Democratic Donor Strike Against DSCC and DCCC


To: Senator Chuck Schumer, Chair, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC)
Rep. Chris Van Hollen, Chair, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)

I write to inform you that I am joining the Democratic Donor Strike against the DSCC and DCCC.

While I continue to support the Democratic Party and will contribute to Democratic committees
and candidates who are fighting for progressive causes, I will not support the
DSCC or DCCC until the Democratic-controlled Congress accomplishes these four goals:

1. Restrict any new Iraq funds to a safe withdrawal of U.S. troops - not another penny for occupation or the Bush-Maliki "enduring security guarantees"

2. Prohibit any use of funds to plan or execute a pre-emptive attack on Iran, and repeal the
post-9/11 Authorization of Use of Military Force that Bush and Cheney believe authorizes
them to attack Iran or any other country they please, as well as to wiretap all our calls
and emails without warrants

3. Fully restore the Constitution by strictly outlawing warrantless wiretapping and torture,
closing Guantanamo, and restoring habeas corpus

4. Complete the investigation of White House crimes by using "inherent contempt" to
compel testimony by current and former White House officials

I understand that it takes a majority of votes to accomplish these goals, but I consider it the
responsibility of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, as the Leaders of our Party, to deliver
those votes.

If you want my help, I will be delighted to lobby my Senators and Representative to support
whatever legislation you introduce to accomplish these goals, and to encourage all my
friends and relatives to join me in this lobbying. All you have to do is lead the way.

Thank you for your attention to my urgent concerns about the crisis we face as a Nation.

8,061 of 100,000
people have signed this petition.

In 2006, the voters of America elected Democratic majorities to the Senate and House in order to end 
the occupation of Iraq and restore the Constitution of the United States. We, the Netroots, helped elect
Democratic majorities with large contributions of money, time, and passion.

Unfortunately Congressional Democrats have surrendered to George Bush and Dick Cheney on all 
of the issues we care about most: Iraq, Iran, warrantless wiretapping, torture, and habeas corpus.

We recognize that "Bush Democrats" are primarily to blame for Democratic failures, and we will do 
whatever we can to change their minds - or replace them with true Democrats in 2008. But we cannot wait 
until then to fix the urgent problems we face.

We will therefore begin a donor strike against the official fundraising committees for
Senate Democrats (DSCC) and House Democrats
(DCCC) until our core demands are met. 
We will instead contribute only to individual candidates who firmly support the values of the Democratic
Party and the American people, as certified by BlueAmerica and Progressive Challenge 2008.

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Donor Strike

  • mowatfan's picture
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I think the only way to get the "leaders" attention may be an action such as this. We need to stop the money or they will continue to think what they are doing is ok. I personally will give only to individual candidates who have stood up to the Republican strong arm.

Leadership !!!!!!!

  • Glyph45's picture
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Its long past time for the Dems leadership to stop bending over for Bush , Cheney and their NeoCon cohorts. Grow a spine damn it.

Democratic Leadership of lack thereof

  • Progreessivevoter's picture
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The Democratic leadership is about to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory with their unprincipled and spineless behavior. If they think the progressives have no where to go, they should remember that on election day we could go no where. They are freezing debate outside of the three "leading" candidates just as they attempted to freeze out Ralph Nader. Democratic Party behavior more closely mirrors the behavior of the hated Bush Regime than it does that of a democracy. For progressives a choice between democrats who behave like republican enablers and true republicans is not a choice. We might as well find a third party or stay home on election day. It's way past time for change at the top of the party or for the party to die from self inflicted wounds. A small step in the right direction would be the removal of Pelosi and Reid and keeping the debates open to all the candidates.


  • Joan White's picture
    Joan White
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You really have to get tough and stand up..........WE voted you in to speak for us and I have not seem LEADERSHIP from the Speaker of the House

Nancy get some GUTS!!!!!

Check out 'New Democrats'

  • ljsullivan1166's picture
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Back on 11/3/2007, Bill Harding mentioned 'New Democrats'. I would suggest that anyone who does not know the significance of these two words Google them. Exactly like that: 'New Democrats'. This was a real eye opener for me. Indeed, the DLC et al HAVE, in fact, created a third (or fourth?) party -- without bothering to tell grassroots Democrats about it. (The better to suck money out of you and me.)

Not only that, they decided, all on their own, to change the direction of the Democratic Party -- away from traditional populist issues, supporting workers, minorities, children, the sick, and so on, and in support of corporate globalization, so-called 'free trade', the filthy rich, etc.

Go ahead -- look it up. And watch that great light bulb above your head light up the sky. You will no longer wonder why Pelosi, Reid, Feinstein and others are ignoring the people. The answer is right there. They blew us off 20 years ago; the Clinton administration just carried out the wishes of the New Democrats and got all cozy with the Bushes. The New Democrats are, indeed, the 'blue' version of the 'red' neocons.

This is an education in a half hour. From there you can take a giant leap forward in your understanding of what's going on. And be sure to spread the word to everyone you know -- because I'm sure not hearing anybody talking about 'New Democrats' -- except Bill Harding.

This thread has more

  • Bill Harding's picture
    Bill Harding
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This thread has more information about the self-appointed leaders of the "centrist" DLC, and its various arms:

Time for Vietnam Vets like me to give my life for my country

  • DANIELLECLARKE's picture
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Time to remove the trash from congress




  • sailtom's picture
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I would like to have the DNC call for the resignations of Pelosi and Ried, and all the rest of the "DINO" Rep's.. We worked like dogs to defeat a corrupt electronic voting machinery system and get these people into power a year ago, expecting them to investigate and prosecute Bush and Cheney and their Fascist minions. What we got instead, was a jaw dropping back-stab-o-rama, in which the opening statement was,"Impeachment is off the table". Now we watch almost daily as these sleezy scumbags give Bush $Billions$ more to fund his Illegal War for Profit, making himself, Darth, and Poppy over at the Carlyle Group, the richest War Criminals in the Planet's history.
Want to spy on American Citizens and read their e-mails in violation of FISA Law and the Constitution??...Perhaps you wish to kidnap and torture a guy for kicks, maybe hold him indefinately without charge, or access to council,......No problem!! Just give Pelosi and Ried a call and it's a done deal. They'll see to it you have whatever you want no matter what the American people think.
So, not one more cent for these "Democrats", until they are called out for the Treasonous Criminals that they are.
Let them all form a Bush/Cheney fan club, and elect Joe Lie-berman as their King.

Impeach to save our troops, America and the Planet

  • tarscampbell's picture
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TO Nancy Pelosi; either Impeach Bush and Cheney or get the hell out of the way.

To Both Reid and Pelosi; where the hell are your loyalties? Stand up to that idiot Bush or both of you get out of the way. You are letting us down.

Not one more dime to the Democratic party till you start representing us little people.

Bush has a very dangerous egomanic Napoleonic complex. Cheney is simply a cold calculating mercurial bastard. Impeach them!

This from a pissed off retired senior field grade military officer and his wife.

From ABC news--breaking...

The Justice Dept. has just said that the White House/Intelligence Services will NOT cooperate in an investigation into the destruction of the torture tapes.

Justice Dept: We will not allow you(the Congress)to investigate this matter.

A clearcut obstruction of justice.

A conspiracy to create this obstruction.

This may bring about sufficient pressure on Pelosi, Reid, and Hoyer to start the drums rolling for impeachment.

If it doesn't, perhaps we may have to resort to the remedies given us in our Declaration.

A mind once expanded can never return to its original dimensions.

Anne Hathaway: 1556-1623


The greatest derangement of the mind is to believe in something because one wishes it to be so.

They should get what they deserve. They've paid for it in full!

  • dickhildreth's picture
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Numerous times I have begged, pleaded with, cajoled, demanded of, warned, berated and threatened both of my Senators and my Congressman to take whatever steps necessary to end the criminal, treasonous and impeachable activity of the Bush administration. Repeatedly, my calls have fallen upon deaf ears. It seems that, just like with the corporations to which they are clearly beholden, our Senators and Congressmen are attuned only to the bottom line. If this is the only message they understand, then so be it!

I agree!

  • Krashkopf's picture
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I am a Democratic Precinct Captain, and I am encouraging all of the members of my precinct to join this boycott.

I am sick and tired of "weak-kneed" DLC Democratic "leadership."

I want, and AMERICA NEEDS, a strong aggressive Democratic Party that will stand up to, and fight back against, the creeping fascism which is the GOP (and the Corporate wing of Democratic party).

"Impeach. Prosecute. SAVE AMERICA!" - Naomi Wolf

This strategy works!

  • Linda M's picture
    Linda M
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Last August, the Milwaukee Impeachment Committee publicly handed Rep. Gwen Moore three checks made out to the Dem. National Comm. for $2,100.00 collectively, each with a memo reading: "Void until Bush and Cheney are both impeached." Nov. 27, I handed Howard Dean another check made out to the DCCC for $2,000 with the same memo (and a very carefully worded cover letter). These checks broke through the professional surface of both Representatives. We, the MIC would have submitted more such checks to Congressional Representatives if the Wisconsin Ethics Board hadn't questioned that this strategy could be construed (misconstrued) as bribery.

Hooray for to figure out a way to use this strategy. Democratic Party, start listening to the voters! Stop the war. Impeach Bush and Cheney! Now! Or you don't get our money, time, or support. Loose, you buggers, and learn to pay attention!! We're the ones who hire you!!!

Families of troops want troops home SOONER than the rest of us.

  • Jim's picture
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Los Angeles Times

Q: Should the United States withdraw troops from Iraq right away or should the U.S. begin bringing troops homw within the next year, or should troops stay in Iraq for as long as it takes to win the war?

All respondents Households with
active military/vets
Households with
military in Iraq/vets
Bring home right away 23 21 27
Bring home within next year 41 37 42
Stay as long as it takes 29 35 26
Don't know 7 7 5

I only post this poll here to make it clear it is not being disrespectful to anyone to desire the troops of this particular war home sooner rather than later.

Hi lianamci,

  • Jim's picture
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Hi lianamci,

I have championed that the troops ARE advancing the defense of this Nation IN SPITE OF the crappiest leadership in U.S. History. This is quite apart however from them establishing a peaceful, thriving, sovereign Iraq with corporate money interests cut off.

  • If those tens of millions of Republican men who voted for this War, and then refused to serve, and hence left the troops to be burned up in Stop Loss, will instead sign up then you might gain "peace" in Iraq some decade.
  • If you pull US forces from around the world (as we have) including siphoning them off of the War we needed to win in Afghanistan (and could have several years ago) then you might gain "peace" in Iraq.
  • If you kill over a million Iraqis, and continue to do so, at some point you will gain "peace" in Iraq.
  • If you continue to pay the troops below market wages (a stack of hundred dollar bills about 1 inch high per year) so that others may enjoy a stack 30 miles high per year, then indeed there is money available to pay that pittance for decades to come.
  • etc.
  • You are completely correct that we broke it and we need to fix it. Defunding will never mean cutting the troops off. Never. Politicians use that to scare folks. If it meant that we would all take up arms and come to the defense of our Military. Period. We are in agreement!


    Your final plea indicates that you need to ask yourself this:



    If you do not then you are not supporting the troops or the USA. You want the terrorists to win...

    That's the argument you are using, and which led us to Iraq, Historic Deficit from Historic Surplus, etc. The "men" who planned this War are morons. Not mildly but infinitely. Lazy bums. Dumb asses. Without skill. I would not think you a traitor or unappreciative of the troops if you believed a particular military policy to be insane. I would ask that you extend the same courtesy to others. We need to listen to all the brilliant folks who knew exactly how screwed up this war would be.


    Regardless of what this human rag (me) has to say, I hope all goes well for you and your son. He is making a great sacrifice and making it clear to all enemies of the USA that we will fight anywhere, anytime, regardless even of questions about our "leadership". THAT puts our enemies off balance, and is a great contribution to the defense of this Nation.

    Before you let me have it ;) take a look here: I advance a doubling of all US military salaries. And here: where you'll find some interesting analysis about THIS particular War.

    NOW LET ME HAVE IT GOOD. I'm braced.

    Best Wishes,


    If the war is so important, then start...

    as you have said...with the drafting of all males at 18...AND ALL THE FEMALES AS WELL.

    That, all by itself, will stop the war.

    A mind once expanded can never return to its original dimensions.

    Anne Hathaway: 1556-1623


    The greatest derangement of the mind is to believe in something because one wishes it to be so.

    Or just start printing...

    • Jim's picture
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    Tide is Turning for Kucinich Comes in third in NJ Caucus

    • Trainer12's picture
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    The tide is turning my friends. Dennis Kucinich won the DFA and PDA poland came in 3rd in the NJ State Democratic Straw Poll
    See bellow:
    Clinton Campaign Stumbles Big in New Jersey
    by: rhymeswithferriero
    Sat Dec 08, 2007 at 05:09:45 PM EST
    ( - promoted by Juan Melli)

    Promoted from the diaries -- Juan
    Last night was the unofficial New Jersey Presidential Caucus, sponsored by Blue Jersey, NJ for Democracy, and a wide range of other progressive and Democratic organizations. The event was well attended by grassroots activists and party leaders from all across the state, and was a real test of organizing for the campaigns.
    The room was packed (200+ people, literally standing room only for much of the night) and buzzing with excitement. Netroots candidate and soon to be Congresswoman Linda Stender and state party chair Joe Cryan got the room fired up, calling for Democratic unity after the primary season ends and delivering strong condemnations of the Bush Republican record.
    Next, the campaigns rolled out their big guns in the surrogate department, trying to convince caucusers to support their preferred candidates. Notably, Senate President Dick Codey spoke for John Edwards, Assembly Majority Leader Bonnie Watson Coleman spoke for Hillary Clinton, and Congressman Steve Rothman spoke for Barack Obama.
    After each of the campaigns had a chance to present the caucus officially began. And that's when the surprises started.
    Quickly, let me explain the basic process/rules in place last night. There were three rounds of caucusing with viability thresholds after the first and second rounds to allow candidates to continue to the next round. Any candidate who didn't have support of at least 15% of the caucusers was considered unviable in the first round and was eliminated; the second round threshold was 20% of caucusers. There was a bit of a twist after the first round, as any unviable candidate was free to try and court supporters from other unviable candidates and try and re-form and compete in the second round. In the third and final round, the top vote-getter of the remaining candidates was the winner (which turned out to be Edwards 43%, Obama 38%, Kucinich 19%).
    I, along with most people in the room, was stunned to see what happened when the actual caucusing took place. Hillary Clinton's campaign, after a robust effort, narrowly failed to meet the 15% viability threshold and was eliminated in the first round. Determined not to be knocked out, the Clinton organizers aggressively courted supporters of other unviable candidates (Biden and Richardson, mostly) to try and reorganize and make it through the second round of caucusing to the final round. Once again, after intense outreach, the Clinton camp missed the 20% viability threshold-- again, by just a handful of votes.
    New Jersey has been called Clinton country by all manner of pundits, noting that she's locked up much of the Democratic establishment's support as well as her leads in the polls here. So, a lot of people came into the night expecting a Clinton win. The actual results were astounding: Clinton failed badly not only in the expectations game but in basic, bread and butter organizing.
    Now, this was an unofficial caucus. Ultimately, it has no substantive effect on who New Jersey's delegates will support. Hell, we don't even have a caucus on February 5th, we've got a primary. Given these factors, Hillary Clinton supporters have tried to downplay the results of last night's caucus, calling it irrelevant and meaningless-- no way indicative of real grassroots sentiment in the Garden State. But such an analysis doesn't really hold water, considering how the Clinton camp approached the caucus.
    The Clinton team sent paid staffers to organize at the caucus. They brought out Assembly Majority Leader Bonnie Watson Coleman, a strong Clinton supporter and a well-known voice amongst the party faithful, who delivered a powerful and rousing, red-meat speech-- a clearly impassioned attempt to persuade caucusers to support Hillary. In each round of caucusing, the Clinton campaign aggressively (and somewhat successfully) targeted and courted female and GLBT voters, while trying their damndest to peel off supporters from other candidates. This hardly sounds like the strategy of a team that considered the caucus irrelevant.
    Despite the results, Hillary Clinton maintains leads in New Jersey polls. Given this reality, Clinton's stunning loss at the caucus suggests a few possibilities: 1) that her support in New Jersey is more institutional than activist, 2) that her support in New Jersey is softer than some of the other candidates, 3) that her ground game in New Jersey is inferior to that of other candidates. I suspect each of these is true to some degree, which bodes ill for Clinton.
    With national media narratives beginning to suggest that she is falling and Obama is rising, last night's caucus represents a real stumble for Clinton. The momentum is shifting, even in Clinton-friendly New Jersey, and it doesn't appear to be in her favor.

    Pulled this out from the "tried to downplay" link.

    The lesser-known candidates got lesser-known names: Bradley Beach
    Councilwoman Julie Schreck stood for Kucinich, who had a surprisingly
    strong showing. She touted him as the most anti-war candidate, and the only one willing to undertake real reforms.

    “When Warren Buffet was telling people that our nation’s income tax system is generous to him, we know we have a problem. Only Dennis Kucinich has the independence, courage and integrity to eliminate waste from our bloated,” said Schrek.

    Overhaul Democratic Party

    • bigd's picture
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    It is time to overhaul the Democratic Party. We must remember all of the Bush Democrats and make sure Gulliver stands up and votes them all into retirement. Hillary Clinton is truly part of the problem establishment and must go into retirement with Schumer. We have the power we just need to organize, mobilize and sterlize our government of the corporate sycophants that populate it.

    Vichy Democrats

    • Joel Thorson's picture
      Joel Thorson
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    Just say "No!" to the DLC Vichy Democrats, who have far too much power in both houses of Congress. We will support progressive organizations and candidates only, in hopes of re-establishing the Democratic wing of the Democratic party and placing it in charge of both Congressional caucuses, and their fund-raising arms (the DCCC and DSCC).

    When you split the difference between Eisenhower and Genghis Khan, you still end up somewhere to the right of Charlemagne. The goalposts have been moved so far that the 50-yard line looks like 1st and goal at the 3. On issue after issue, polls show large majorities of Americans supporting progressive policies. We need to reframe the political debate so that all the excesses of the Reagan-Bush era can become a distant memory.

    No more 50-50 deals with neocons, corporate imperialists, flat-earth freebooters, theocrats and war profiteers! Throw the collaborationists out and replace them with electable populist Democrats!

    Third Parties?

    • Jame's picture
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    To uphold and defend the US Constitution...but first restore everything that has been stricken from the US Constitution!

    Democratic Progressive Patriot Party?
    Formed with progressive values and based on the US Constitution

    The president and vice president should be sworn in to office with their right hand on their heart and left hand on the US Constitution, NOT the

    Just a thought

    Oh and so should all Senators and Congressional Reps too!

    No more $ for Republocrats

    • spilder's picture
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    This is a reply to the person who said we can't abandon the Democrats now--not when they are so close to retaking the White House etc, ad nauseum. This lame excuse no longer washes--if you talk like a Republican and VOTE like a Republican then you ARE a Republican--and I'm not wasting any more of my hard earned dollars on these back-stabbing liars who pretend to be Democrats just so they can hoover my pockets clean. Why should I pay for a bunch of phonies to help the Republicans dismantle the Bill of Rights. In 2006 we gave the Democrats a chance and they continue, day after day, week after week, to blow it. NO MORE. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    I think you missed the point.

    • Jim's picture
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    You are of course correct in much of what you said.

    Let's be clear however: the way to lose this Nation is to continue to fragment. Democrats -TRUE DEMOCRATS- need to stand up and call themselves Democrats in conversations throughout America. FALSE Democrats need to be called on it.

    Retain the label. Rebuild the Party. Make it clear that our labor, money, votes, and good press will be predominately WITHHELD from false Democrats. In particular, from the DLC.

    It is counterproductive to keep referring to "Democrats" as if they exist "out there". You're a Democrat. I'm a Democrat. We are attempting to purge ourselves of fake Democrats.

    And yes, beyond the cancer of the DLC there is the ill effect of their influence on some true, but weak, Democrats. It only weakens us, however, to dwell on them FIRST.

    Grass Roots Priorities

    1) Purging ourselves of false Democrats. (Mostly DLC)

    2) Advancing true Democratic positions amongst the electorate. That alone will turn weak Democrats into strong ones.

    The lesser of two evils is no longer good enough!

    • Robert Roth's picture
      Robert Roth
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    Not one penny for the DSCC or the DCCC until the Party gets us out of Iraq, ensures that we will not attack Iran, and fulfills the other elements of the program. Sens. Reid, Schumer and Feinstein united in favor of torture and against the U.S. Constitution and the American people in allowing Mukasey to take office. The Party is one step away from buying into the Empire and I am one step away from abandoning the Party entirely. The lesser of two evils is no longer good enough. Too many crises -- many with bipartisan support, such as the militarization of space, the doctrine of preemptive war, and support for missile "defense" which is actually a first-strike weapon and recognized as such by Russia and China -- are imminent.

    Donor Strike

    • lascap@'s picture
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    I was already on my own little strike, and didn't know about this. Have signed up because these useless corporate pawns only understand money. (Not that my dinky contributions mean anything, but I like the idea of putting my money where my votes will be!!) I hope it works. Tomorrow Pelosi and Reid are playing another game to make it look like they are not going to fund the war. The Repug blogs are already splitting their sides laughing. Comments like.."yeah, this time they REALLY mean it"....Ha, I would laugh too, if it were not so unfunny.

    The time for action is NOW!

    • Despicable's picture
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    It's either US or THEM!....The corporate money grabbing Blue Dog democrats are a Fifth Column inside the democratic party!
    We have to purge them from the democratic party, and if we do not, we will have been taken over by these traitors that betray the core beliefs that for years distinguished us from the economic royalists of the republican party!

    By occupying the part of the political spectrum that is dead center, their can not be movement forward or backward, only a standing still, and being not relevant to the changing conditions that exist in our nation and the world!

    If the democrat party is no longer relevant, and it is dead to the reality of it's surroundings, than the only alternative for those democrats that are still alive and aware,.. is to form a new party, with a new relevant center! A center that must be to the left of the dead center of the dead, not moving, out of touch, democratic party!

    No, forming a third Party is

    • Bill Harding's picture
      Bill Harding
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    No, forming a third Party is NOT the "only alternative" to restoring political balance in this country. In fact, there are too many "third Parties" now, and that is a part of the problem. The disorganization that has resulted from spoiler Parties such as the Greenies, "Independents," and other dropout splinter groups is a perfect example of why the more organized Republican neocons have made such huge political gains over the past several years.

    The best solution is to take our Party away from the DLC "centrist" Blue Dogs, and send them back to the Republicans where they belong. If you are willing to expend all of the effort, energy, and passion to start from scratch, why not work just as hard to reclaim what is rightfully yours?

    We traditional Democrats have collectively allowed the neocon "centrist" takeover of our Party through apathy and lack of participation -- all of us. If we are not up to the task of reversing that mistake, then all of the rhetoric about forming a "more representative" Party is meaningless. You can't get out of debt by borrowing more money, and you can't improve the sociopolitical landscape of the United States by borrowing more political capital from a base that is itself disorganized and politically bankrupt.

    Traditional and patriotic Americans do not run from a problem -- they fight back and persevere.

    The Cheney/Bush imperialist dictatorship

    • Joan Sage's picture
      Joan Sage
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    This administration and both political parties are supporting dictators like in Pakistan and other
    warlords with nuclear bombs (like us)--so what's making us different except in our mainstream
    media propaganda.

    Coup de etat before Martial Law

    • dslovejoy's picture
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    If is time for a new American Revolution. Our government has become so corrupt that there is no reasoning with it anymore. We need a full change, from the head of the US all the way down to the lowliest peon, and insist that all people running for office submit to psychological testing, and random drug and alcohol testing while they hold a position that can influence the lives of many people.
    This needs to happen before the Patriot Act is enacted, and martial law is declared.
    It is time for a real change, time for the general population to quit being so apathetic and insist on real change before it is really too late.

    Hilliary will be PRESIDENT anyway!

    • DIERIGJ's picture
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    Let the country vote the entire lot of useless Pelosi's and Reid's out! We'll
    have Madame President in office anyway. These spineless buffoons need to go!
    Hilliary will deal very well with a Republican Congress. She'll get more passed
    than the ignoramus there now with a Democratic Congress.

    Hillary is Part of the Problem

    • ftripp's picture
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    Hillary is part of the problem. Her highest priority is to get elected and it changes everything. It changes what she says and how she votes. I'm not sure she even knows what she believes any more.

    ftripp, You are correct...Hillary's...

    priorities are indeed to get elected. That is what she carefully planned for, has executed that plan, sometimes stumbles but quickly gets herself out of trouble, and continues to work to get herself elected. Do you really find that strange?

    Odd, because Obama, Edwards, Dodd, Richardson, Biden, et al also are trying to get elected. They are not as successful since their plan is not as efficient as Hillary's is.

    DLCers, are our top three: Clinton, Obama, and Edwards. What is the beef about that at this point? Other candidates could have decided to run but did not. That leaves us with the choices we have.
    One outstanding candidate who chose not to run was Clark--head and shoulders above our candidates as we come down to the wire. No one, except a few who favored Clark, would discuss the matter two years ago, one year ago, or even 6 months ago. Had they done so, perhaps we would have had some truly outstanding people standing for office.

    So, now, we are left with the choices we have: Clinton, Obama, and Edwards. The also-rans do not deserve any mention at all at this point because they have earned little to no support across the nation.

    Time to quit bad-mouthing our front runners just because you don't like them.

    One of the three will be our nominee.

    A mind once expanded can never return to its original dimensions.

    Anne Hathaway: 1556-1623


    The greatest derangement of the mind is to believe in something because one wishes it to be so.

    Of course...

    • Jim's picture
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    ...and so what?

    Folks had better see the forest for the trees here:

    We may ONLY have Hillary to work with soon. Liberal Democratic principles must STILL be advanced if that is the case.

    Puking blood during Republican reign is reduced to puking bile. Beyond that, maybe the grassroots has finally taken it upon ITSELF to make enough inroads with the general public to change how our "leaders" think. Plus I anticipate a few surprises.

    Let's hope.

    Withold contributions from the DSC and the DCCC

    • js5's picture
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    This is NOT a third party. It is an effort to pressure "Blue Dog" Democrats who have voted regularly with the Republicans, making it possible for Republicans along with Bush to win on many issues they should not have won on. We have a substantial majority in the house and a slim majority in the Senate if you count all the Democrats who voted with the Republicans. Even since the 06 elections, we have continued to get our butts kicked on nearly every bill to come before congress, with the help of the turncoat Democrats, the corporate shills. If those voting with the Republicans would quit knifing us in the back and support us instead, we would have done much better and would have won some issues we lost. It does us no good to elect more Democrats if they vote with the corporations. I HIGHLY support this initiative.


    • dougvwi's picture
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    The DLc, DSCC and the DCCC are bluedogs. They are conservanazi republikan lite. Whatever the bu$h regime wants, they give.

    MY issue will the Democratic National Committee and the DLC, DSCC and the DCCC is this: NO IMPEACHMENT = NO MONEY. Now is that hard to understand. I've said it for quiet a while. When I'm solicited by those same committees, I tell them all the same and basically, they cave in and agree, then tell me their line. I'm not opposed to their agenda, but what I see is them being accomplices to a crime. A very serious crime. The National Party, with Pelosi and Ried, have stood by and watched a capital crime carried and not so much as raised a hand and tried to IMPEACH bu$h/cheney. So, it's like they are active participants in the criminal act. That is, an accomplice.

    The DNC and it's affiliates will not get a nickel of my money. They know why, but it's like the crimes bu$h has committed. They just let it slide. I believe that they are being bought out by the main powers that be in this country. Big money. They will get their way. They will not operate a government that is in the best interests of the working people of this country.

    My money goes to individual candidates that I believe will go to Washington and be good progressive Dems and put a stop to this madness. I have contributed heavily, on my meager income, to the above groups. I will no longer do that.

    Let's face it folks.
    We have the best democracy money can buy. Let's hope the DNC, DLC, DSCC and DCCCC can wake up and see who they are supposed to represent.

    I'm not a rich man and they don't represent me or my ideas.
    BUCK FUSH !!!

    Doug, Howard Dean and the

    • Bill Harding's picture
      Bill Harding
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    Doug, Howard Dean and the DNC are not in a position to influence Congress, and they do not "endorse" Primary candidates. That "power" has been usurped by the DLC, the DSCC, and the DCCC. These organizations are openly hostile to Dean and the DNC (they state that Dean is "too far to the Left"), which is why we MUST support Dr. Dean and his efforts with the DNC's grassroots 50-State initiative. This is the ONLY way we will ever regain control of our Party.

    Please do not confuse the democratically elected leadership of the DNC with the self-appointed New Democrat (Blue Dog) traitors of Al From's DLC and its puppets in Congress -- the DSCC and the DCCC. These neocon organizations are in no way connected to real Democratic grassroots voters.

    A real second party

    • wsamuel's picture
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    No, it's not an effort to form a third party. Basically we now have a War Party with two branches, Republican and Democrat. The Senate voted unanimously to give Bush every penny he requested for the military, and only a handful of House members voted against it. There is no opposition party represented in the U.S. Congress. Either the Democratic Party is turned into an opposition party, or we need another party that would oppose militarism and imperialism. Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Pelosi, Reid, etc. don't represent any real alternative.


    • Perry Davis's picture
      Perry Davis
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    Essentially the proposed action, for all intents and purposes, is the first step toward formation of a third party. A third party, in my book, is not likely to be effective under today’s conditions. It is my opinion change can only come about by: -- Restoration of the “Fairness Doctrine” in public media that Ronald Reagan and his FCC commission gutted twenty years ago. Without the Fairness Doctrine even clean elections will fail; -- Imposition of “Clean Elections” (that are publicly financed); -- Limit campaigning, like in the UK, to a few weeks; -- Roll back the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and force media giants to divest all but a few outlets (and certainly NOT permit the FCC plan to enact by mid-December 2007 to allow media giants to own all types of media in a market.) Corruption of a subtle sort has captured the Democratic Party. It holds the party back from the fundamental actions and changes that were envisioned in 2006. The source of the corruption is clearly the insinuation of big money into political campaigns through lobbyists, defense contractors and other a relatively few corporations and international financiers.. Al Gore is eloquent on the subject of power and money in his book The Assault on Reason. Thanks for the opportunity, however, I don't plan to sign the petition.

    good points

    • srschnur's picture
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    Also, despite the loss of media advertising dollars, TV stations should be required to give at least a half hour of free air time each week to every candidate running for federal office.

    On the contrary, we don't

    • Bill Harding's picture
      Bill Harding
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    On the contrary, we don't want to form a "third Party," as the New Democrats of the DLC have already done that. We want our Democratic Party back from these neocon posers.

    You are correct that the "source of the corruption" is big corporate money, and that is what the DLC is focused on. They control the donations from the same corporate pimps that the Republicans count on. A government controlled by a "relatively few corporations and international financiers" is the very definition of Fascism.

    The DLC, DSCC, and DCCC Blue Dogs are nothing more than Republican neocons who have infiltrated the Democratic Party, and represent only their fascist corporate donors. They are NOT Democrats.

    Re: Donors Strike

    • elfrnd's picture
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    While I sympathize with the sentiments of this action, especially with the frustration we all feel at not having a 'veto proof' democratic majority in the Senate, I would like to say that we also
    do not want to 'shoot ourselves in the foot' by attacking or at least hobbling the very people we hope to change this situation.

    Lets not let our anger and anxiety at the continued Republican roadblock from doing everything
    possible to remove them from even a minority control of Congress. This proposal seems like a Republican plot to keep Democrats from achieving office through financial starvation.

    Think people! Don't take your eyes off the prize: a Democrat in the White House and a socially responsible Congress.

    We do have the votes

    • Misha's picture
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    We do have the votes to end the war in Iraq. We do not need a veto override. We simply need to NOT support a bill which does not end the war now. End the war.

    Oh yeah, the NJ Straw polls...


    A mind once expanded can never return to its original dimensions.

    Anne Hathaway: 1556-1623


    The greatest derangement of the mind is to believe in something because one wishes it to be so.

    Donors Strike

    • Jain's picture
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    The prize is a return of our America. The current group we elected are not taking care of us. You sound like one of them - ready to cave. We need strength not weakness or excuses.

    RE: Donor Strike.

    • alisonjimmy's picture
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    Bullshit. I say recall every Democrat that votes with Repugs. They have been running the show for six years of shrubs residency and they wanted to eliminate the filibuster. Have you all forgotten? Let's recall Dems that vote with repugs and replace them with Dems that represent Democrats, be they Liberal or be they Progressive. I will not vote for these carpetbaggers! Especially the senior Senator from California. Her husband has made enough money on this phony war!

    Donor strike

    • Douglas W. Phelps's picture
      Douglas W. Phelps
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    I agree with alisonjimmy. The democrats who vote with the repugs are betraying the people who elected them to their offices and are unworthy of continued occupation of those offices. I bet if people were given the opportunity to recall these traitors they would do it.

    The problem is NOT the

    • Bill Harding's picture
      Bill Harding
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    The problem is NOT the Republicans, but the faux-Democrats of the DLC, DCCC, and the DSCC. These "Blue Dog" traitors vote with the Republicans on almost every single issue, and against the wishes, and 2006 mandate, of the Democratic grassroots base.

    None of these self-appointed "leaders" were elected to positions of Party influence by grassoots Democrats, as was Dr. Dean of the DNC. They were "elected" by the DLC's control of corporate donations from the same necon sources that fund the Republicans.

    It is no longer "frustration," but pure anger at being betrayed by these neoconservative corporate-owned New Democrat "centrists" posing as Democrats. They are like a cancer on our Party, and are gradually destroying it from the inside. They need very little help from the Republicans, who we expect to oppose us.

    It makes absolutely no difference who becomes the next president until we have real Democrats in Congress who will represent American voters, instead of the multi-national, un-American, and anti-Constitutional, corporations.