature, which will then invoke Jefferson's Rule 603 and bring huge pressure to congress to get off its ass and do what the people want and the country needs.
New Jersey's General Assembly Assistant State Majority Leader wrote a draft Resolution to Impeach. We ask you to help us make it happen before Bush attacks Iran. You don't have to live in New Jersey to make history there. We have all the tools you need to act effectively in bringing impeachment to reality, at our site
This is not a pipe dream. It can really happen, and we can stop the Bush gang from doing more harm to our country and our world. Help us out! We can make history sooner rather than later, and we can save our country too. The number of Americans who disapprove Bush are in the majority by a landslide, and Americans won't be fooled again. Help us now. Thanks.
Statement of Purpose
Resolution to Impeach


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All of the above, but better impeach Cheney first, or it won't do any good.

Impeach Now!

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    Michael D. Morrissey
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Throw the bums out now!

"Throw the bums out"

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    Lee Dee
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It would be best for the United States of America, were we able to "throw the bums out." Unfortunately we have become a nation where loyalty to a political party takes precedence over loyalty to our country. The priorities of our representatives in the Congress do not represent the will of the people in most cases - they represent their leader (in Germany, once called "fuhrer".) Conviction for impeachment requires a concurrent vote of two-thirds of the U.S.Senators (Article I, Section 3, of the Constitution. That will never happen with the crop of ideologues in the current Senate.

Impeachment ...

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With articles of impeachment evidence will be put forth--spelled out for the public beyond bloggoland--and that's a good thing. Then, depending on the effect of the evidence(AND IT'S VOLUMINOUS)--maybe two-thirds WOULD CONVICT!

Snowballs Chance

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If Democrats and Progressives can not even get legislation passed to stop funding on the existing Iraq war, there is a snowballs chance in Hell that impeachment will be successful. I agree that Bush should go. But what then? Is Cheney any better?


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    Peter Christian
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The Constitution's impeachment clause allows for the impeachment of BOTH the President and the Vice President. In the current case, Cheney is just as guilty as Bush and should be impeached at the same time. We cannot allow the obvious fact that Cheney would be a horrible president deter us from removing Bush. IMPEACH THEM BOTH!

Snow balls chances

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Hey! what with the global climate change snow balls may have a chance!

Lets try the Shrub and the Shooter for war crimes at the International Criminal Court instead

or impeach both and then try them for war crimes.

Impeach Cheney and Bush

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I am strongly convinced impeachment is the constitutional and patriotic thing to do, the only question is how to impeach them and successfully vote them out. What is the best way to ensure enough of the timid and the fascists in congress will vote to impeach?
If congress will not even re-claim their constitutional responsibility to the people to decide whether to invade Iran, we need more ways and energy to convince and motivate congress of the necessity for removing our disasters in chief. Keep the groundswell growing!