Did McCain Get An Alzheimer's Test?

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    Bob Fertik
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Speaking about Russia's invasion of Georgia, John McCain actually said:

In the 21st century, nations don't invade other nations.

Umm John, have you forgotten 2003? That's not a rhetorical question - the earliest symptom of Alzheimer's is the loss of recent memories.

Has early Alzheimer's caused McCain to forget 2003? Add this "lost memory" to McCain's other "senior moments" like the 1993 division of Czechoslovakia and numerous campaign statements he can't remember and we're getting close to a clinical diagnosis.

There's also persistent talk of McCain taking a one-term pledge to avoid starting a second term at age 76. So here's a serious question: did McCain get an Alzheimer's test? At age 71, shouldn't he get one before he ends up like Ronald Reagan?


McCain and Alzheimers

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How many times in one week did McCain confuse Iraqi insurgents (on camera!) claiming them to be members of Al Qaeda necessitating Joe Lieberman to take him aside to whisper in his ear in order to have McCain correct the statement he was making. (later excused by his campaign on McCain's being weary because of the rigors of campaigning).
You would think that a strong proponent of waging a war of choice would at least know who the enemy was.

These are not "senior moments". These are an indicator of things to come. McCain is applying for the most stressful, exhausting job in the world. If the rigors of campaigning can render him prone to making serious mistakes what will happen when he's president!

McCain somehow gives the impression that he is acting in the role of a ventriloquist's dummy and unlike Reagan, seems to continually get his lines confused.

And then

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And then there is his campaign handlers trying to pry the cell phone from McCain's hands, becuase they say that he is inclined to call his friends and ask them how they think he should stand on some issues, but only remembering the words of the last person he talked to on the phone and repeating what that person said, if he can remember what they told him.

We have suffered through 8 years of the Bush puppet and Cheney master routine and Bush is just stupid. Imagine if the puppet is losing his ability to think rationally, to remember and to plan. Boy would the neocons have a hay day then. And don't forget the famous McCain temper. The man is like a time bomb and I can't imagine what any serious voter could be thinking if they vote for him.

"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag, carrying a cross." ~ Sinclair Lewis