GOP: The Party of Traitors

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By outing an undercover CIA agent who played a vital role in the war on terrorism, Karl Rove committed the high crime of treason.

Here's what George H. W. Bush thinks of guys like Rove:

I have nothing but contempt and anger for those who betray the trust by exposing the name of our sources. They are, in my view, the most insidious of traitors.

Since treason is such a serious charge, wouldn't you expect patriotic Republicans to denounce Rove and demand his immediate resignation or firing?

If you did, you'd be wrong. Republicans can't rush to embrace him fast enough.

By embracing Rove, the Republican Party is "redefining" itself as the Party of Traitors.

Which mean when they put Rove in the electric chair, they may have to daisy-chain a few other chairs as well.

Here at, we're taking the names of the traitors who are defending Rove.

Help us identify more traitors in your comments below.


Accessories to

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Accessories to Treason:

George Bush
Scott McClellan
Dick Cheney

Accessories to:

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I think we can add Scooter Libby onto this list don't you??

If Rove serves a decades

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If Rove serves a decades long prison sentence America will have proven herself to be the most resilient entity on the planet. To pull back from the brink, with help from moderate Republicans is a testament to our Constitution and good people of various political stripes. I for one, will bow my head in silence and awe.

Joe Wilson: 'The President should fire Rove'!

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Ambassador Joseph Wilson fired back today at the Rightwing Spin Machine, which, having been issued marching orders late yesterday in a set of talking points from the RNC, is once again hoping to distract from the potentially treasonous crimes that George W. Bush's top political operative and Deputy Chief of Staff, Karl Rove is being alleged to have committed.

In a phone discussion early this afternoon, Wilson told The BRAD BLOG in no uncertain terms that "the President should fire Rove."
He told us that he'd be appearing on NBC's Today Show tomorrow morning and would be repeating that call.

Rove leaks

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I just had to share this one with everyone - hope you enjoy!

"They want the federal government controlling Social Security

like it's some kind of federal program."

- George W. Bush in a debate in St. Charles, Mo., Nov. 2, 2000

No subject...

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To my distress on the July 13 pdt Charlie Rose program, at the end of a discussion about Rovegate, Terry Moran (abc white house correspondent) was observing that "Right now, the underlying story about somebody going to Africa whose wife worked at the CIA -- I just don't think that's gripped into the public at this point."

Then Charlie Rose said, "And they may be right."

Mr. Moran shrugged noncommittally and said, "Could be."

I couldn't believe Mr. Rose's 'tempest in a teapot' dismissal. I was appalled that Charlie Rose missed that the Africa story is the first link in this chain of shame. Without the nuclear threat, Mr. Bush doesn't get his War. The Administration knew that more people would hear about 'the large amounts of uranium' Saddam supposedly purchased in Niger -- when the guy they sent to check on it had reported that it wasn't true -- than the rebuttal later.

Outing the man's wife from the CIA when he crosses you is a traitorous act if there is any.

I was extremely upset with Charlie Rose's blase attitude. But then he never flinched when Maureen Dowd kept chummily referring to 'Rummy' on his program where one would like to think a reporter could have some distance of at least basic formality.


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Rove 's 'tip' to Cooper not light-of-day-worthy

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(Sorry about leaving out the subject -- too overwrought about this Rovegate stuff probably.)

If what Mr. Rove had to say were 'light-of-day' worthy, he would just have given an interview or written an op-ed piece counter to Mr. Wilson's instead of naming Joe Wilson's wife's *connection to the CIA* in double super secret background.

People like Valerie Plame who risk their lives to serve their country should be safe from traitors who want to score points against their spouse.

Mr. Rove's action was another link in the chain of shame that began with the fateful lie in the State of the Union. Mr. Bush wouldn't have gotten his War without the nuclear piece of the puzzle which Mr. Wilson's report showed simply wasn't true. Let's say it anyway and trash Wilson later.

Mr. Rove takes his own infallibility much too seriously for the well-being of a democracy in which people who work in Washington are supposed to be citizen servants, not mini-potentates.

Hey, Scotty-boy, define a successful conclusion

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During the ongoing, ongoing investigation, we understand Scotty that you cannot say anything. We wouldn't want you to compromise your principles or try to upset the investigation (By now, Scott would be flunking his lie detector test. Are his armpits dry? How much is he sweating?). Please however,tell me, Scott, what you mean by a successful outcome. I would hope that you mean that justice would be done. As Americans and patriots, we want the truth about those who would out a covert operative. You know covert operatives really need to select their spouses well and make sure that they don't interfere with anyone's political agenda. However, I am worried that this is thirst for truth, justice and the American way may not be the successful outcome that you and Bush Co. seek. Who will your buddies sacrifice or out next to achieve their desired end? I think that they probably would be willing to lie,libel, discredit, and destroy just about everyone and everything in their way. Their scorched earth policy would leave no honest folks standing. Is your mother proud of her son for serving such masters? Souls are hard to come by. Talking heads are much easier to come by and to be replaced.

Facts About Valerie Plame

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Valerie Plame was an undercover CIA operative who worked in the field of WMD counter-proliferation.

After her husband published an editorial in The New York Times critical of the Bush Administration, Valerie Plame's name and her CIA affiliation were leaked to a number of news sources.

Right-wing hack Bob Novak published a column outing Valerie Plame and effectively ending her career. Plus exposing any CIA operations she had previously been involved in.

One of those who received the leak about Valerie Plame’s identity was Matt Cooper – his source: Karl Rove.

By exposing her identity, Rove destroyed a valuable asset in the war on terror. But even worse than that, he potentially exposed and endangered a network of intelligence assets throughout the world that Plame had built painstakingly over an entire career.

We will never know just how much damage Rove did, nor how many lives he ruined.

Karl Rove's motivation for his actions was to hide facts concerning the false reasoning for starting the Iraq war.

This is serious stuff and the Bush administration and its republican allies all need to be held accountable. Vote the Bums out.

Bolton and Rice??

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had to play a role in the Rovegate matter - [State Dept] INR reports --which were either handled and/or fixed by Bolton in order to fit the policy.

Are these the 'documents' Dems need in order to review and assert whether or not the Bush appointee has a 'clean record'--for the UN Ambassador post?

And if so, will Bolton be willing to answer questions ; since his job / position were to 'validate / recommend v/v intelligence [Wilson/Plame]--from sources that would construct the 'Iraq War and it's findings & justification?

Also too, where does Condo Rice fit; since her job were to agree / approve' documents coming thru Bolton et al [State Dept] even at the NSA position to concur w/ consensus to implement policy?

Were is robotron?

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I am really curious as to where Dick Cheney is. Usually Cheney is out front playing the tough guy when things get politically hot. If you recall, he was the one going over to the CIA daily to get intelligence information himself, instead of waiting for the analysts to prepare reports.

A man as crooked as Cheney with boxes of classified documents would be a good friend to hawkish reporter, don't you think?

He is in an undisclosed

He is in an undisclosed location, doing indescribable things, for unknowable reasons...