Iran War Lies

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    Bob Fertik
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Here are the many lies about Iran by the White House and the rightwing media. Help us make this page complete by posting other lies (with links if possible).

2/07Iranians or Iranian "trained" insurgents killed five American soldiers in Karbala

Nick Burns, FOX

Iraqi generals?
unamed "official" souces...
2/07US has proof Iranians are arming Shiite fighters in Iraq to attack USBush, Khalizad, FOX Proof promised by Bush repeatedly delayed
British Find No Evidence of Arms Traffic from Iran - WaPo 10-03-06
Scant evidence found of Iran-Iraq arms link - LA Times 01-23-07
Iran is “not likely to be a major driver of violence or the prospects for stability" - NIE Report 02-02-07
1/26N Korea helping Iran with nuclear testingUK Telegraph - unamed EU Minister N. Korea denies - CNN 01-27-06
N Korea uses plutonium, Iran uses uranium
1/26Group Claims Iran Has Agents in Iraq AP - National Council of Resistance No basis - anonymous sources and a new "Iranian front group"
1/22Iran bars 38 IAEA nuclear inspectorsAP, ReutersUN nuclear watchdog disputes claim that Iran barred inspectors - Raw Story 01-22-07
1/07Iranians are supplying Iraqis with truck-mounted Katyusha rockets, armor-piercing rocket-propelled grenades and armor-piercing roadside bombs

FAIR has compiled a searing analysis of the MSM network TV hyping of the Bush Cabal's bogus claims - see "Won't Get Fooled Again?".


Good Job Bob Fertik a Total Farce

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    Dan Dent
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Cheney and company are delusional about the effect that
our troops are having on a City of 8 million people.
WE all need to stand together and agree that
our Nation has little if any impact on 1.2 billion Muslims
other than to scatter the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Strange the Bush

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Strange the Bush administration NOW wants to refer to article 51 of the UN charter to justify attacking Iran. I don't remember anyone from the administration saying that BEFORE attacking Iraq.

So now we are going to ues the very excuse the Israelis use "self-defense" even though you are occupying rival soil?

I love this quote "Everybody knows Iran is meddling" and the US is not???

US officials have said the investigation is weighing whether the attack, by men dressed in uniforms like those of US troops, was the work of Iranians, or Iraqis trained by Iranians.

Maybe the Pentagon should stop selling military equipment to Iran - oh yeah, we JUST have stopped a large shipment of surplus airplane parts.

"They want the federal government controlling Social Security

like it's some kind of federal program."

- George W. Bush in a debate in St. Charles, Mo., Nov. 2, 2000

The real issue on Iran

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There is no need to dispute what we know about weapons from Iran in Iraq and it is politics as usual to make that the issue:

* Hezbollah is a Shia terrorist organization that takes its orders from Iran. Its policy is the destruction of Israel and the US. They are funded by Iran. They kill. They commit acts of terrorism around the globe.

* Iran has denied Israel's right to exist, the holocaust and stated that they intend to destroy Israel.

* Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapon (their protestations of piety and love notwithstanding) which will eventually kill more US citizens in a single day than all of the coalition forces that have died or will die in Iraq, and will cost more dollars that 911 and Iraq put together - all in a single day.

We will be at war with Iran sooner or later. It sooner, than it will be while we have the advantage. If later, then after their first strike - which will be a deep one.

Not a single Democrat that I have heard has any appreciation of the dire situation that the Russia-Iran-PRK-Chavez alliance that is brewing poses for the West.

So prattle on about the weapons issue, but know this... Iran will not forsake its ambition to destroy Israel regardless of the money we throw at them.

Bill Ross

And you base all of these

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    Bill Harding
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And you base all of these dire predictions on...? You wouldn't happen to have any facts at your disposal would you? Neither the UN nor the US has any factual "proof" of these overly broad accusations, so you must be very special. ALL Arab nations, Sunni and Shia alike, (especially the Saudis) would like to see Israel pack up and leave, but it ain't gonna happen.

War is never inevitable! As long as the PNAC neocon-Republicans are guiding US Policy, however, war is an expedient way for them to bypass sincere efforts at diplomacy, and to make a few bucks in the process. The neocons in the Israeli government need to be replaced with diplomats and peacemakers as well.

As for your very own axis-of-evil (Russia, Iran, PRK, Chavez), you sound more like an "I drank the KoolAid" PNAC Republican than an "Independent" (whatever that is). I guess you're about to wet yourself in anticipation of the "New American Century" Pax Americana that the AEI and the PPI are promoting.

Did it ever occur to you that people around the world are justifiably pissed off at the arrogance and saber-rattling of the current cabal of criminals in charge? Gunboat diplomacy has never worked, and it never will -- as much as you and your chickenhawk idols would love to believe that it might.

War does NOT feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, nor educate the ignorant. All war actually does, is breed future generations of hate-filled survivors.

To norisk: Iran gave Bush a peace offer Bush refused peace.

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Bush had an opportunity to have good relations with Iran when moderates were in charge. He refused peace. He wants WW3! Halliburton has given Iran the centrifuges to make nuclear weapons. The US sells weapons to Iran.

Re Norisk troll

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    Scott McClintock
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Setting aside the dubiousness (Dubya-ness) of the evidence that the Iranian state is carrying out a policy of supplying shaped charges munitions to the insurgency in Iraq, it is highly hypocritical of the U.S. to be using this as the rationale for attacking Iran.

During the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq War, during which the U.S. helped to build Iraq's military into a force capable of creating over a million casualties in Iran, the U.S. provided far more lethal weapons of death to Iraq to be used against Iran than a few anti-tank munitions.

The most egregious of these were chemical and biological agents sent by private U.S. companies and the Center for Disease Control. While Iraq did not actually deploy biological weapons in a program which the U.S., in part, helped Iraq develop, it did use mustard gas attacks on both Iranian soldiers and non-combatants, resulting in 100,000 military casualties and around 13,000 civilian casualties. The CIA provided satellite imagery to assist Iraq in launching these attacks, which make Iran the country which has suffered the largest scale chemical weapons attacks ever.

And that's not to mention direct acts of war by U.S. forces against Iran in the Gulf during the 1980-88 war, and also not to mention the "accidental" shooting down of the civilian airliner by the aircraft carrier Vincennes while it was carrying out decoy operations against Iranian speedboats in the Gulf, seeking to lure them out of Iranian territorial waters so it could attack them.

And this is of course only a partial list of acts of war the U.S. carried out against a country it was not in an officially declared war with.

Noris, as for your completely stupid claim that Iran is ever likely to pose the kind of direct threat to the U.S. which is the only "imminent threat" that would justify a military action by the U.S. against Iran, it is so laughably ignorant that I can hardly believe it. There is no one in the intelligence community who a)thinks Iran is likely to have the capacity to develop a nuclear weapon in less than ten years, even if that's what they're trying to do, which hasn't been demonstrated conclusively yet; and b)even if they do develop a nuclear weapon, they will still not have an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of getting it anywhere near the U.S.

You're really a fool.

Lies exposed

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This is an article that also tries to expose lies told by the media regarding Iran.

1/26 Group Claims Iran Has Agents in Iraq

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1/26 Group Claims Iran Has Agents in Iraq AP - National Council of Resistance No basis - anonymous sources and a new "Iranian front group"

NCR Iranian opposition group in Paris.

The council is the political wing of the People's Mujahedeen of Iran, deemed a terrorist organization by the United States.

Using a terrorist group to support the claim that Iran is backing insurgency in Iraq !!! ???

Sounds like something out of "The Rendon or The Lincoln Group/s - paid propaganda.