Charlie Rangel Under 40% in First Primary Poll

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In the first poll of Democrats who are likely to vote in the September 14 primary, Rep. Charlie Rangel leads with only 39%, according to a new poll by Public Policy Polling for (Full results)

Incumbents who fall below 50% are generally viewed as endangered.

Rangel leads a crowded field of challengers led by Adam Clayton Powell IV with 21%, Joyce Johnson with 7%, Jonathan Tasini with 6%, and Vince Morgan with 2%. These candidates filed enough petitions to qualify for the ballot, but Rangel's campaign is trying to throw some of those candidates off the ballot by challenging their petitions.

The race is largely a referendum on Rangel himself: 49% approve of Rangel's job performance, 27% disapprove, and 24% are unsure. Rangel's ethics problems are likely to become a central issue in the weeks ahead, as his opponents highlight an ongoing House ethics investigation.

Among likely voters, 47% think Rangel should stay in Congress to deal with the ethics charges, while 35% would prefer Rangel to retire with his reputation intact. Several of Rangel's opponents predict he will retire before the 2012 election, even if he wins another term in 2010. Rangel turned 80 in June.

Powell, who lost badly to Rangel in a 1994 primary, has his own ethics problem: a 2008 arrest for drunken driving that resulted in a conviction for a lesser charge of driving while impaired.

On a key national issue, likely voters oppose Rangel's proposal to re-institute a military draft by 47%-33%. A plurality of 37% want U.S. troops to leave Afghanistan in 2010, and a solid majority of 69% want them home by the end of 2011. Just 17% want to U.S. troops stay until the Taliban is defeated. On July 1, Rangel cast a key vote for $33 billion to increase U.S. troop levels in Afghanistan to expand fighting against the Taliban., an online community of 635,000 Democratic activists based in Queens, is supporting Jonathan Tasini because of his strong opposition to additional war funds.

On a key local issue, likely voters are divided on Rangel's responsibility for gentrification in Harlem. 20% hold him very responsible, 32% somewhat responsible, 19% not very responsible, and 19% are not concerned about gentrification.

Voters also reject the idea that the district, which covers diverse areas of northern Manhattan, should be represented by any particular ethnic group. Just 10% think the seat should be held by an African-American and only 5% by a Latino, while 83% think it should be held by the best candidate of any race. Respondents identified themselves as 37% African-American, 31% white, 10% Puerto Rican, 10% Dominican, and 12% other. Women outnumbered men by 60% to 40%, and voters over 45 were 82% of respondents.

The poll of 682 likely Democratic primary voters was conducted on July 17-18 by Public Policy Polling, a national firm based in North Carolina. According to the Wall Street Journal, PPP was the second most accurate pollster in swing Presidential states in 2008.

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Republican't candidates are stealing Democratic THUNDER, promising a moratorium on FREE Trade-----we need our Dem Reps to sponsor a bill to restore our Constitution's proviso for FAIR TRADE to show your true support for America's working class and quash all agreements with COMMUNIST CHINA. The Dems need it now for upcoming elections.

Good luck with that one.

Good luck getting anyone on here to stand up for stopping China's takeover of our production.

China is truely our real number one problem, but most just do not seem to see the economic threat.

Not so much..

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that the problem isn't seen, it's just a bit more complicated now. China holds a whooole lot of our IOUs. They could also reak world-wide havoc by dumping, well almost everything imaginable on all open markets at prices unmatchable by anyone else.

We all see the problem. Personally, I never could understand China getting "most favored nation" status to begin with. But they did, and in view of global economic circumstances (especially our own), a great deal of tact is called for. They really do hold a couple of aces in our economic future.


Sen Rangel/We the People

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Whatever Sen Range has done, is continuing to do, or will do next, is the CHOICES 'HE MADE'. Not for his constituents, not for this country. Just his personal reasons.

If the truth was actually made public, as it should be, very few elected officials could escape with a clean slate on support and representation of "We the People" on most all issues.

Recent history shows and is proof enough that "The Government" (consisting of the people that "We" elect, and more importantly, the ones "We" keep re-electing, who ignore the voices of the majority, in favor of Corporate America's IBO's (Internationale Bribery Organizations, better known as LOBBIST). From the president himself, who took CA$H contributions into the  $MILLION$, from these IBO's, and most every other candidate in "The Government.

What do the IBO's get in return for their gift giving? All I can say, those gifts weren't free. My guess is a grauntee of key votes, on key legislation. What do the people of this country get for voting these same receipants to our government at each election cycle?  "MORE DEBT$, Less representation, No Voice in "The Government".

Food for thought: Did your elected official represent your interest in the Wall Street bailout? Mine didn't. Has your elected official come to you and explained his/her position on any upcoming legislation? Mine hasn't. Has your elected official saught your opinion on the continuation of either ILLEGAL WAR  that our country is involved in today? Mine hasn't. Has any of your elected officials taken CA$H contributions from any member of Corporate America's IBO's? Mine has, all three of them. Both Senators, as well as my House member. How often has these officials supported and voted with your best interest's in mind? None, Zero, Nada. On the other side of that issue, who have these elected officials supported and cast mtheir vote too? Political Party, IBOs, Special interest groups, etc. All three officials vote along Party Lines. One who has demonstrated his total attention and vote for what-ever Nancy Pelosi tells him to do. 100% of the votes.

The People of the United States, the legal people that is, is not included any longer in this country's government. There is "A GOVERNMENT, that has been 'BUILT' for The Government, and done so by The Government, and That Government is OWNED by Corporate America, and is 'CONTROLLED' by Corporate America."

"This Government has made attempts to safegard themselves from any input or suggestions from the people. Anyone outside their circle is closed completely out of any government functions or issues."

Our only avenue,"We the People", is at the voting booth. And some of them are under government control. Good ole boy voting has to STOP! These are the people responsible for The Government" control. They are "The Government".