Let's Expose Diebold's Potemkin Offices!

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From Kathy Dopp via Dee Taylor via Joseph Cannon I learn this astonishing news:

Diebold sold its voting equipment in Utah in part by convincing Utah decision-makers that it had "about 20 offices in Utah" and so was a big company with substantial presence.

However, a local volunteer noticed that only one of Diebold's Utah office (in Evergreen Business park) answered its phones and that all the others listed in the white pages never answered its phones.

See White Pages (type in Diebold as the business and select Utah)

A few days ago this volunteer drove around to all Diebold's locations in 3 counties and discovered that of the 18 Utah offices listed in White Pages - 16 of the listed Diebold locations were phoney and the addresses belonged to either a Walmart or a Sam's Club or no building at all.

To which Cannon adds:

We should conduct similar investigations in other states. How much of Diebold is a Potemkin village?

So I tried it myself, starting here:


I changed the state to NY:


The first listing was 2055 Niagara Falls Boulevard, Buffalo, NY 14228
(716) 564-3701
(note: the phone # is invisible, but if you copy/paste the whole address line, it magically appears)

I then put the address (without the phone) into Google:


and sure enough, it's a Wal-mart! If you click Google Maps, then Satellite, you can even get a bird's eye view of the huge store and its parking lot. For a closeup, move the zoom tool to the top.


A Google satellite view consists of multiple images. To display the results, I created a 2x2 table, then inserted the relevant parts of the whole image by right-clicking the image, copying the image address, and pasting the addresses one at a time into the four table cells.


Then I dialed the phone number 716-564-3701 - just like Utah, no one answered.

So I did a reverse White Pages search:


2055 Niagara Falls Blvd
Buffalo, NY 14228

Whaddyaknow! A listed phone with no office, just like Utah. (How did they get that into the White Pages? The phone company usually doesn't create bogus listings!)

Finally I put the phone number into Google. Guess what? Nada.


So to answer Joseph Cannon's question: based on a quick investigation, the Diebold "offices" in New York state are just as bogus as those in Utah.

That means it's not some renegade Diebold state manager in Utah running a scam - it's at least two state managers.

And that makes it very likely that the same is true in several states - and possibly in every single state in which Diebold claims to have "offices."

If Diebold so brazenly lies about its "offices", why should any state or county trust them to count our precious votes?????

Let's expose this Diebold scam in every state! Start here:


then change the state to your state, and investigate one or two listings using the method above. If you have your own blog, post the results with pictures. Otherwise just post your conclusions as a comment below.


Update 1: Diebold's Florida offices are at Wal-marts too!


Are Wal-mart and Diebold engaging

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    Real American
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in a conspiracy to defraud local government? I think we need another special counsel...

Wait... did you say NY?... quick... call AG Elliot Abrams... he will run this down.

atm machines

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They are probably listing the locations of Diebold ATM machines. I know Walmart uses Diebolds. Come to think of it...it isn't a huge stretch of the imagination to assume a Walmart is an office of Diebold.


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Check out this one. The when you Google the address, you get a self-storage facility. Couldn't get a clear image on Google Earth to see if it was maybe an office building (yeah, right) with storage attached. Don't live in the area so can't go look. (Don't even live in the state -- a friend from PA asked me to look because she doesn't have access right now.)


Diebold Incorporated
1304 Commerce Park Drive, Williamsport, PA 17701
(570) 323-7505


Self Storage Williamsport Pennsylvania, PA
Catch-all Self Storage, 1304 Commerce Park Dr Williamsport, PA 17701. Center City
Mini Storage, 720 2nd St Williamsport, PA 17701 ...
www.123movers.com/self_storage/ Williamsport_PA/z-17701/s-storage/results.html - 13k - Cached - Similar pages

Catch-All Self Storage, 1304 Commerce Park Drive, Williamsport, PA ...
1304 Commerce Park Drive, Williamsport, PA 17701 map | driving directions,
phone: (570) 326-3877. Be the first to rate this business ...
yellowpages.superpages.com/profile~SRC_portals~T_ Williamsport~S_PA~PP_N~L_Williamsport+PA~CID_494247~LID_... - Similar pages

AND, that address in PA is listed on this page as a Diebold address:
Security Industry Buyers Guide (ASIS)
The Security Profeesional's Source for Products and Services

Look at the listing of "branches" on the right. The address is listed about 3/4 down the page.

Don't think we can really know until someone knows the building/area or goes to check it out.

Did the one in Philly and it appears legit -- I got TFE Technology when I did that one (Diebold bought TFE).

What is Diebold ISS

and how does it differ from Diebold, Inc.?

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Could be

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Information and Security Systems, but maybe not.

Diebold (Results 16 - 30 of 34) ~ diebold FL ~ Simple Search ~ SuperPages.com: Yellow Pages

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Add Georgia to the list...

So, here is the Georgia check (yellowpages.superpages.com lists 6 offices):

1) Business PC Repair by Diebold ISS
3465 North Desert Drive Building 4, Suite 300, Atlanta, GA 30344
(801) 292-1851 (fax)
(800) 288-3567 (toll-free)
Email: servicediebold-iss.com

2) Diebold
201 Walmart Circle, Sandersville, GA 31082
(706) 484-8078

3) Diebold Inc
1890 West Oak Parkway Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30303
(678) 594-5600

4) Diebold ISS
110 Habersham Drive, Fayetteville, GA 30214
(770) 371-5094

5) Diebold ISS
5290 Forest Brook Parkway, Marietta, GA 30068
(770) 645-5740

6) * NT Server Support by Diebold ISS
Atlanta, GA 30344
(404) 768-8623
(801) 292-1851 (fax)
(800) 288-3567 (toll-free)
Email: servicediebold-iss.com

Number 1 may be legitimate -- as maps.google.com shows office buildings.

Number 2 (in Sandersville) is suspect as the area code is 478 and not 706 [checked via this site for 706 and this site for 478, and the Wal-Mart in Sandersville has a 478 area code].

Number 3 may be a duplicate -- as maps.google.com shows the same image as Number 1.

Number 4 may be legitimate -- as maps.google.com shows office buildings.

Number 5 is smack dab in the middle of a residential subdivision -- next to a building adjacent to tennis courts.

Number 6 does not have a complete address -- thus it is an unknown.

The site, maps.google.com, returns these additional Diebold addresses:

Diebold Inc
4375 Jonesboro Rd, Union City, GA
(770) 964-8486


Unverified listing
2030 Powers Ferry Rd Se, Atlanta, GA
(770) 612-5400

The Union City Diebold address is a Wal-Mart store.

Add Georgia to the list of States where a Diebold office and a Wal-Mart have the exact same address.

More Wal-Mart/Diebold matches in Louisiana

904 South Range Avenue, Denham Springs, LA 70726
(225) 791-6834

Wal-Mart Supercenter:
904 South Range Avenue,Denham Springs LA 70726
Phone:(225) 665-0270
1960 West Laurel Avenue, Eunice, LA 70535
(337) 457-1436
* Can not find West Laurel Avenue *

Wal-Mart Store #773
1960 W. Laurel Street
Eunice, LA 70535
(337) 457-7392
3310 Broad Street, Lake Charles, LA 70615
(337) 497-0657

Sam's Club
1043 Washington Avenue, Mansfield, LA 71052
(318) 872-5693

Wal-Mart Store #323
1043 Washington
Mansfield, LA 71052
(318) 872-5711
5400 Frontage Road, Monroe, LA 71202
(318) 343-7237

Sam's Club
5400 Frontage Road, Monroe, LA 71202
(318) 345-5615
1205 East Admiral Doyle Drive, New Iberia, LA 70560
(337) 364-8413

Wal-Mart Supercenter Store #533
1205 E Admiral Doyle
New Iberia, LA 70560
(337) 367-9333
2808 Court Street, Port Allen, LA 70767
(225) 346-8047

2808 Court Street,
Port Allen LA 70767
Phone:(225) 336-4061
Diebold Inc
3805 North Boulevard, Alexandria, LA 71301
(318) 445-8719

Sam's Club
Diebold Inc
2030 East Madison Avenue, Bastrop, LA 71220
(318) 556-4387

2030 East Madison,Bastrop LA 71220
Phone:(318) 281-9384
Diebold Inc
218 Cumberland Street, Bogalusa, LA 70427
(985) 732-4564

218 Cumberland,Bogalusa LA 70427
Phone:(985) 732-5870
Diebold Inc
16759 Highway 3235, Galliano, LA 70354
(985) 632-5444

Wal-Mart Supercenter:
16759 Hwy 3235,Galliano LA 70354
Phone:(985) 632-4040
Diebold Inc
906 West Main Street, Homer, LA 71040
(318) 927-4230

906 West Main Street,Homer LA 71040
Phone:(318) 927-2091
Diebold Inc
155 San Antonio Avenue, Many, LA 71449
(318) 256-3970

155 San Antonio Ave,Many LA 71449
Phone:(318) 256-9207
Diebold Inc
4810 Lapalco Boulevard, Marrero, LA 70072
(504) 341-0656

Wal-Mart Supercenter:
4810 Lapalco Blvd,Marrero (Bell Prom) LA 70072
Phone:(504) 341-0075
Diebold Inc
58485 Belleview Drive, Plaquemine, LA 70764
(225) 687-4597

58485 Bellview Road,Plaquemine LA 70764
Phone:(225) 687-2550
Diebold Inc
2004 Julia Street, Rayville, LA 71269
(318) 728-9153

2004 So. Julia St.,Rayville LA 71269
Phone:(318) 728-6437
Diebold, Inc
2310 North Main Street, Saint Martinville, LA 70582
(337) 394-6676

2310 N Main,St. Martinville LA 70582
Phone:(337) 394-5525

2050 North Mall Drive, Alexandria, LA 71301
(318) 443-1556

Wal-Mart Supercenter:
2050 North Mall Blvd,Alexandria LA 71301
Phone:(318) 445-2300
181 Northshore Boulevard, Covington, LA 70433
(985) 641-7048

Sam's Club: 1-Hour Photo
181 Northshore Blvd, Slidell, LA 70460
(985) 641-1828

Some Texas and New Mexico oddities

Leonard's School of Real Estate
5555 North Lamar Boulevard, Austin, TX 78751
(512) 453-0888

Diebold Information & Security Systems
5555 North Lamar Boulevard, Austin, TX 78751
(512) 459-6335
Safe House
1407 Ave M
Huntsville, TX 77340

Diebold Information & Security Systems
1407 Avenue M, Huntsville, TX 77340
(936) 293-1963
5200 Pasadena Avenue Northeast, Albuquerque, NM 87113
(505) 889-3100

Diebold Incorporated - Sales
5200 Pasadena Avenue Northeast, Albuquerque, NM 87113
(505) 796-7400
BACA Construction CO
140 East Madrid Avenue, Las Cruces, NM 88001
(505) 526-6378
(505) 527-4865 (fax)

Diebold Inc
140 East Madrid Avenue, Las Cruces, NM 88001
(505) 523-1014

The nature of people in

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The nature of people in general is to become informed. Regardless to whether the information is beneficial to them or not. If access is gained and easily obtained, a person will definitely browse someone else's information or anything that's available, without any conviction or guilt. And, if caught, will deny it to the hilt!

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Same in Vermont, but...

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Bob, with today's posting on Rawstory your old piece is gaining renewed traction. I ran the test for my homestate of Vermont (where, sadly, Diebold's crappy jukeboxes are still in use), and sure enough: 3 out of 5 Diebold Vermont locations are Wal-Marts. However, one poster at Rawstory notes that a "service location" for Diebold may be co-located with a big customer (i.e. Wal-Mart) -- which doesn't sound unreasonable, but should certainly prevent them from making any kind of claim about a large state presence.