• Election Reform

    Election Reform is part of our DNA because we started in 2000 - the year George Bush stole the White House from Al Gore. We organized nationwide protests to "Count Every Vote" in Florida, and later protested Bush's inauguration. Our top priority is to reverse the Supreme Court's outrageous ruling in "Citizens United v. FEC" that corporations can spend unlimited amounts to buy elections.

  • FOX News

    FOX isn't "news," it's propaganda created by Australian billionaire Rupert Murdoch to promote his right-wing agenda. FOX News tries to divide Americans by smearing blacks, latinos, muslims, gays, liberals, and Democrats. FOX News openly supports the Republican Party, including a $1 million donation in 2010. Its host Glenn Beck also hijacked the Tea Party to push the GOP to the extreme right....

  • Politics was created in 2000 as the home of the "Aggressive Progressives." We led the fight against George W. Bush every single day for 8 full years, including Impeachment. We now push Democrats to enact the progressive changes we elected them for, while energetically opposing rightwing Republicans and the Corporate Media.

  • Social Security

    Since it was created by President Franklin Roosevelt and the Democrats during the New Deal, Social Security has ensured that our seniors retain their dignity - and stay out of poverty - in old age. Republicans opposed it from the beginning, and now want to turn it over to greedy Wall Street bankers. We will not let Republicans privatize or cut Social Security.

  • War/Peace

    The dismal history of War proves War is evil, and only justifiable as the last possible resort. opposed George Bush's conquests of Afghanistan and Iraq, and we oppose their occupations under Barack Obama. We support serious negotiations among all parties to resolve the divisive issues in the Middle East, and we support global disarmament negotiations aimed at ending all Wars.