Dear Clifford: An Open Letter to an Evil Lying Warmonger

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    Bob Fertik
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Dear Clifford May:

Unfortunately Cindy Sheehan is too busy trying to keep other mothers' sons and daughters from dying in Iraq to accept your invitation to lunch.

But I would be delighted to accept your invitation in her place on one small condition: that you sign and submit this document, known as "DD Form 4/1".

Does this document ring a bell? Probably not. But it's not very obscure.

It is the Enlistment Document for the Armed Forces of the United States.

Cindy's son Casey signed this document because an Army recruiter told him he could become a Chaplain's Assistant.

Instead he ended up dead, leaving his mother devastated.

He wasn't killed by Al Qaeda terrorists - or Saddam's Baathist henchmen. He was killed by followers of Moqtada Al-Sadr, a nationalistic Shiite cleric from the poor part of Baghdad whose family fought Saddam's tyranny for years. The battle began when Paul Bremer demanded his arrest for opposing the U.S. occupation. On Friday, 100,000 of his supporters marched against the U.S.-backed Constitution that would divide Iraq in thirds.

You see, Iraq is a complicated and dangerous place. There are millions of people - and millions of guns, grenades, and bombs.

But there were no nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons in 2002 when George Bush insisted there were - not a single one.

If George Bush had ever fought in a war, he would have known better than to invade Iraq and put American lives at risk in a seething cauldron of religious and tribal strife.

But Bush never fought with his generation in Vietnam. He used his family's wealth and power to get into the Texas Air National Guard, and let someone else go to Vietnam in his place. And with two years left to serve, he got drunk, was grounded, and went AWOL.

You never fought either. But just like George Bush, you're thrilled to let poor kids fight in your place.

Now you're rich, powerful, and smug. After you lead the cheers for war, you amuse yourself by insulting the grieving mothers of those who die in them.

There's a special place in hell for evil lying warmongers like you. If you send in your "DD Form 4/1" perhaps Commander-in-Chief George Bush will help you find it.


Good points. I remember

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Good points. I remember Vietnam all too well. If you had pull and/or money, you could get into the Guard and stay home. That's what the National Guard was supposed to do...guard the homeland...nation...duh!

But now, the national guard is being used as cannon fodder for the regular army. This along with the base closings is not making sense.

There is something dangerously wrong with this president and his administration.