Kaiser Poll Shows Solid Support for Health Reform

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    Bob Fertik
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Despite all the negativity in the Corporate Media (I'm looking at you, Greg Sargent), a brand new Kaiser poll shows support for health care reform is strong and steady, despite a month of vicious attacks by GOP leaders, rightwing talkers, industry scare ads, and townhellers.

The core Democratic proposal - a "public option" - is supported by a solid 59%-38% (21%) majority. A simpler idea that Rep. Anthony Weiner frequently discussed - allowing people 55-64 to join Medicare - is enormously popular, polling at 75-22 (+53).

And support for a national health plan - like Canada, UK, and every other industrialized country - is dead even despite the complete demonization of "socialized medicine" in Washington DC and on Morning Joe. Imagine if we had a real debate on single-payer Medicare for all, which has the support of 87 progressive House members despite the demonization?

  Aug 09 July 09
Creating a government-administered public health insurance option
similar to Medicare to compete with private health insurance plans
Expanding Medicare to cover people between the ages of 55 and 64
who do not have health insurance   
Having a national health plan – or single-payer plan – in which all
Americans would get their insurance from a single government plan

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support healthcare reform

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Bob, thank you for posting this. Of course, this poll only represents a certain set of people but it is a good indication that people want healthcare reform. A majority of voters elected President Obama because they want change. This doesn't mean we want to change the nature of our government. It means we elected a person who can help this country change the way our government interacts with private industry.

The last eight years private industry has gained more and more power. For the last 40 years our medical system has become worse and worse. With no oversight on insurance companies we have allowed the whole medical system to get way out of hand by allowing them to take over medical benefits decisions such as preexisting conditions and age caps. The people seen shouting down others in these town hall meetings are being used by these insurance lobbyists to press their agenda to keep control in the medical system.

Loss of employment is a big reason to want the healthcare reforms in place. If there are people out there with jobs they've had for many years, then I would say they are very lucky people because they probably have healthcare benefits. But if there are more people out there with job losses and expensive medical benefts, then those benefits will not be had for long because they are so unaffordable.

There is a large void in the system regarding job loss and people with their own homes and assets. These people have no way of getting into the State provided medicaid system because they do have these so-called assets. They have to lose everything in order to qualify for any medical care.

That is only one example of problems with our medical system. There are many more.

Americans have always been suspicious of government as well they should be. Our country was established with major documents based on the idea we should be suspicious of government. But we also should be educated in the facts of the issues before we become overly suspicious and let our country down in that process.

Wrong question

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And this is a major concern I have with single-payer advocates. Drop the "single-payer" language completely from your literature in place of "Medicare for All."

How much you want to bet that similar numbers if not greater would be shown if the question were framed just as the 55-64 question only instead said:

"Expanding Medicare to cover all Americans"