Impeachment Cosponsors Wanted!

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    Bob Fertik
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FL19: Robert Wexler
CA06: Lynn Woolsey
CA09: Barbara Lee
NY22: Maurice Hinchey
WI02: Tammy Baldwin
CA17: Sam Farr
NY10: Ed Towns
WA07: Jim McDermott
MN05: Keith Ellison
TX18: Sheila Jackson-Lee
CA51: Bob Filner 


CA08: Cindy Sheehan
(indy v. Nancy Pelosi)
CA24: Mary Pallant
MA01: Bob Feuer
(primary John Olver)
NY08: Adam Sullivan
(primary Jerry Nadler)
WA06: Paul Richmond
(primary Norm Dicks)

Rep. Dennis Kucinich's Articles of Impeachment, H.Res. 1258, needs Cosponsors so we can pressure Speaker Pelosi and Judiciary Chairman John Conyers into starting impeachment hearings. (We will update the list on the right as we learn of new cosponsors.)

You can play a crucial role in persuading your Representative to be a cosponsor!

  1. Email your Representatives to support Kucinich's Articles of Impeachment
  2. Call your Rep. at 202-224-3121
  3. Call your favorite talk shows and tell everyone who supports impeachment to sign the petition at
  4. Login and click local to meet your neighbors and plan local lobbying actions:
    • organize a "Honk To Impeach" event
    • turn out and ask questions at community events your Representative will be attending
    • pass resolutions by Democratic clubs, local governments, unions, civic and veterans' groups, etc.
    • ask community leaders to speak out 

Of course most incumbent Democrats and all Republicans have turned a deaf ear to all of our lobbying. So we're also active in House races, encouraging Democratic challengers to endorse H.Res. 1258, and we are listing them above. (We also listed independent Cindy Sheehan because Speaker Pelosi abused the unique power as Speaker by declaring impeachment "off the table," even though it's not her table, but ours!)



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Pelosi will never let this happen.

How about one more unsubstanciated allegation

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Why don't we just throw an Oval Office blowjob allegation on the pile of criminal evidence for Impeachment. That should get some members of Congress to do their jobs. Then, when all is said and done we can let him off the hook for that, (if he's not guilty), and then hang him for the rest.

Feel Free to Respond to Me With Good Manners

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Please feel free to discuss with me in a calm and educated manner. Do not resort to name calling or threats. Be logical in your response I will read your response with an open mind.


Moderator's Note: This rabid, right-wing, lunatic's earlier remarks were unpublished in an attempt to comply with his wishes for us to be "logical."

Joey, you have gone as far as you can...

using Repugnant talking points. All the mishmash concerning the different intelligence organizations is as far off the truth as it could possibly be.

For example, the best that the FBI, CIA, and the NSA could offer was far different from the dreamscape info that Bush acted upon to begin his quest of world domination through stolen oil.

All of his major advisors formed their own intelligence group: The Iraq Study Group. They took existing intelligence and cooked it thoroughly to insure that the intelligence they took to the congress, the people of this country and the UN was the intelligence they wanted distributed.

It was this 'cooked' intelligence that the Congress was briefed on. Many of the IWR supporters believed that info--thats why they voted for the IWR...that and an attempt to get inspectors back on the ground in Iraq. Bush took one long look at the growth of protests across the US and around the world...and jumped immediately into 'Operation Iraqi Liberation.' OIL in other words. He could not wait.

Five years later, the 'cakewalk' has bitten us badly on the behind.

A mind once expanded can never return to its original dimensions.

Anne Hathaway: 1556-1623


The greatest derangement of the mind is to believe in something because one wishes it to be so.


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...did you find the strength to respond grinch?

I'm not sure when folks will realize that even when there are potential threats, like Finland, Portugal, etc. there remains the question of whether a War would be worth the gain?

We all knew this was crap from the start, AND it left our troops exposed in Afghanistan with a loss of Bin Laden and a rapid return to peace and economic power.

Not really a problem, kindergarten goes...

24/7/365 as you know.

It is not the congress making the is BushCo with his over 1000 signing statements, his executive orders giving him dictatorial powers, and his to date--sparing use of veto power. The last may be limited as his last year winds down.

Can't really respond to Pressley's post since it no longer exists...but its worth a try to get the word to him.

A mind once expanded can never return to its original dimensions.

Anne Hathaway: 1556-1623


The greatest derangement of the mind is to believe in something because one wishes it to be so.


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Hi Grinch,
I believe Congress is as much to blame for our loss of the Constitution and going to war with Iraq as Bush, Cheney, and Rice and even Colin Powell for his silence. They don't want to act for fear of not receiving moneys to run for election or in the case of Republicans fear of losing more of their representives in the House and Senate as this is an election year. And of course there is always the possibility that they may feel threatend for their lives since people that go against the wishes of the "Bilderberg's" have been payed back with the assination such as the Kennedy's and many others who didn't go along with the "program".
But I do believe that there could be action with an assault of emails and/or phone calls, protests as were held in the 60's over the Vietnam war, and even the horn honking to pressure them.
Nancy Polosi is one of the key players. Just as in football, if you attack the Quarterback you can win the game everytime. Does that make sense to you? Just an idea, since blog is mostly brain storming.

This is my first time at this so I hope you don't want to black ball me already. I will continue to speak my voice to whomever will listen and I will continue to sign petitions, write and call every representive in Congress as long as I have fingers and breath. I can't drive or walk to a demonstration, and can't honk my horn either as I have a cast on my foot; but my hands work and I can still talk and you can count on me to do my part to get this bill passed!

There's power in numbers!

Dennis Kucinich will succeed in Impeaching Bush and Dick....

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Because we (many of us) want those warmongers GONE. Because the world wants all war everywhere to end forever. Because I said so. Because God wants everybody to be happy. Because Mother Earth is behind this!

Mr. Kucinich has managed, in his 14 years in...

the House, to get ONE bill he has introduced passed. ONE! I don't know where his impeach Cheney bill is at the moment, except dead in committee. It may have attracted as many as 30 sponsors during it's brief lifetime.

Mother Earth is mostly inert. God obviously does not care for happiness or any other facet of human life. That much seems patently obvious.

War has a life of it's own. It is over when it is over. It is akin to plague, attack of the Cicadas and/or grasshoppers/or locusts.

A mind once expanded can never return to its original dimensions.

Anne Hathaway: 1556-1623


The greatest derangement of the mind is to believe in something because one wishes it to be so.

Open Letter to the House Judiciary Committee

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I just sent this email out to my mailing list.
Feel free to copy it as many times as you possibly can.
Modify it if you like, but get this going!
We need to inundate them with emails, phone calls, and letters.

The official designation of Dennis Kucinich's
Impeachment Resolution is: H Res 1258

The resolution is now in the hands of the House Judiciary Committee. Kucinch has said that if they do not hold hearings on it within 30 days, he will deliver _another_ set of Articles of Impeachment as another Privileged Resolution. The next set will number more than 35. Kucinich will again move that it be sent to the House Judiciary Committee. Then if they still fail to act for another 30 days, he'll do it again! If your pet peeve was somehow missed in the first set, it may be on the reserve list.

Dennis is not going to give up.
But he desperately needs our help.
We The People.
WE are the sovereigns here, remember?

I just wrote to the House Judiciary Committee,
and you can too, boys and girls!
Come on! It's Fun!
House Judiciary Committee:
Write your Representative:

Don't ask nicely. Don't ask at all. Don't say please. Demand it!

I wrote:

I am writing to demand that the Judiciary Committee hold hearings on H Res 1258 as soon as possible. I demand that you do your jobs. I demand that you uphold the law. I demand that you uphold the Constitution. I demand that you obey your oaths of office.

Political expedience is immaterial. George Bush has already publicly confessed serial felony violations of FISA. That alone is evidence enough to warrant an indictment. Does Bush have to murder his children on the floor of the House before you see any evidence of a crime?

Allowing a criminal to remain president is itself criminal. You have publicly been made aware that there is a large body of substantial evidence which supports the conclusion that crimes have been committed. Failure to act immediately on that information is a direct violation of your oaths of office.

Any questions?

Impeachment and Prosecution for Crimes of War

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    Philip Dennany
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Pelosi has chosen to ignore her Constitional duties in spite of her knowledge of the crimes of the Bush Administration, so she must also be charged for her complicity.

My attached comment - feel free to reuse / modify

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Some media outlets are calling impeachment "a waste of time".

If we do not hold this administration accountable for it's crimes, we
no longer have a working constitution. If the president does not have
to abide by the constitution, a document he swore an oath to uphold,
then who does have to abide by it? Everyone else? Having a
monarch/dictator/emperor was something the constitution was actively
trying to avoid. "Do as I say, not as I do" is alien, foreign to our

Without a working constitution, we have no working government. The
checks and balances defined in the constitution clearly specify the
powers of each branch of government. When too much power accumulates
in one branch, the others are supposed to curtail this by their very
existence and their jobs. The recent Supreme Court ruling that
restored Habeas Corpus is an example of this protection in action.
Congress failed us. The executive failed us. The Supreme Court barely
held on to a basic human right by one vote. The rights of the humans
on this planet hang by a thread and the current administration is
swinging a sword.

With a broken government, our very identity, the core of what makes
the United States of America great is damaged. We can no longer say
with a straight face "we stand up for the rights of mankind" when we
pick and choose whom to give these rights. It is especially important
to guard these rights in a time of conflict. It is too easy to go down
the path of self-righteousness and consider an enemy as "sub human"
and deny those rights. This attitude does nothing but breed more
hatred and more enemies. It must stop.

Please, restore accountability and human rights by supporting
impeachment. America is bleeding. It's time to start healing by
cleaning the wounds.

Accountability and the People's Mandate of 2006

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    David Ruch
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I promise that I will NOT vote for ANYONE who fails to act on the People's Mandate of 2006 - Accountability: impeach Bush, impeach Cheney, and deny retroactive immunity to the telecoms.

your declaration of independence

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I am working on a project that you might be interested in and could support the movement that is being undertaken. It is a series of public performances/reading of the declaration of independence, highlighting the similarities between the current and past King George.

First one is planned for July 4th in NYC. However, We continue to develop the performances at all times as an ethics education. Look on youtube for your declaration of independence. (make your own). Thanks.

Impeachment - A letter to my Congressman

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    James Murray
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Impeachment of a President is not a trivial decision. However, I have reasons why I think it is important for our country that this impeachment take place; and I take this opportunity to submit them for your consideration.

In the recent decision by the Supreme Court regarding trial for prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, one of the problems faced by the Justices was the lack of legal precedent for some of the principles which were part of the arguments presented. I am sure that this is not unique. It is undoubtedly one of the problems often faced by the Supreme Court in rendering judgments on constitutional issues that past precedents have not been set. Which means that setting such a precedent is part and parcel of the duties of the Supreme Court in trying such a case.

The activities of the executive office, reflected both in our deployment of troops in Asia and in dealing with prisoners of war, are in some ways an extension of past history.

Since World War II ended in 1945, the United States has faced the Cold War, the Drug War, the incidents in Panama, and many others. It has become almost routine for the United States to deploy troops to various sites - and this always with the advice and consent of Congress. But in no circumstance has the Congress actually put its foot down with a formal Declaration of War. I am of the opinion that this constitutes a rather lazy and disinterested attitude, a certain willingness to permit war to be waged without accepting the grave responsibilities of making the decision. Leave it to the President; but ask no questions.

The result has been that the Chief Executive has almost been granted the power to wage war at his own discretion, provided he can come up with some plausible rationale. The restrictions placed upon the Chief Executive are no longer adequate. The casual disregard of advise and consent has, in fact, become an American tradition!

The consequences of this evolution of principle, at the very least, has been the downgrading of the reputation of the United State around the world. A country which once fought such tyrannies as Nazism, Fascism, and Imperialism now proceeds to work its own will backed up by military force. The Chief Executive is not compelled to consider whether there are other more peaceful ways to deal with an issue.

I am of the opinion that this lax attitude with regard to the deployment of American troops abroad must come to an end. However, it will not come to an end if the incumbent President is permitted to leave office without any objection being made to his questionable methods.

A precedent must be set by the Congress. A precedent that will make it clear to future presidents that they are no longer at liberty to wage war at their discretion, to bypass consideration of other means to settle international problems, to waste our young manpower on the battlefield, or to further denigrate the international reputation of the United States Of America.

And please note that it is not my intent to hamstring the president in the execution of his duties to defend the United States and the Constitution according to his oath of office when she is truly threatened by invasion. But also note, please, that defending the United States and defending its “interests” abroad are not necessarily the same thing.

Further, the idea that the United States engages in war because it is good for business, or because it will save the economy must be stamped out now. Whether this idea is true or false is not the issue. The fact that many people, at home and abroad, believe this to be the case is an issue of vital importance to the United States.

For these reasons I am convinced that the thirty-five Articles of Impeachment (H.R 1258), now gathering dust for lack of action by the House Judiciary Committee must be brought before the House and acted upon.

We have six months in which to set a precedent for future presidents. If the Committee or the House of Representatives considers it best to be generous to the incumbent president, or for whatever other reason to avoid action on this Bill, presidents of the future will continue to act at their own discretion without firm action by the Congress. And I shudder to think of how grave the consequences might be.

This critical issue is now in the hands of the Congress. Please see to it that H.R. 1258 is brought before the House and voted upon. Even if the House votes against impeachment, the fact that our Congressmen took action will set the precedent and will induce future presidents to tread carefully where the deployment of American troops is concerned and to consider most carefully any reasons and/or alternatives for waging war on behalf of a free nation.

For whatever it is worth, this letter is the result of long years of consideration and worry about my country, and not something that I just came up with on the spur of the moment.

Thanking you, I remain

respectfully yours,

James Murray
515 N. Walnut St. #512
Murfreesboro,Tn 37130

Here's the letter I wrote to

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Here's the letter I wrote to my reps.

It is becoming increasingly obvious to those of you who have kept your heads buried in the sand about the questionable actions of the Bush administration for so long, that a time of change is upon us. The American people are coming together in previously unheard of effort to stop the current administration's attempts to use the Constitution as toilet paper and our people as cannon fodder in baseless wars of aggression. I love my country, and I believe a free America is the one thing we should NEVER have to question, like the air we breathe (Which the oil companies are working so hard to put in question as well). It is your job, your responsibility, and your Sworn Duty as a representative of the United States government, to hold the responsible parties, Bush and Cheney included, accountable for their actions, both immoral and illegal, during their times in office. I urge you to act now, impeach Bush and Cheney before they turn the focus of blame onto YOU, and disappear into the shadows with our lives and our freedom clenched tightly in their grip.

Thank you for your time,

P.S.: It's not hard, just do your job, it's what we pay you for..

Here! Here! I couldn't have

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Here! Here! I couldn't have said it better myself.

I told you we need to "" get rid of Congressperson Joe Sestak ""

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I told you over 9 months ago that sestak was not on our side. You stuck up for him. Now you see i was right. Pa congressperson joe sestak needs to go along with that fake john murtha from pa who both voted like a bush republican.

PS: I called his office many times too.. he doesn't even have signs in front of his office supporting Barack Obama on balitmore pike in media pa

The assault on the US

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The assault on the US Constitution and the resultant loss of civil liberties and habeas corpus in this country is something that every American should be horrified by. Our country is being turned into a despotic fascism, and a police state, where our government can throw us into a detainment camp at any time, and where we will have no rights whatsoever. No right to legal counsel, no right to habeas corpus, no rights at all. Our Constitution has been shredded to bits, and the current administration considers it "outdated" and valueless. This is the same Constitution that our forefathers fought and died for. And I for one am not going to condone it. Our government was intended to be "of the people, by the people, and FOR the people". Not of Bush, by Bush, and for Bush.

Our president has lied to us about almost everything: about 9/11, and about the reasons for attacking Iraq (non-existent WMD's), and he has signed policies into effect in secrecy from the American public and hidden from Congress. He has condoned the use of torture in American prisons. This administration has violated International Treaties, broken the Geneva Convention laws on the treatment of prisoners of war, and defied the United Nations, and has committed war crimes which are severely punishable crimes, and which are impeachable offenses. Almost 2,000,000 innocent civilian women and children have been massacred in Iraq on the basis of LIES. This is GENOCIDE. The same thing Hitler did! And now he wants to broaden his sweep of genocidal massacres to Iran and probably wherever else he can think of, in his mad craze for taking over the oil of the Middle East.

Our president has violated the law over 750 times by making "signing statements" in opposition and direct defiance to laws and statutes passed legally by our Congress, making our democratic process null and void. He has basically declared himself a dictator. We MUST stand up for the rights endowed to the citizens of this country, which are embodied in our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

Over the last 7 years, our country has turned into a place of division, conflict, injustice, and hatred. American people have been divided by racism, religious schisms, and intolerance. This is not the America we used to be so proud of. REAL Americans are compassionate, humane, tolerant of others' differences, and supportive of others' rights. We now have an unprecedented level of police brutality and hate crimes, children are being imprisoned in detainment camps, and our state prisons have been taken over by private prison corporations who are greedily making money hand over fist off the misery of the victims of the "War on Drugs".

Over 47 million people in this country have no access to health care. We have a president who thinks it is more important to build prisons than to let our children have health care, and who thinks it's ok for toddlers to be locked up in prisons. Our Social Security Administration is going down the drain. Our government has passed laws which say they can wiretap American citizens phones and emails without a court order. They can enter our homes without a warrant. They want to give us all Real ID's with barcodes and microchips so they can track us and even listen to our private conversations.

Exactly! What are we,

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Exactly! What are we, cattle?

dems in power don't work for us

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why is it that we elect people, hier them, to work for us and they never do their job? I vote in every election and still no one, no Democrat except M Landrieu, has done anything for LA. Other power people like Peliosi did not even help Gilda Read get elected, a good Dem, with a good chance of winning a seat with just a little help. Is it because she would fight for a state that is not popular with the status quo? what gives? If the Dems in power were doing their job they would have already booted the bastard BUSH out of office and done something to help LA, especially the New Orleans area after Katrina. Hard working, people like my brother, still living with me, need more help to get back into their homes.

The Time Is Now!

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I have forwarded the following script to my representatives. As I continue reading the threads here, I am reinvigorated to continue my efforts, even when I fill with disgust and frustration with our do-nothing Congress!
We must support Rep. Kucinich & Wexler in their efforts, as they truly are working for their constituents!
Speaker Pelosi appears to be complicit in the Bush dictatorship... she must be removed from her position as Speaker and then should lose her job in November!

Writing as an American Citizen and your employer, I respectfully insist you support Resolution 1258, bringing the Articles of Impeachment against President Bush and Vice President Cheney out of the House Judiciary Committee and to the full House floor for investigation. This should be a "no brainer" due to the facts surrounding the White House's audacious disregard of the U.S. Constitution and the Federal laws that have been violated!
The "incumbent" factor, so widely surmised as reason for inaction in this election year, is proof that our representation in Washington needs to change!
May I remind you the U.S. Citizen gives you the job, we can take it away, too!

My reply to my "blue dog" Congressman Norm Dicks's reply to me

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from Norm Dicks:

I appreciated the time you took to contact me regarding the proposals to initiate impeachment proceedings against President Bush and Vice President Cheney, and I would like to take this opportunity to provide my perspective in response.

For six years, the Republican-led Congress provided very little oversight of the Bush Administration. Countless questionable decisions made by various Executive Branch officials have gone largely unchallenged by the Legislative Branch, which is structured under our Constitution to provide an essential balance of power within our government.

With the election of a Democratic Congress in 2006, this period of lax congressional oversight has ended. During the first several months of this session of Congress, numerous congressional hearings have been conducted into irregularities and potentially illegal actions of members of the Bush Administration, exposing elements of corruption, improper secrecy, poor management and misuses of power. We have sought information from the Administration about its efforts to purge United States Attorneys for political reasons and to compel American telecommunications firms to break privacy laws, conducting espionage against U.S. citizens. In these and other inquiries, the Bush Administration has attempted to obstruct the process of providing information to congressional committees, resulting in contempt of Congress citations issued by committees in the House and Senate.

I do not consider this to be a partisan issue: the elected Representatives in Congress have a legitimate and essential oversight role in our system of government, and we have taken this responsibility very seriously. As the Chairman of the Interior and Environment Appropriations Subcommittee, I am proud that my subcommittee conducted substantially more oversight hearings this year than at any time in the last decade. A number of serious issues were explored at these hearings regarding the actions of the Environmental Protection Agency, the leadership at the Smithsonian Institution, improper levels of Forest Service funding and deficiencies in our National Parks. My subcommittee's most recent legislative initiative included steps to provide enhanced internal controls at these agencies and for more stringent reporting requirements. Other Democratic leaders have taken similar action on issues under their jurisdiction.

As you know, in 1998 the House of Representative impeached President Bill Clinton on two charges. Prior to consideration on the House floor of the articles of impeachment, no meaningful hearings were conducted, nor was the President allowed the opportunity offer evidence in his defense. I objected strongly to this process.

Recently, a privileged resolution was submitted to the House that would have immediately impeached President George W. Bush, sending several articles to the Senate to consider. If approved by that body, the articles would have led to the President's removal from office. As bad as the process was in 1998, this would have been worse. There would have been no House Committee consideration whatsoever, no evidence or testimony offered by either side, and no opportunity for the President to directly respond to any of these charges. For these reasons, I voted in favor of referring the resolution to the House Judiciary Committee so that there will be an opportunity for this very serious matter to proceed.

I appreciate the concerns you have raised. Please be assured that I will closely follow the progress of the impeachment resolution. And I will continue to work with my colleagues in Congress to assert the proper level of legislative branch oversight and direction of an Administration that has clearly gone awry.

Here's my reply and why I am voting for Paul Richmond:

Dear Congressman Dicks:

I would like to know how you could seriously consider that the immediate impeachment and removal from office of our current president, under any conditions, could possibly be worse than in 1998. Bill Clinton lied about sex. The list of George W. Bush's crimes is too numerous to list here. However, Dennis Kucinich listed them for you in his 35 articles of impeachment.

If, as you have written here, you truly would like there to "be an opportunity for this very serious matter to proceed", one could reasonably expect that you would have co-sponsored the impeachment resolution by now. A quick check a few minutes ago of the status shows that you have not done that so far. Why not?

Please allow me to direct you to an excerpt from an article that I believe applies here and obviously you are not aware of. It is by Robert L. Borosage, June 25, 2008, in The Huffington Post:

"According to the leading case on presidential powers, The Steel Seizure case -- Youngstown Sheet and Tube v Sawyer, 343 US 579 (1952), if Bush's extreme assertions of power are not challenged by the Congress, they end up not simply creating new law, they could end up rewriting the Constitution itself, altering the Constitutional division of powers by establishing the president's claims as constitutional powers that the Congress or the Courts may not infringe.

What the Court said in Youngstown is that if presidents assert a prerogative -- like the power to make war without a congressional declaration -- systematically, with unbroken regularity, with the knowledge of the Congress and are never questioned -- then that practice becomes a Constitutional power that cannot be infringed upon by the Congress or the Courts."

Your continued inaction after being made aware of 35 well-documented articles of "Bush's extreme assertions of power", is endangering the whole basis for our government and I do not take it lightly, nor do I accept your lame excuses for not obeying your sworn oath.

Very sincerely
Andrea Radich

Rep. Dennis Kucinich's automated phone call to me

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I just received an automated phone call from Rep. Kucinich that asked, "if I want to impeach President Bush, press one". I have a device on my phone that hangs up on automated phone calls, so poor Dennis could barely say one sentence before the phone hung up! I would have gladly pressed the right phone button to say "yes" for this cause!

I've already received a letter from Sam Farr saying he is an advocate of this idea sometime at the end of June. I'm been away for part of this month and I didn't know how far along this idea has evolved. I'm quite excited to see the people on this website seemed to have gained strength in numbers about impeachment. But there is a long way to go yet.

I haven't been looking at this website for quite awhile, maybe a year has gone by since I've read anything here. Before that I was reading this website for several years earlier.

I've changed from a Senator Clinton supporter to a Barack Obama for President supporter in this time period. But everything else is quite stressful and draining, when not a day goes by that another dismal event is taking place in the economy, the stock market continues to crash downward, banks close down and the feds are watching 90 of them, foreclosures, the war, it goes on and on. My daughter just informed me her school loan has turned into a giant payment of $200 even though she only owes several thousand on it.

About a month ago, another person in our neighborhood left their house during the night. By morning the house was empty. Our small town laments the couple of hundred houses that are empty and in danger of vandalism.

The story of America has become a dismal one. What more reasons do we need before we start impeachment proceedings? It's all outrageous!

welcome back!

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    Bob Fertik
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together we're all having an impact - congratulations on having a stand-up Representative :)

Thanks, Bob! Yes, I believe

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Thanks, Bob!

Yes, I believe that we all have an impact as a group. Sam Farr is a great guy!