How History Will View Bush

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By Bob Fertik and David Swanson

As George Bush prepares to leave office, he and his aides are trying desperately to rewrite history, especially on Iraq. Nearly six years after invading Iraq on the basis of lies that were manufactured inside the White House, the Bush Administration adamantly insists the lies were all innocent mistakes. Were they?

Originally, the invasion of Iraq was justified primarily on grounds that Iraq had substantial quantities of chemical and biological weapons and had "reconstituted" its nuclear weapons development program, and that it could give terrorists "weapons of mass destruction."

But there was no actual evidence Iraq had such weapons, and the White House knew it.

In 1995, Saddam Hussein's son-in-law Hussein Kamel informed U.S. and British intelligence officers that all Iraqi biological, chemical, missile, and nuclear weapons had been destroyed under his direct supervision. After U.N. inspectors left Iraq in 1998, Scott Ritter wrote, "The chemical, biological, nuclear, and long-ranged missile programs that were a real threat in 1991, had by 1998 been destroyed or rendered harmless." Ritter's conclusion was confirmed by the DIA in September 2002: "A substantial amount of Iraq's chemical warfare agents, precursors, munitions and production equipment were destroyed between 1991 and 1998 … [T]here is no reliable information on whether Iraq is producing and stockpiling chemical weapons."

In September 2002, CIA Director George Tenet personally told President Bush that Iraq's Foreign Minister Naji Sabri - whom the CIA had recruited and persuaded to remain in place - said Iraq had no WMD. That fall, the CIA sent Iraqi-Americans to visit Iraqi weapons scientists, and they reported all weapons programs had ended. In January 2003, Iraq's intelligence chief Tahir Jalil Habbush told British intelligence the same thing.

Thus the evidence against Iraq's possession of WMD's was overwhelming. What was the evidence for WMD's?

The source for biological weapons was the German informant "Curveball," whose interrogators informed the Bush Administration that Curveball was not "psychologically stable," was a heavy drinker, had had a mental breakdown, was "crazy," and was "probably a fabricator."

One source for nuclear weapons was a letter about an attempted Iraqi purchase of uranium from Niger that was given to the CIA in Rome in 2001, but the CIA quickly rejected it as a forgery. Ambassador Joe Wilson visited Niger in early 2002 and further discredited the claim of an Iraqi uranium purchase. The other source was the capture of aluminum tubes in Jordan in 2001, which Bush administration hardliners claimed were intended for uranium-enriching centrifuges. But experts in the Energy and State Departments insisted the tubes were for conventional battlefield rocket launchers.

Thus the weight of evidence was solidly against Iraq WMD's; the evidence for WMD's lacked credibility. So who is responsible for the lies - the intelligence agencies or the White House?

In June 2008, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence blamed the White House and said the statements about WMD's made by Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld were not substantiated by evidence. According to Chairman Jay Rockefeller, "In making the case for war, the Administration repeatedly presented intelligence as fact when in reality it was unsubstantiated, contradicted, or even non-existent."

Moreover, the White House directly pressured intelligence agencies to twist the evidence. Cheney made several visits to the CIA to pressure analysts. Numerous intelligence officials have testified about White House pressure, including Robin Raphel and David Dunford of the State Department, Richard Kerr and Paul Pillar of the CIA, and former national security official Kenneth Pollack.

The elaborate White House scheme to manufacture WMD lies was best summarized by Sir Richard Dearlove, the head of Britain's MI6, upon his return from meeting with CIA director George Tenet in Washington in July 2002. According to minutes of Prime Minister Blair's cabinet meeting on July 23, Dearlove reported "Military action was now seen as inevitable. Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy."

The invasion of Iraq was a catastrophe of historic proportions. George Bush and senior White House officials may never admit they deliberately lied about Iraq's weapons, but history has already concluded otherwise.


Bob Fertik is president of David Swanson is Washington Director of


Bush's legacy

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I beleive that the office of the Presidency deserves a great deal of respect. I also beleive that the person occuping that office should have to earn the respect and maintain a healthy level by his/her performance in that position. This is where I seperate my beleifs from those who beleive that respect is part of the position. I haven't found anything in print that gaurantees respect to anyone, especially the current president.
The same senerio for Nancy Pelosi. I have little or no respect for her in the role of Speaker of the House. Even more as possible evidence of her Knowledge of some of the president's illegal actions, and her not doing anything, and she chose to keep her knowledge secert.
If we as a democratic party are challanging our leadership to honesty and trust, Nancy Pelosi would be a good place to begin.
I beleive if the rumors are true about her knowlege of, and supression of that knowledge, that explains a great deal about her refusal to seek criminal action on GWB and his adminstration. I beleive we have a right to know the real facts.


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This is the person who got into this mess War, his secret energy policy etc. It looks like The VP is doing his best to CYHA !!! If Holder doesn't go after to these thugs we will have lost more than face our whole Justice system is broke down..No Sense in trying this under the current cronies But if Holder doesn't we are in deep Kim-chee...

Xpand a tad

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It had to be the VP getting us in to this mess CHIMP BUSH is just 2 stupid 2 have engendered this stuff.. I know this has to be a "ROVE/CHENIE" mess.. an we sure have one this will be the Hoover/Bush Administration

War Crimes

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I wrote many times prior to the Invasion of Iraq, trying to get some one in the Congress or Senate to read what I had. (they didn't read their mail)
----- Original Message -----
To: Senator_Salazar
Sent: Monday, September 29, 2008 11:20 AM

I was doing Oil & Gas Leasing in 1993.

Now, don't take my word for this below , Check it out thoroughly.

Simple logic indicates there has been NO WAR on Terrorists, just an excuse for Oil & Gas.

On August 10, 1993, a young Lad presented me with his resume. He said he had been in the Oil Business and he thought I might need his services.

I scanned the first page of his Resume and I, right off, saw that he had been a Land Man for a Big International Oil Company. I asked about his previous position and he told me he had been with this Big International Oil Company, along with Four other Big International Oil Companies. The Group had been in Somalia, trying to Lease up the entire Country of Somalia, except for about ten percent, which was the mountain Area.

He told me that the Geologist for this Group of Five Big International Oil Companies believed the same Geological Structure may exist in Somalia as it does on the Arabian Peninsula. The Red Sea was the only thing that separated Somalia from Arabia.

We discussed the problems they had in their attempt to lease the Country of Somalia. He told me it was the War Lords. He said they would not agree to the Proposal that the Big Five Oil Companies had presented to them. He said that Mohammed Farra Aidid was the War lord that resisted the Proposal by the Oil Companies.

Approximately two months later, now in October of 1993, I was listening to KOA Radio 850 kc, it was late on a Friday Night. The "Call in Talk Show" was on the subject of Somalia. This was shortly after "Black Hawk Down." The main Discussion was WHY, do the people of Somalia resist our Troops, when all our Troops are trying to do is feed the poor people.

If you will recall, George H. Bush sent the United States Troops to feed the poor people of Somalia, just a few days before he left Office. Clinton was sworn in on or about January 20, 1993.

I picked up the phone and called into the KOA Talk Show. The person that answered the phone asked, "What do you have to offer." I told him that if they would put me on the Air, I would blow the Lid off of This Somalia fiasco. He said, "Stand by."

A couple of minutes passed and another person picked up the phone and asked the same question as the first, which was, "What do you have to offer," again I gave the same answer which was, "Put me on the Air and I will Blow the Lid off of this Somalia fiasco." He said, "You are on the Air Now." I told about being in the Oil Business and that I had received a Resume from a person who had been in Somalia, working as a Land Man for a Big International Oil Company. also, about Mohammed Farra Aidid, as being the Educated War Lord that had certain provisions that he wanted and the Oil Companies would not agree with him.

This did Blow the Lid off of Somalia. KOA Radio is a powerful Radio Station. People did start calling in from all sections of the United States, including Alaska.

I was told that Larry King picked up on it and aired it on his New York TV Show. I was also told the George H. Bush went on TV in Houston to give some reply to it. I did not view either of these.

It was only a short time later that the UN and Clinton pulled all Troops out of Somalia.

George W. Bush & cheney

It was approximately January of 2003, someone, possibly a News Reporter, asked George W. Bush if he knew where Bin Laden was? George W. Bush gave the answer, "I don't know and I don't care where he is."

Up until this time, it seemed the search had always been on to find this Arab, since the Bush Administration had advocated they were fighting a Terrorist War. Now, Bush does not care about Bin Laden.

The question is, "Has UniCal finished the Pipe Line across Afghanistan by now?

It was on or about March 13 , 2003, that George W. Bush went on TV and said, The war in Afghanistan is over, now we are going to Somalia." The Puppet Head of Government in Somalia said, "We have no Terrorists in Somalia." Question: Does Bush Consider the War Lords as Terrorists? OR, is this Bush's way of getting the Congress to approve unlimited money for him and Big Oil.?

It was only a few days latter that Cheney & Bush said they were going to Iraq, if necessary the United States by its self. We all know how this has worked out. We understand it that Halliburton has been producing the Oil, is there any Control or Audit on the Revenue from the Iraq Oil Production? It has now been reported that Iraq has Seventy Nine Billion in Surplus from their Oil. For the last five years, it is estimated this 79 Billion is only 12.5 percent of the actual Oil Revenue.

Question: Who has the other 87.5 Per cent of Oil Revenue? This needs to be checked out.

It was in July of 2006, I met an X Army Sergeant. He had scars across the top of his head. I asked him about the Scars and what had caused it. He told me he had been in Afghanistan and a road side bomb had exploded and he had shrapnel hit him in the head. He said the helmet took the brunt of the blow.

He then lifted his T Shirt and showed me a scar on his lower right side. He said, "I got this in Somalia." Then he turned a round and showed me his lower right back, this was where the bullet came out.

I asked him if he had been in on the "BLACK HAWK DOWN" incident. He said he had been in the thick of it. He said they were pinned down and had taken casualties. They called for Air Support and that was when the Black Hawk was shot down. He said they called for more Air Support but were told they would have to fight their way out, there would be no more Air Support. He said they were pinned down for fourteen hours.

I asked him WHY they were fighting the people in Somalia when the other UN Troops were not. This Sergeant told me they were trying to kill the War Lords, especially Mohammed Fara. I finished it for him. I said, "You mean Mohammed Farra Aidid , don't you?" He looked at me and said, "I cannot talk about it, it has been CLASSIFIED." He did say that he thought it was a CIA OPERATION.

Since the above conversation with the Medical Retired Sergeant, I have had a discussion with an Army Retired Captain. He said he was in Somalia at the time of the BLACK HAWK DOWN. He also said the Somalia Operation was not CLASSIFIED. This needs to be checked out.

March 2003

I tried many times to contact Senators and Representatives of Congress prior to Cheney & Bush going into Iraq, but I could not get anyone to read what I had.

I called Joe Biden's Office, they told me to send it CONFIDENTIAL and the Senator would be sure to read it, which I did.

I waited a week or ten days and called his Office again. A person answered the phone and I told him what I was calling about. He told me that he had seen the letter come in but he didn't think it was important so he shredded it. Then he said, "Would you like to make a CONTRIBUTION?" My answer was "Not one damn red cent."


Henry Bakken allows a Geologist to drill for oil on his farm outside Billings, Montana in 1953. Years pass. Technology improves. A few months ago, the U.S. government confirms "The Bakken Formation" holds...

5 TIMES MORE OIL than the massive
Ghawan field in Saudi Arabia, which
until now was considered the world's
largest oil field.

64 TIMES MORE OIL than the entire
Alberta's Penbina project.

entire reserve...
Then there are two more know Oil Fields in the U.S. That have tremendous Oil Reserves, One in Colorado and the other in Utah.
I have been in the Oil Business. In 1993 I was Leasing Oil & Gas Prospects.

(I am now doing this from memory, I do have records that I can be precise with)

It was on August 13, 1993, I was approached by a young man who was looking for a job as a Land Man in the Oil Business. A Land Man is one who Leases land from the person who owns the Minerals on Land.

This young man showed me his Resume. It showed he had been a Land Man for one of the Big International Oil Companies.

His last assignment had been in Somalia, along with four other Big International Oil Companies.

These Five International Oil Companies had tried to Lease up Somalia. This young man told me the Geologist thought the same structure might extend from the Arabian Peninsula across the Red Sea and into Somalia.

During our discussion, I found out the obstacle the Oil Companies had was the War Lords in Somalia, especially a War Lord by the name of Mohammed Fara Aha Deed. I was told this War Lord was more educated and wanted specific items in the Lease Agreement. The Five Big International Oil Companies did not want to make special changes.

About two months later, which was now in October of 1993, the people in Somalia shot down a United States Helicopter, known as "BLACK HAWK DOWN."

I was listening to KOA Radio, 850 kc late on a Friday Night, just after this BLACK HAWK DOWN, fiasco happened.

It was a Talk Show and people were calling in from all over the United States with questions and comments. The main question was "WHY would people in Somalia shoot down an American Helicopter when the Troops were trying to feed the POOR PEOPLE." ?????

You will recall George H. Bush, just a few days before leaving the Oval Office, sent the United States Troops to Somalia, under the pretense to feed the Poor People.

I finally called into KOA Radio Station. The person who answered the phone asked me, "What do you have to offer." I told him, "you put me on the Air and I will blow the lid off of this Somalia Operation."

He said, "Stand By."

Shortly another person asked me the same question, which was, "What do you have to offer."

Again, my reply was the same as before, "I said, put me on the Air and I will blow the lid off of this Somalia fiasco."

He said, "You are on the Air now."

I told about receiving a Resume from a person looking for a job as a Land Man and on the Resume it showed he had been in Somalia, with Four other Big International Oil Companies. They had tried to Lease up Somalia for Oil & Gas Exploration, but they could not get an Agreement from the War Lords.

This did Blow the Lid off of the Somalia Operation. The Radio Station was swamped with calls.

I later heard, that Larry King Aired this thing on his "LARRY KING LIVE" TV Show. I was also told the George H. Bush went on TV in Houston the following Thursday after the Larry King Show. I did not witness either Show.

Young Clinton had only been President since January of 1993, or only about Nine Months.

It was only a few days or weeks at the most that the United States Troops, and the UN, also, pulled everyone out of Somalia.

Time passed.

The New York Terrorists Attack took place on September 11, 2001.

A year or so prior to the 9-11 Attack, the Big Oil Companies had tried to negotiate with the Taliban to put a Big Inch Pipe Line across Afghanistan. This negotiation broke down.

Then on approximately January of 2003, a News Reporter asked G.W. Bush if he knew where Bin Laden was.

Bush gave this reply, "I don't know where he is and I don't care where his is." (you may recall this remark)

The Big Inch Pipe Line was being installed across Afghanistan, possibly it was completed by this time.

As I recall without doing some research of my Notes, it was on March 13, 2003, at approximately 4:30 PM EDT, that G.W. Bush was on a short segment of TV.

George W. Bush said, "The Afghanistan War is secure, now we are going to Somalia."

Then on March 19, 2003, the whole thing changed, now they were going to Iraq because of WMD.

This was when I tried to get a word through to many Senators and Congress people. All to no avail. I called Joe Biden's Office to see if I could get his attention. I was told to write a letter and to put CONFIDENTIAL on the outside of the Envelope. Which I did.

A week or ten days passed and I did not hear from Joe Biden.

I called his Office again. A person answered the phone. I told him what I had been told before and I had complied by putting Confidential on the Envelope.

This person told me, "I was the one who saw the letter you sent. I didn't think it was important so I shredded it."

Then he asked, "Would you like to make a Contribution to the Senators Election Campaign?"

My response was, "Not one Damn Cent." and hung up.

I found it impossible to get thru to any of the Political People in Washington. They knew it all.

Time passed.

It was in July of 2006, I happened to be at a Tire Shop replacing my tires on my Vehicle. It so happened that while waiting for the job to be completed, I happened to start a Conversation with two Black Male people. One of them had a Big Scar across the top left side of his head.

I asked him, "How did you get that Scar on your Head?"

His reply was, "I was a Sergeant in the Army and a road side Bomb blew up the Vehicle I was driving."

He told me how many operations he had, had and was still going to have another operation.

Then he pulled up his T Shirt and showed me a Scar on his lower right side. He turned around and showed me a Scar on his lower right back. He said, "I got shot in Somalia."

I asked him, "Were you involved in the "BLACK HAWK DOWN" fiasco?

He said, "I was right in the middle of it. He said we called for Air Support and that was when the Black Hawk was shot down. He said, "we called for more Air Support and we were told there would be NO MORE Air Support, we would have to fight our way out."

I asked him, "Why were they shooting at you?"

His answer was, "Our main objective was to kill the War Lords and we were after Mohammed Fara - -."

I finished it for him, I said, "Mohammaed Fara Aha Deed."

He looked at me and said, "I cannot discuss it, the Somalia Operation has been CLASSIFIED."
Time has passed.

Somalia is a hot spot. Ethiopia is involved now trying to kill the War Lords.

The United States has War Ships off the Coast of Somalia.


It does not take a Genius to see thru their Plan and what they have been up to.

Richard Brice