Change Poll Results #1

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These are the results of our "change" poll so far, sorted in descending order. I know how hard it is to take a complicated poll like this and I take off my hat to the 446 of you who have done so. And I encourage all of our readers to select your own priorites here:

Habeas Corpus: restore access to courts for all prisoners of the U.S. 61%
Minimum Wage: increase to "living wage" above the poverty line and index to inflation 59%
Impeachment of George Bush and Dick Cheney: for Iraq War lies, Illegal Wiretapping, Torture, and other High Crimes 50%
Iraq: end U.S. occupation as quickly as possible 49%
Taxes: shift burden from working families to wealthy and corporations 48%
Wiretapping: enforce laws prohibiting warrantless wiretapping inside U.S. 42%
Voting Machines: use paper ballots counted by citizens until machines are open-source and unhackable 42%
Torture: outlaw all internationally-recognized torture by the U.S. military and the CIA and ban outsourcing of torture to 36%
Global Warming: sign Kyoto Treaty to reduce emissions, then set more ambitious goals 35%
Jobs: eliminate subsidies for exporting jobs overseas 33%
Alternative Energy: invest in wind, solar, and geothermal power 33%
Health Care: single-payer health care for all citizens 33%
Religion: restore separation of Church and State 30%
Internet: preserve net neutrality 30%
"Enemy Combatants": abolish legal category and treat captured fighters as prisoners of war under Geneva Conventions 29%
War powers: repeal post-9/11 Presidential blank check 28%
Stem Cells: fund research 27%
President: ban signing statements 26%
Bankruptcy: repeal 2005 restrictions 24%
Competition: end corporate subsidies and tax loopholes 23%
Corporations: repeal "personhood" rights 23%
Voting Rights: guarantee every citizen's right to vote and have their vote verifiably counted 23%
Cars: significantly increase MPG requirements for new vehicles, tax credits for trade-in of gas guzzlers, fund R&D of elec 23%
Oil: end dependence on Mideast oil through alternative energy and conservation 23%
Campaign Finance: full public funding of Congressional races, strict enforcement of 527 rules 22%
Wiretapping of U.S. citizens without warrants 22%
Social Security: create "lock box" funding, ban privatization, and end sex discrimination 22%
Pharmaceuticals: remove lawsuit immunity from Patriot Act 21%
Iraq War profiteering: recover stolen funds 21%
Judges: block rightwing nominations 20%
Secret CIA Prisons: ban 19%
President: abolish Electoral College through Constitutional Amendment 18%
Veterans: restore medical benefits and expand mental health 18%
Free Speech: outlaw "First Amendment Zones" limiting protests 17%
Pollution: strengthen Clean Air and Clean Water Acts and restore enforcement 17%
Presidential Executive Orders: review and override if unconstitutional or illegal 17%
September 11 lies 17%
Credit: outlaw predatory lending tricks and usurious interest rates, make all interest payments deductible 16%
Congressional Districts: end partisan gerrymandering and mid-decade redistricting 16%
Whistleblowers: restore protections 16%
Abortion: pass Freedom of Choice Act to codify Roe v. Wade 16%
Gays: repeal anti-gay marriage law 16%
Iran: direct negotiations between U.S. and Iran to avoid war 15%
Military Contractors: establish strict accountability 15%
Transparency: enforce the Freedom of Information Act and stop destruction of public records 15%
Election machine fraud 15%
Ownership: reverse corporate consolidation 15%
Education: reform No Child Left Behind, end "teaching to the test" 15%
Torts: restore victim access to courts for product liability and medical malpractice 14%
Pharmaceuticals: end private patents for publicly-funded research 14%
Party Funds: prohibit "soft money" from corporations and the wealthy 14%
Voting Ease: make Election Day a holiday and expand vote-by-mail to all states 14%
Posse Comitatus: prohibit use of military forces inside U.S. except for disasters 14%
Privacy: guarantee through Constitutional Amendment 13%
Trade: leave NAFTA and WTO 13%
Iraq War crimes 13%
Presidential Powers: investigate the "Unitary Executive" theory and its abuses 13%
Fairness: restore Fairness Doctrine requiring licensed broadcasters to give equal time for both sides of controversial iss 13%
Terrorism: implement 9/11 Commission recommendations 13%
Treaties: prohibit unilateral Presidential abrogation 12%
Workplace: restore mandatory overtime, expand Family and Medical Leave, expand unemployment insurance to part-time jobs 12%
Instant Runoff Voting: for Presidential and Congressional races 12%
Cheney's Secret Energy Task Force 12%
Trade: require labor and enviromental standards 11%
Lobbying: ban all lobbyist-paid trips and tickets, extend "revolving door" period for elected and appointed officials to b 11%
Iraq War lies 11%
Oil price manipulation: recover stolen funds 11%
Prescriptions: reform Medicare Part B 11%
Budgets: "pay as you go" 11%
Immigration: create guest worker program for manual labor with full workplace rights and punish employers who hire undocum 10%
Military Outsourcing: ban armed mercenaries like Blackwater and CACI 10%
Katrina profiteering: recover stolen funds 10%
Education: reduce class size, fund new textbooks and computers, build gyms and schoolyards, serve healthy food, reform Spe 10%
Higher Education: reduce interest on student loans 10%
Equal Rights Amendment: pass 9%
Media: require broadcast licensees to provide free time for debates 9%
Fuels: invest in biofuels 9%
Public Lands: protect ANWR and coasts from destructive drilling 9%
Medical Marijuana: legalize 9%
2004 Election: Ohio machine tampering 9%
Livestock: end abusive factory farm practices 8%
Research: increase funding of scientific and medical research 8%
States: end partisan activities by Secretaries of State 8%
Peace: create Department of Peace 8%
Contracting: ban companies that defraud U.S. government 8%
Spending: ban earmarks by Members of Congress 8%
Insurance: punish insurers who refuse to pay claims 7%
Truth in Advertising: fine campaigns for false claims 7%
National Parks: increase operating budgets and expand parkland 7%
Al Qaeda: better plan to defeat worldwide 7%
North Korea: direct negotiations between U.S. and North Korea to avoid war 7%
Nuclear Weapons: reaffirm Test Ban Treaty and ABM Treaty and implement Start II warhead reductions 7%
Contracting: require competitive bids 7%
Pay: tie increases to minimum wage 7%
Homeland Security profiteering: recover stolen funds 7%
Child Care: expand day care, Head Start, pre-K, afterschool, and summer programs 7%
Homelessness: eliminate by funding housing and social services 7%
Prescriptions: permit import 7%
Urban Policy: invest in mass transit and affordable housing 7%
Welfare: end punitive practices, allow college and job training, increase child care, drug rehab, and transportation 7%
Voter Registration: make automatic for all citizens over 18 7%
President: abolish pardons 6%
Jobs: reduce payroll taxes to stimulate employment 6%
Women: enforce anti-discrimination laws and strengthen Equal Pay Act to address comparable worth 6%
Genetically Modified Organisms: strict regulation 6%
Pentagon: eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse 6%
Criminals: automatically expel convicted Members and cancel their pensions 6%
FEMA: remove from Homeland Security and report directly to President 6%
2000 Election: Florida voter purges 6%
Food: strengthen inspections 5%
Israel/Palestine: demand White House leadership in meaningful peace talks 5%
Terrorism: require FISA approval for non-Geneva interrogation of terrorists caught planning major attacks 5%
Lies: punish licensed broadcasters who fail to correct lies 5%
AIDS: expand global prevention (including condoms) and treatment 5%
Family Planning: restore funding for programs at home (Title X) and abroad 5%
Immigration: reasonable path to citizenship 5%
Rape: require hospitals to provide emergency contraception 5%
Labor: Enact Employee Free Choice Act 4%
Sprawl: expand public transportation 4%
Afghanistan: better plan to defeat Taliban 4%
Military Recruitment: end deceptive practices, ban ROTC in High School, end opt-out recruitment mailings 4%
U.N.: reaffirm commitment to U.N. Charter prohibiting Wars of Aggression 4%
Science: punish politicization and suppression 4%
Internet: create municipal wireless systems 4%
Abortion: remove punitive obstacles and expand Medicaid funding for poor women 4%
Sex Education: "abstinence plus" honest sexuality, contraception, and disease prevention 4%
Women: ratify Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) without qualifications 4%
Cable: per-channel pricing 4%
Islam: citizen diplomacy through Peace Corps 3%
Domestic Violence: fully fund Violence Against Women Act and expand prevention 3%
Illegal Drugs: eliminate programs that don't work 3%
Privacy: fight identity theft 3%
District of Columbia: Statehood through Constitutional Amendment 2%
Space: ban weapons 2%
Violence: stricter regulation of violent TV, movies and computer games 2%
Children: expand programs for autistic and disabled 2%
Crime: restore funds for municipal police through COPS program 2%
Public Health: improve infrastructure for fighting epidemics 2%
Middle East: demand White House leadership in negotating a nuclear weapons ban 1%
Girls: strengthen educational equality 1%


We all need more choices here, there is too much to be done.

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There are so many more (than 20) areas that must be addressed immediately.

Preserving Separation of Church and State, Checks and Balances, Habeas Corpus, eliminating signing statements... All Constitutional/legislative abuses must be reversed and the ability to vote and have all of our votes properly counted has got to be assured.

Impeachment is so abundantly deserved here... we cannot allow this perverse Administration to skate for the sake of bipartisan good will and "business as usual". Nor can they be pardoned like Nixon. These war-mongering, NeoCon Fascists have looted the Treasury, tortured, committed war crimes, as well as Constitututional crimes against the people of America!! They must answer for their acts. Their corrupt philosophy has persisted from one (Republican) administration to the next for decades, and cannot be permitted to continue. If democracy is to endure, WE THE PEOPLE, Republicans AND Democrats, must join in the effort to stop them, here and now. FINIS!!

We need to preserve the flow of accurate and honest information by reclaiming Fairness in all Media, new and old. We must stop the corporatization, privatizing and outsourcing that is undermining this country.

Education, Medicare, Social Security, all are issues that require prompt attention, enllightened reformation and future stability.

Then there is Iraq and our foreign policy... where does it end?

What is most important?

I agree..they are all important.

Democrats should do all they can not counting on a Bush signature on any bill(he will add his own law). He lies about everything and can't be trusted to fund or support them if he does.

If the people don't have faith in their leader, he should go. Don't count on an election since they are stolen by one means or another.

Repeal Corporate Personhood and our right to a lawyer and trial is top to me right now. The President and the Executive branch agency heads (such as Defense and Attorney General can not make up their own laws) have abused their power.

Impeachment and acccountability is top on the list. Our democracy and wealth (go to off shore banks for the few elite) are being stolen by a few inside our own government. It is not a different way or thinking about government (smaller, state power, etc.) but robbery and genocide. Bin Laden did not do this!!

RE: How do we take this poll of our priorities?

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I printed out the list, prioritized them, and I clicked on the link to take the poll? How do you do it?

This is an old poll, it may not be still active...

It was for the first 100 days.

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