C'mon Darcy Burner, Take a Stand on Impeachment

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    Bob Fertik
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On Monday George Bush will raise money for one of his stupider and most reliable rubber stamps, Dave Reichert (WA-08). Not surprisingly, the Netroots are mobilizing support for Reichert's opponent, Darcy Burner, who is running again in 2008 after losing by only 7,000 votes in 2006.

Darcy is a great Netroots candidate, especially both because she is solidly progressive and because she "gets" the internet - no surprise since she was a Microsoft executive. She also loves Youtube and comes across naturally as the person she is - frank, decisive, and clear. Watch her outraged reaction to the warrantless wiretapping vote.

There's only one thing wrong with Darcy: she refuses to talk frankly about impeachment. There's no mention of the "I" word on her issues page, just this at the very top of the page:

On Upholding the Constitution:

Every member of Congress swears an oath to uphold the Constitution.  I will do everything in my power to fulfill that oath.  No one is above the law.

Obviously the "I" word would fit perfectly here. So why doesn't she include it?

Yes, I know Bush will be on his way out the door when Darcy is sworn in on January 6, 2009. But Darcy refused to talk about impeachment in 2006, when she could have impeached Bush had she won. If George Bush is not an issue for the 2008 election, then Darcy should apply that principle across the board and never mention his name - which is absurd because Darcy is happy to talk about Bush every chance she gets, and is happy to raise big bucks from the Netroots while he's visiting her district. And she's right to do so because George Bush will be an issue in every election until every last trace of toxic Bushism is removed from our government.

Also there is a nationwide netroots impeachment movement that Darcy could endorse now, even if she arrives too late to Congress to be part of the impeachment process itself. On the campaign trail, candidates always show their support for issues their supporters care about, like walking picket lines with a striking union - even if that strike will be long over by the time they take office. Speaking out on issues that supporters care passionately about is what candidates do. Washington State has an active impeachment movement, and Darcy should be part of it - including speaking at their events.

So why isn't Darcy doing these things? Obviously because she doesn't want to touch the impeachment issue. But why?

Did she get a memo from the DCCC not to talk about impeachment? If so, she should be frank with the Netroots and say so. Better yet, she should give us a copy of the memo so we can take it up with its author.

Or does she think the "I" word will hurt her in her district? A national poll found 54-40% support for impeaching Dick Cheney. In general, impeachment polls show the strongest support for impeachment is in the West, which is no surprise because of their independent and anti-government spirit. Has she polled the issue in her district?

Or does she think the impeachment movement is made up of Dirty Hippies and she'll get the cooties by associating with us? Personally I love Dirty Hippies, but I can't find a single one in this picture of Washington State impeachers - can you?

So what's the real reason, Darcy? If you want to be a true Netroots candidate, you can't play DC insider games and treat the Netroots like children who are too stupid and naive to understand the truth. So tell us the truth - but be ready to listen to us when we disagree, because we've been arguing with Democratic "leaders" about impeachment since the Downing Street Memos were published on 5/1/05.

Happily, Darcy is holding a Virtual Town Hall on Monday so I submitted this question here:

If a lot of us ask her, maybe she'll answer :)