It's Time to Poll on Impeachment


To: ABC, AP, ARG, Bloomberg, CBS, CNN, Edison, Field, FOX, Gallup, Harris, LA Times, Marist, NBC, NY Times, Newsweek, Pew, Quinnipiac, Rasmussen, SurveyUSA, USA Today, Wall St. Journal, Washington Post, Zogby

Millions of Americans have been talking about impeachment since George Bush invaded Iraq in 2003 on what we all believed to be lies. Our belief was confirmed first by the post-invasion failure to find WMD's, and then by the 2005 publication of the Downing Street Memos, which proved the "intelligence and facts were fixed around the policy" of invading Iraq. We then created a powerful grassroots movement that worked closely with Congressional Democrats to hold dozens of hearings on Capitol Hill and around the country on pre-war lies and the need for impeachment.

Despite this strong grassroots impeachment movement, extraordinarily few polls have asked voters whether they support impeachment. Most of those polls have found majorities or pluralities for impeachment:

Many prominent Americans have called for impeachment. A dozen excellent books have been written by experts like Elizabeth Holtzman and John Dean. It even became a headline issue during the 2006 campaign, when Republicans urged voters to vote against Democrats to keep them from impeaching Bush. But when we ask pollsters why you don't conduct more polls, you tell us impeachment isn't a "serious" issue in Washington DC.

On April 24, 2007, Rep. Dennis Kucinich became the first Member of Congress to introduce Articles of Impeachment for Vice President Cheney. On April 25, prominent Americans gathered in front of the Capitol to support the impeachment of Bush and Cheney. Impeachment is now officially a "serious" issue in Washington DC.

Therefore it is time for all responsible polling organizations to include impeachment questions in your regular polls. Your continued failure to do so indicates your overwhelming bias towards Republicans and your contempt for the actual views of the American people.

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After the Downing Street Memos proved George Bush lied about Iraq's WMD's, began lobbying corporate media polling organizations to include impeachment questions in their polls.

For two years, those pollsters have contemptuously dismissed our requests. But now that Rep. Dennis Kucinich has introduced Articles of Impeachment for Dick Cheney, it is time for pollsters to include impeachment questions in every poll they take.

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Time to Impeach!

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It's great seeing Congress and the Senate acting on behalf of Americans. It's about time these people started taking action. Unlike the spin put on most movements presented by Congress, this better work!
Congress and the Senate must take action.
If nothing is done you will go down in history as the biggest bunch of do nothings ever to sit in the White house!

Thank god you are choosing to protect America against these war crimes that have been committed.

By taking action and making Impeachment happen Congress will help to fill the void created between the people and the government that has been created since President Capone's stoled the first election in 2000.

Impeach for America! Impeach for this great nation!

#uck Mr. Capone(Bush) and cheney for the lives they have taken unjustly through war.

America has never been about creating war, nor terror.

It's about time we have a president that preaches something other than fear!

It's about time!

Happy 420,

Matt Sherman


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It's time to take action. High crimes and misdemeanors have been committed by President Bush and Vice President Cheney. Their lies are morally unacceptable and the situation in Iraq is intolerable. Simple human decency demands an Impeachment. Thank you.

Impeachment Poll

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I thought that was a great idea..I just e-mailed MoveOne,org, and commented that it would give all members a way to express their thoughts on the subject.

Poll petition

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If you move the location of the "poll petition" higher up on the web page, you might get more folks to sign it.

Ask to Poll on Impeachment!

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That would allow an opportunity to try to win back disaffected members after their Iraq bill poll fiasco.

It would give a chance to prove their credibility by showing that they are independent of the Democratic leadership in Congress. 

It would give the impeachment movement access to's membership and sophisticated communication and mobilizing techniques.

Contact and ask them to poll on impeachment.

Suggested poll questions:

1) Do you wish Vice President Cheney were out of office? y/n

2) Do you wish President Bush were out of office? y/n

2) Do you believe articles of impeachment should be introduced in the House at this time?

a) against Cheney? y/n

b) against Bush? y/n

3) For those who answered "no" in question 2: If Nancy Pelosi were to allow impeachment "back on the table" would you support it? Y/N

4) Would your level of satisfaction with Speaker Pelosi increase or decrease if she placed impeachment back on the table? Increase/Decrease

Impeach, try, render and convict Bush and his handler Cheney

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For those who don't understand the name of the game I suggest The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Kline. Personally I consider America to be in the middle of a near (and probable) death experience. Hence I doubt if hanging those politically malignant moral maggots would save us this late in the game . . . but it would sure be satisfying to watch them twisting in the wind of justice.