CNN Censors #1 Youtube

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    Bob Fertik
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CNN is congratulating itself profusely for its YouTube debate, and they showed a lot of excellent questions. But they refused to show the #1 video as voted on by visitors to CommunityCounts. The hands-down winning question was on impeachment.

Among the candidates, Dennis Kucinich of course wins the impeachment contest because he is the author of H.Res. 333, Articles of Impeachment for Vice President Cheney. Chris Dodd gets points for answering the question, but he gave the wrong answer when he said it would "divert the attention" of Congress.


youtube ignores popular impeachment question

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    keep it real
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Sounds like youtube is doing the same thing the democratic leadership is doing.

another farce

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    Zoe Una
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I thought they were going to post the questions that got the most votes - they didn't. The questions they picked were like the same old questions that would have been asked without people putting out videos of questions. They were chosen as per CNN's or the candidates likings - not the people's votes.

One of the top questions was by Davis Fleetwood. He asked about the Patriot Act. That one was ignored. So we did not get any substance out of this debate, no matter how they tried to spin it.

Just one more deception to add to the list of all the many deceptions out there on all sides.

I also heard that Conyers is backing off again. Is this true?


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It has to be said, the debate was boring. No new ideas, no change on the Iraq issue, same old stuff. How many died in Iraq during that debate? The YouTube idea was novel, but this country is in dire straits and all we here is talk. And our dictator continues on his own path.

Did CNN/You Tube give a reason?

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Did they at least issue a statement as to why they both declined it?

I think they owe people an explanation, ESPECIALLY since it was the number one question voted on! I thought this was the way democracy works!


independent media question?

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Hey Everyone, There were 4 questions with over 1000 votes that 2/3’s of us felt should be asked. I was late getting home so I missed the first half, but I’d still like to know which CNN chose. The impeachment question wasn’t asked (lonelygirll15) but the non-religious voters was asked (Lunch4lyfe). I’m not sure about the fuel question (ciws) but lots like it were asked. What about the independent media question (fallofautumndistro)? That was one I was really hoping for. ~ Katie

Who do we "hound" about this...?

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CNN or Anderson Cooper...? We should raise hell about it..otherwise it will get no attention what so ever

Don't Impeach Anybody, Yet!!

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    Brick Sykes
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I just wrote a comment over on HuffPo about the Impeachment fervor:

Based on the Bush Administration's actions over the last 6+ years, Does it look to anyone else that filing Impeachment Charges is JUST EXACTLY WHAT THE BUSHES WANT THE DEMOCRATS TO DO!!!!

My God! Why do you think they've been setting up their IMPEACHMENT PROOF PRESIDENCY???? The Federalist Society has had 200+ lawyers working day and night DESIGNING a scheme where a successful Impeachment would be IMPOSSIBLE!

Now, what do we want to Do? FALL INTO THEIR TRAP? Nothing would make them happier, and put them back on the road to a Permanent Republican Majority! Honest!

Impeachment of ANY REPUBLICAN should be the LAST thing the Democrats should do! Think about it! Think about it!

Why would Chris Dodd say the same thing I'm saying? The word "Impeachment" is an easy word to say; doing it is another matter. With a wafer thin majority, the Republicans would make life Hell on Earth for our guys, and the MSM would torture ALL Americans with the most vicious hate campaign in history!

Don't do It, John Conyers! And all you HotHeads hold your tongues and let cooler heads prevail! Use your head, Not Lose your Head!

I'll say the same things to all you guys. First thing I see this morning is the piece from Bob about "John Conyers 'Wimping' out" on the Impeachment thing. I shot him back a suggestion that we stop splitting up our team and creating two camps within our own Party. I don't care how many grass roots people are speaking their passion in this debate, but, Friends, any such action would be too hasty and Ill conceived.

See what I'm doing? I'm taking a fellow Democrat to task for making a lot of unnecessary noise over an impossible proposition! What the Hell is this? Just trying to "Make a Statement?" Is Division in our own Party really what anybody wants? I wouldn't thing so...

Impeachment Brick, is MANDATED...

by the Constitution for the crimes this misadministration has committed and continues to commit.

It is no longer our decision to do so, neither is the decision of the Congress.

There are definite pluses to doing this now. If the House can pass the Impeachment, then none of the cabal in office can pardon themselves or their followers. There are other positive controls placed on those impeached by the House.

It doesn't matter if it gets to the Senate or not. The Impeachment label will stick to these bastards like glue for the remainder of their lives.

Now that Bush has his dictatorship in hand(and he really does), he could easily change the Constitution to allow him to run for another term/s.

You really want to give these crooks another 17 months to destroy both the Constitution and the country?

If so, then you are the worst kind of enabler.

How many hours a day do you listen to Rush and Faux News anyway?

A mind once expanded can never return to its original dimensions.

Anne Hathaway: 1556-1623


The greatest derangement of the mind is to believe in something because one wishes it to be so.

First of all, in case you

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    Bill Harding
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First of all, in case you haven't noticed, the Democratic Party is already divided and has been since the DLC "New Democrats" decided that they would appease (and enable) the neocons with "centrism." Please don't come in here and lecture us about splitting the Party, as we're the ones who are trying to put it back together.

Secondly, you are spouting the same nonsense as the DLC-controlled Democratic "leadership." You are more concerned with winning an election than you are with returning this nation to its rightful owners -- the People.

I agree with Grinch -- you have been brainwashed by the neoconservative right-wing propaganda machine.


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impeachment is less humiliating than waterboarding or hanging. do it.