Defeat All Republicans


I pledge to defeat all Republicans in the next election.

I am outraged both at the policies of the Republican Party, and the tactics they use to enact their policies when the majority of Americans disagree.

I am outraged by their never-ending war on healthcare, their war on food stamps, their war on women, their war on the environment, and their war on voting and democracy.

And I am outraged that they are once again taking the federal government and our credit rating hostage to achieve their extremist goals.

But I am not powerless to fight back. I will use my vote defeat Republicans at all levels of government in the next election.

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people have signed this petition.

Once again, Republicans are using budget deadlines and the debt ceiling to take the American people hostage to their extremist demands.

When Republicans did this in 2011, the credit rating of the United States was downgraded by S&P from AAA for the first time in U.S. history, which increased future deficits and taxes. In addition, Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 635 points (5.6%) in one day, which hurt our retirement funds and worsened the already-devastating Bush Recession.

The American people do not want a government shutdown. We do not want to default on our national debt. But Republicans refuse to listen to the American people.

There is only one way to send a message that Republicans will hear: by defeating every Republican politician at every level in the next election.

After a sweeping defeat, Republicans will have to decide whether they want to continue their toxic and self-defeating extremism, or start listening to the American people.

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