How to Create a Congressional District Impeachment Committee

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Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic leaders in Congress say impeaching Bush is "off the table." We must change their minds!

Our plan is simple: we will form Impeachment Committees in all 435 Congressional Districts to persuade all of our Representatives to support impeachment.

Help us Impeach Bush by taking the following 4 steps:

1. Join (or create) an Impeachment Committee in your Congressional District.
2. Collect petitions and handwritten letters.
3. Build support for impeachment by holding an educational town forum, writing letters to the editor, etc.
4. Meet with your Representative, deliver the petitions and ask them to Impeach Bush.

More detailed instructions are below.

1. Join (or create) an Impeachment Committee in your Congressional District (existing committees here)

  • Login to
  • Check your profile to make sure your Congressional District is correct - if not, click "Change Personal Information" below Voter Registration and fix your address (no apartment please), then save the changes - if the Congressional District is still wrong, contact us with the correct district
  • Click the "Local" button in the navigation box at the upper left to check for the latest announcements in your Congressional District (also County and State)
  • Look for an announcement of an Impeachment Committee in your Congressional District. If you do see one, reply to it and say you want to help.
  • If you do not see one:
    - click the link to "create forum topic"
    - for subject, enter "Impeachment Committee"
    - for forum, choose "Impeachment - Congressional District Organizing"
    - for topic, choose "ImpeachForChange"
    - for subscriptions, click the box if you want to get an email when someone from your district replies
    - for local, choose "Congressional District"
    - in the body, identify your Congressperson by name (if you don't know click here)
    - add the address of their District Office by searching for their name here and clicking their name and looking under "Contact Information" for the "District Office"
    (note: newly elected Members will not have offices until January)
    - Propose a time and place when local activists can conveniently meet
    - we suggest Saturday at noon at the busiest place in town, but another time and place might work better for your group

2. Collect petitions and handwritten letters (click printer-friendly version below to print this page)

  • download our petition form
  • print as many copies as you'll need (19 signers per page)
  • bring clipboards and pens
  • bring blank paper for handwritten letters
  • bring an ironing board for letterwriting (optional)
  • wear impeachment buttons or anti-war buttons
  • stand in a safe location that gets a lot of foot traffic (but don't block anyone)
  • as people approach you, ask them in a reasonably loud voice if they would like to sign our petition to impeach Bush
  • if they say yes, hand them the clipboard and pen and thank them
  • tell them you will email them when you get home so they can sign our full petition online and email it directly to their Representative and get a personal reply
  • ask them if they have another minute to write a personal letter that you will hand-deliver
  • here is a simple letter they can copy or modify:
    Dear Rep. X,
    I urge you to Impeach George Bush and Dick Cheney for violating the Constitution and breaking the law. I am particularly upset that they:
    - lied about Iraq to start a war
    - allowed torture of prisoners
    - gave corrupt no-bid contracts to their rich friends
    - wiretapped our phones and emails without a warrant
    [Name and address]
  • when it's time to leave, find a copy shop where you can make copies of the petitions (not handwritten letters)
  • bring (or mail) the original petitions and letters to the Representative (you can call in advance to get the name of the District Manager and schedule a brief visit)
  • keep the copies to keypunch the emails (only) into our petition invitation form
  • the keypunchers should login and click here:
    and look just below the message for the "send to friend" link
  • the "send to friend" page lets you keypunch up to 20 email addresses, one per line
  • copy/paste all the emails and save them in a convenient document (Email distribution list, spreadsheet, or Word document) for future organizing in your community
  • press "submit"
  • this will email each person and invite them to sign our petition

3. Write letters to the editor and op-eds and call radio and TV talk shows because Representatives pay attention to the issues people are raising in the local media.

4. Organize a Honk-to-Impeach event - if possible do it every week, same time same place.

5. Schedule a district meeting with your Representative

  • Your Representative spends some work weeks in Washington and some at home.
  • November will be mostly in Washington, December and January mostly at home.
  • Designate one well-spoken person to call the District Office and request a meeting with a group of impeachment supporters to discuss why impeachment is absolutely necessary.
  • Each member of the group should read and bring one book or serious article on impeachment and prepare a couple of sentences for the meeting summarizing the most important argument in that book or article.
  • The group should meet for coffee an hour before the meeting to discuss who will say what and avoid duplication.
  • The person who scheduled the meeting should be the first to speak and thank the Representative for the meeting and then let each person say their name and neighborhood
  • One person should take notes
  • The key questions to ask are:
    Do you agree that invading Iraq on the basis of lies is an impeachable offense?
    Do you agree that allowing prisoners to be tortured is an impeachable offense?
    Do you agree that wiretapping countless innocent Americans without a warrant is an impeachable offense?
    Do you agree that nullifying laws with signing statements is an impeachable offense?
    If you agree that one or more are impeachable offenses, what will it take for you to publicly support impeachment?

6. Organize a Town Hall Meeting on December 10, 2006.