Honk To Impeach!

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According to the polls, a majority of Americans support the impeachment of George Bush and Dick Cheney. But few Americans know there is a nationwide grassroots impeachment movement because the Corporate Media refuses to report on our efforts on orders from Karl Rove.

So what can we do about it? How about making some old-fashioned noise - and breaking new ground in high-tech grassroots organizing! HonkToImpeach is simple:

  1. We'll hit busy intersections with signs asking cars to Honk To Impeach Bush - that's the old-fashioned noise-making part
  2. We'll also hold signs saying PASSENGERS: TEXT "IMPEACH" to 30644 - that's the new high-tech grassroots organizing, which will allow us to "sign up" all the honkers via text messaging for future organizing
  3. We'll post photos and videos of our actions to inspire more activism here:

Honk To Impeach - Nuts And Bolts

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Here are the nuts and bolts for organizers:

  1. Pick a strategic location that gets a lot of cars and has a stop light - if possible, right in front of your Representative's District Office or a local TV station or newspaper
  2. Pick a time that works for you and a friend or two
  3. Post the time/place on our events calendar coded "Honk To Impeach"
  4. Send the link to your local friends and ask them post a comment if they can join you. Also ask them to send it to their local friends.
  5. Bring our two handwritten signs (or posterboard and markers to make signs)
    1. Honk to Impeach Bush!
    2. TEXT "IMPEACH" to 30644
  6. Bring a camera (or video camera) to record your activities
  7. You need two signs at each corner - if you have extra people and signs you can cover more than one corner
  8. Have fun!!

If you're not an organizer but want to participate, visit our events page and type in your zip code to find a HonkToImpeach event near you. Then post a comment telling the organizer you'll be there.

Safety is crucial and we must not cause any accidents involving cars or pedestrians.

  1. Break sunscreen and hats
  2. Don't bring children or pets - they are too precious, as well as unpredictable and distracting
  3. Only wave your signs at cars that are stopped at a red light - don't distract drivers who are moving - turn your signs away from moving cars - turn your signs away when the red light turns green
  4. If a pro-Bush driver curses at you, don't get angry - just smile and wave or move away
  5. If the police question you, tell them you're exercising your First Amendment right of free expression. If they tell you you're creating a disturbance in that location, ask them where you can stand that will not create a disturbance. You have a right to hold signs in public places so find a local lawyer who is familiar with local ordinances and ask if they will advise you for free (pro bono) if you get hassled by local police

After you're done:

  1. Thank everyone who came and ask them if they would do it again, what date/time works best, and what changes to make
  2. Collect everyone's email address for future events
  3. Upload your photos to your favorite photo site like Flickr.com and upload your videos to Youtube.com
  4. Create a new forum topic on Democrats.com to share your experience and link to your photos and videos: http://www.democrats.com/node/add/forum
    Forum: Impeachment - Activism
    Topic: HonkToImpeach
    Content Relevance: Congressional District
  5. Email the forum link to everyone who came or wanted to come
  6. Schedule your next outing at http://democrats.com/events

The Rule of Law Is Alive and Well -- Just Not Here

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The World Justice Project on Thursday published a "Rule of Law Index," and there's no easy way to say this. Let me put it this way: as when rankings on education, infant mortality, work hours, lifespan, retirement security, health, environmental impact, incarceration rates, violence, concentration of wealth, and other measures of quality of life come out, it is time once again for we Americans to shout "We're Number One!" more loudly than ever. Because, of course, we're not.

The Rule of Law Index looks at 35 nations around the world, including seven in Western Europe and North America. The researchers understand the rule of law as follows:

Congress Must Stop Torture

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A Call for Congress to Take Action on Torture
October 28th, 2009


Whereas over seven years have passed since President George W. Bush fraudulently induced the U.S. congress, the American people, and the world into the illegal war in Iraq,

Whereas it is nearly five years since Specialist Darby revealed the photos of Abu Ghraib that showed us torture being committed by our government in our name,

Whereas further evidence of torture remains secret and has been hidden from the public, courts, and Congress to insulate the perpetrators from appropriate criminal liability,

Whereas over the past years we have campaigned about the illegality of this war and the need to prosecute the high-level civilian and military officials who put in place the torture,

Hurricane Dubya Four Years On

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By David Swanson

Hurricane Katrina is not as sexy as torture, but has killed more people and ruined more lives, and -- like many non-natural disasters in recent years -- has a chief culprit who has now settled in at 10141 Daria Place, Dallas, Texas, where he clears very little brush and where -- to my knowledge -- not a single politician or journalist or author has sought his wisdom on the affairs of the past seven months. George W. Bush, who should face nonviolent protest every minute of his life while he remains at liberty, knowingly abandoned an American city and nearby towns to a predictable and predicted natural disaster four years ago this week, and for years refused to repair the damage.

Honk to Impeach

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    Adam M.
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 I was wondering if there is any interest amongst residents of Kennebunk, or nearby towns to organize a "Honk-to-Impeach" event, or some kind of comparable function, especially in light of Congressman Kucinich's recent filing of articles of impeachment against President Bush.

 If so, write to me at adammarletta@yahoo.com and let me know. If we do it, and it's a success, perhaps we could make it a regular event.

Anyone who is interested, write to me.

Impeachment Demonstrations at Rep. Zoe Lofgren's San Jose, CA office every Friday 3p-6p/Join us

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We have been demonstrating in front of Zoe Lofgren's office every Friday since November.  Zoe is on the House Judiciary Committee.  Join us with your own Impeachment signs or use ours.  Her office is located at 635 N. First St., San Jose, CA.  We're there from 3p - 6p.

 Merriam Kathaleen

Silicon Valley Impeachment Coalition




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Hi everyone!  Does Greene County, Missouri have a HonktoImpeach organized?  I'll save back a little gas in case we do!

Honk to Impeach

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Let's get together SF peninsula

Impeachment Happening in Congress Right Now!

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Congressman Dennis Kucinich is on the floor of the House of Representatives right now introducing 35 articles of impeachment against President George W. Bush.

Yes, 35. He'll be reading for a while.

Watch C-Span Now!

If you don't have cable, go to a bar and tell them to put it on C-Span 1!

Or watch at the Video/Audio tab at

Take your laptop outside and turn the volume up!

More details coming later tonight!

Action in the House coming later this week!

Good websites to watch for updates and actions:



Let Justice roll down like waters in a mighty stream . . .

There's going to be at least one article of impeachment that interests you and perhaps even mentions you. Watch for updates.

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