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While Democrats control the House of Representatives by 231-202, they cannot pass progressive bills on health care, the environment, jobs, justice, and impeachment - or even stop horrendous Republican bills on Iraq, torture, and warrantless wiretapping - because a few dozen "Bush Democrats" usually vote with George Bush.

One solution is to elect more Democrats to increase our majority so "Bush Democrats" matter less, and many netroots groups like Moveon.org, DailyKos.com, and Blue America are doing this brilliantly.

The other solution is to support progressive Democrats in primaries against "Bush Democrats," and that's why we launched this effort, drawing heavily on the excellent advice of Blue America's Howie Klein.

The main reason progressives have avoided primaries against Democratic incumbents is the fear that a divisive primary might help turn a "Bush Democratic" seat into a Republican seat. Realistically, there may be a few "Bush Democrats" who are uniquely able to win in Republican districts and therefore should not be challenged in a Democratic primary. But those are the exceptions, not the rule - especially in an election like 2008 where Democrats have a large lead due to widespread disgust with Bush and the entire Republican Party. We will not target incumbents who are truly exceptional.

While we focus on replacing incumbent Bush Democrats, there are two other situations in which progressive Democrats face Bush Democrats:

You can help all of our progressive Democratic candidates through our Actblue page:

1. Incumbent Bush Democrats who deserve primary challenges

Below is a list of Democrats who voted wrong on one or more crucial votes. Some are hard-core "Bush Democrats" while others simply join them from time to time.

Steny Hoyer        

By publishing this list, we hope to accomplish several goals:

  1. Persuade these Democrats to stop voting with Bush so we don't have to challenge them in a primary. Democrats who reverse their bad votes and genuinely embrace progressive positions will be crossed off our list
  2. Encourage progressive Democrats to run primaries against those who keep voting with Bush

This list began after 59 Bush Democrats voted against the McGovern Amendment on 5/10/2007 on the first key vote to end the war. Those 59 Bush Democrats voted for an endless occupation of Iraq despite overwhelming opposition from Democrats, Independents, and even many Republicans. The list has been modified since then to take account of other key votes since the original Iraq War vote on 10/10/02.

Key to Column Headings:

"B/R" ranks each district on a "Blue/Red" scale where 1=Strong Blue, 2=Leans Blue, 3=Tossup, 4=Leans Red, 5=Solid Red. In theory there is less "risk" in challenging an incumbent in a Blue district than a Red one, because the seat should stay Democratic regardless of who wins the primary. But each district and each race is unique, so that general theory may or may not apply.

"Incumbent" links to a page for each incumbent where you can discuss progressive Democrats who could challenge them in a primary, and other topics related to local political organizing.

"B/N" identifies Members who join the "Bluedog" (B) or "New Democrat/DLC" (N) caucuses. "Bluedogs" claim to support "fiscal responsibility," but these Bluedogs support a war that has already wasted an incredible $434 billion and driven budget deficits to record levels. "New Democrats/DLC" claim to support "national security" but the Iraq War has severely damaged our armed forces, undermined military recruitment, increased global terrorism, and alienated our allies. Those who play a leadership role with either group earn an asterisk (*).

"BDI" is the "Bush Democrat Index" which ranks all Democrats on their overall voting support for George Bush and the Republicans. It is the reverse of the Progressive Punch Index.

"Votes" identifies key votes where these Members voted wrong:

  • ?: (Not in office when vote occurred)
  • A: Authorization for Use of Military Force in Iraq on 10/10/02 (bad=support)
  • B: Bankruptcy Bill on 5/14/05 (bad=support)
  • M: Military Commissions Act on 9/27/06 (bad=support)
  • I: Iraq Supplemental McGovern Amendment to end the war by 4/08 on 5/10/07 (bad=oppose)
  • R: Andrews Amendment to block Iraq/Afghan funds for military strike on Iran on 5/16/07 (bad=oppose)
  • X: Iraq Supplemental with unenforceable timetable on 7/12/07 (bad=oppose any timetable)
  • W: Warantless Wiretapping on 8/4/07 (bad=support)
  • C: Bi-Partisan Compact on Iraq to oppose any funding cuts 9/26/07 (bad=support)
  • P: "Protect America Act" letter co-signer 2/08 (P voted against Democratic alternative 3/14/08)
  • Q: Iraq $163B on 6/19/08
  • F: FISA wiretapping immunity on 6/20/08

"Primary Nominees" lists people whose names have been mentioned. If they are running and have a web site we link to their site. If we consider them priority candidates (whether or not they are running) we make them bold.

Dist B/R Incumbent B/N BDI Votes Primary Nominees
AL05 4 Bud Cramer B 2 ABMIRWCPQF retiring in 08
AL07   Artur Davis     MWBPKQF  
AR01   Marion Berry B   ABCKQF  
AR02 1 Vic Snyder N 49 IXWQF  
AR04 1 Mike Ross B* 26 ABMIWCPQF  
AZ05 4 Harry Mitchell b 59 ?IRWQF  
AZ08 3 Gabrielle Giffords B 79 ?IQF Jeff Latas
CA18 3 Dennis Cardoza B 46 ?BIF  
CA20 2 Jim Costa B 50 ?BIWCQF  
CA28 1 Howard Berman   117 AIQF Rep. Cindy Montanez
Rep. Lloyd Levine
Mike Stettler
CO02 1

Mark Udall

  109 IQF running for US Senate
CO03 4 John Salazar B 56 ?BMIRWQF  
FL02 4 Allen Boyd B* 6 ABMIRWCPQF Rep. Al Lawson
FL03   Corrine Brown     KQF  
FL16 4 Tim Mahoney B 63 ?IRQF  
GA02 1 Sanford Bishop B 27 ABMIRQF  
GA08 5 Jim Marshall B 9 ?MIRXWQF Robert Nowak
Jack Ellis
George Carswell
GA012 1 John Barrow BN 12 ?MIRXWPQF Regina Thomas 7/15
GA013 1 David Scott BN 52 ?BMIRQF  
IA03 3

Leonard Boswell

B 20 ABMIWPF Ed Fallon
[Likely to retire after
IA loses seat in 2010]
IL03 1 Daniel Lipinski   76 IWQF Mark Pera
IL05   Rahm Emanuel *   KQF  
IL08 4 Melissa Bean BN 37 ?BMIRWPQF Randi Scheuer
IN02 3 Joe Donnelly B 29 ?IRWQF  
IN08 4 Brad Ellsworth B 30 ?IXWPQF  
IN09 4 Baron Hill B 32 A?IWQ Gretchen Clearwater 5/6
KS02 4 Nancy Boyda b 88 ?IQF  
KS03 3 Dennis Moore BN* 47 ABMICPQF  
KY06 3 Ben Chandler BN 55 ?BMIWQF Sen. Ernesto Scorsone
LA03 3 Charlie Melancon BN 15 ?BMIRWPQF  
LA06   Don Cazayoux     ?QF  
MD02 1 Dutch Ruppersberger   68 ?BIQF  
MD04 1 Al Wynn   94 AB Donna Edwards
MD05 1 Steny Hoyer * 83 ABIQF Paul Pinsky
MN07 4 Collin Peterson B 3 ABMIWQF  
MO04 5 Ike Skelton   5 ABIQF  
MS01   Travis Childers     ?QF  
MS04 5 Gene Taylor B 1 ABMIXWCQF  
NC02 2 Bob Etheridge N 48 ABMIWQF  
NC07 3 Mike McIntyre BN 7 ABMIWQF  
NC011 3 Heath Shuler B 23 ?IRWPQF Sen. Martin Luther Nesbitt
Rep. Susan C Fisher
Rep. Ray Rapp
ND00 4 Earl Pomeroy B 33 ABMIWPQF  
NV01 1 Shelley Berkley N 67 AIRQF  
NY20   Kirsten Gillibrand B   ?QF  
OH06 3 Charles Wilson B 140 ?IWQF  
OH18 4 Zack Space B 57 ?IRWPQF  
OK02 4 Dan Boren B 4 ?BMIRXWCPQF  
PA04 3 Jason Altmire   25 ?IRWQF  
PA07   Joe Sestak     ?KQF  
PA10 5 Chris Carney B 43 ?IRXWPQF  
PA11   Paul Kanjorski     AQF  
PA12   John Murtha     AHRBKQF  
PA13 1 Allyson Schwartz N 145 ?BIRQ Chuck Pennacchio
PA17 5 Tim Holden B 11 ABMIRXPQF Sen. Michael O'Pake
SC05   John Spratt     AMBPKQF  
SC06   Jim Clyburn *   KQF  
SD00 4 Stephanie Herseth Sandlin BN* 36 ?BMIRWCQF  
TN04 3 Lincoln Davis B 13 ?BMIWCPQF  
TN05 1 Jim Cooper B 24 ?BIWPQF  
TN06 4 Bart Gordon B 18 ABMIWQF  
TN08 1 John Tanner B 8 ABMIRWCPQF  
TX09 1 Al Green   167 ?BIF Rep. Alma Allen
Rep. Hubert Vo
TX15   Ruben Hinojosa     KQF  
TX16   Silvestre Reyes     KQF  
TX17 5 Chet Edwards   17 ABMIWQF  
TX22 5 Nick Lampson B 34 A?IRWCQF  
TX23 3 Ciro Rodriguez   75 ?IWQF  
TX27 2 Solomon Ortiz   14 BIQF Juan Garcia
TX28 1 Henry Cuellar bN 19 ?BMIRWQF  
TX29 1 Gene Green   43 AIQF Sen. Mario V. Gallegos
UT02 5 Jim Matheson B 10 ABMIXWCPQF Mayor Rocky Anderson
VA09 5 Rick Boucher   38 ABIQF  
WA03   Brian Baird     CKQF Cheryl Crist
WA06   Norm Dicks     AQF Paul Richmond
WI03 2 Ron Kind N* 66 ABIQF  

2. Republican districts and open seats where progressive Democrats are running against Bush Democrats


3. Progressive Democratic incumbents who are being challenged by Bush Democrats

Dist B/R Progressive Bush Democrat Notes
TN-09 1 Steve Cohen Nikki Tinker Cohen is an outstanding progressive Freshman who won Harold Ford Jr.'s open seat in 2006 by beating cousin Joe Ford Jr. in the Democratic primary and brother Jake Ford in the general election. Religious right ministers want to defeat Cohen because he supported the Hate Crimes Bill H.R. 1592 and they are likely to support Nikki Tinker, Harold Ford Jr.'s former campaign manager, who came in 2nd to Cohen in the 2006 Democratic primary.


Viable Democratic candidate in Katrina district needs support

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My name is Gilda Reed and I am a life-long resident of Louisiana ’s First District and candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives. I plan to make a powerful difference in the quality of life for my people. Our seniors need a break, our children need a break, our working middle-class and small businesses need a break. I will push for an end to the Iraq War, for affordable health care for all, and for developmentally appropriate education. Something must also be done to end border insecurity, erosion of our Constitutional rights and fiscal irresponsibility. I am an honest, dedicated mother of 7 and grandmother of 11 who is quite used to adversity. With a polio disability, I raised my family and earned a Ph.D. I teach thousands of college students and more classes at 1 time than any of my colleagues. I have fought for years for the rights of my 2 adopted children with disabilities. This same determination will serve my constituents well as I represent them in Washington . The next 5 months are critical in my campaign to seek name recognition while unopposed. Republican incumbent Jindal is busy running for governor and his replacement is as yet unnamed. Sheer grassroots muscle and determination on my part need donated funds to beat the very wealthy Republican opposition. My friends and family have given, but I need outside help to dethrone another Republican. From 1 loyal American patriot to another---Gilda Reed www.GildaReed.com www.WeNeedReed.com 504-287-4328 Gilda Reed Campaign P.O. Box 73186 Metairie , LA 70033-3186

I would like to nominate Cindy Sheehan to run in CA 8th District

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    Soul Rebel
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That is Nancy Pelosi's district.

Cindy Sheehan (devoted mother, activist, & registered Democrat from CA) said the other day that she may run AGAINST Nancy Pelosi in 2008. According to the article she would be running as an independent: (See: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070708/ap_on_el_ho/cindy_sheehan_pelosi )

I think that is a GREAT IDEA, BUT... I really think instead of running as an independent in the fall, she really ought to consider challenging Pelosi in the CA primary next spring and running as a democrat instead. I strongly think that PDA & Democrats.com should back her candidacy and convince her to run in the CA primary.

I think having Cindy running against Pelosi in the CA primary (with backing from PDA Democrats.com, Emily's List, & lots of activists & CA Greens & Nader-voters too, etc.) would be a huge benefit to everyone in the Impeachment/Anti-War movement.

First, I think her candidacy would help elevate the visibility of PDA & Democrats.com as progressive alternatives (and help other progressive candidates you are backing elsewhere in other primaries). She would not help those candidates as much if she were only running in the general election in the fall. I think Cindy would help the Impeach/Anti-War movement most in that role,  (regardless of whether she wins) because the media coverage she would generate by running against Pelosi could generate more coverage of the Anti-War/Pro-Impeachment message and help change the debate among Democratic leaders during an election year in favor of a true progressive agenda for the nation.

A race like that would generate national news coverage, which would force all Dems everywhere to to respond to Cindy's words - i.e. to say whether they support a true progressive agenda for the party and a swift end to the war, or whether they side with their more concilatory leader, Nancy Pelosi. The press will be sure to ask them about that race and it's not good to be seen as opposing the most well-known anti-war activist in the country, if you want to be ssen as anti-war yourself.

 In the end, who knows if Cindy could actually win in the primary. Pelosi did NOT vote against the McGovern Amendmant (as the others on the list above). In fact, Pelosi gets generally very high marks for her progressive record on most issues (except the war & impeachment) & is very well-connected (that's how she got to be Speaker), but... you never know. If she is seen as capitulating to Bush or an obstacle to pushing for an end to the war, I think she could be vulnerable in San Francisco, but only to someone with the stature & street cred of Cindy Sheehan. Pelosi's district is one of the most activist districts in the country!

But, one thing is certain: you can be sure the national media would cover the race (as they did with Lieberman & Lamont - and no one had even heard of Lamont, prior to taking on Lieberman. Cindy's got about a 1000x more name recognition & street cred as a progressive than Lamont had.

There's real no danger of splitting the vote in the primary and the Dems losing that seat as with primary fights in some districts. Pelosi's district would never go Republican, even if the Dem vote there were divided 3 ways! It might even turn into a tight race in SF. In Pelosi's district (at least back when I lived there), the Democrats were considered the conservative party in the SF City Council (over in Berkeley too.) Can't imagine it has changed much. I think you'll see snowballs in Crawford long before that district would ever go to the GOP!

For taking impeachment off the table and not being as forceful an opponent of Bush's war as she could be, Nancy Pelosi seat deserves to be challenged and who better to challenge Pelosi from the left than Cindy? I think PDA & Democrats.com should convince Cindy Sheehan to run for Pelosi's seat in the primary next Spring! You can bet a primary challenge to Pelosi by a nationally-known figure like Cindy would get a lot of coverage (even on Fox News!)

Whether she wins or not, it would send a clear message to the Democratic leadership - i.e. "End the war now, or else you might see a primary challenge to your "safe seat" next year too." (Isn't THAT how democracy is supposed to work?)

Of course, if Cindy were to win (which I think is not impossible in SF) the Dems would then have to elect a new speaker in 2008, who knows who that would be, but whoever got elected Speaker would be sure not repeat Pelosi's mistake of capitualation to the GOP when they violate the constitution or lie us into a war,etc.  

Also, maybe... quite possibly... Pelosi might WISE UP and put impeachment BACK ON THE TABLE in order to avoid a potentially bruising primary fight with the country's most famous anti-war activist! (You don't get to be Speaker of the House if you're not politically savvy enough to see that such a primary fight in Pelosi's district would not be good for her.) I think if Cindy Sheehan ran for her seat in the primary, THAT could be our ABSOLUTE BEST CHANCE to get Rep. Pelosi's to adopt a more progressive stance on impeachment and the war.

I don't think ill of Nancy Pelosi personally, but Democrats have to stop dragging their feet and end this war, like we elected them to do last fall. If they don't, they should feel the political threatened back home, even in supposedly "safe" Democratic districts where most party leaders live.

~Tom Page

Bostonians for the Overthrow of King George!


P.S. If you think Cindy should run against Pelosi then please write her & let her know: http://cindy.live.radicaldesigns.org/modinput4.php?modin=51

Dems bought and paid for

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I hope Cindy Sheehan does challenge Nancy Pelosi.  It should be very clear by now which Democrats have been bought and paid for by the oligarchs who own this Administration.  Nancy Pelosi is one of them. 


Go Cindy!

List of 59

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Why is Gerlach not on your list? I would think he was very deserving.

he's a Republican

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    Bob Fertik
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and will be targeted by all the progressive groups. this list is uniquely about Bush Democrats.

Additional Candidates to Replace

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Please consider adding the following Representatives to the list of those needing replacement: Artur Davis, Brian Higgins, Stephanie Sandlin and Timothy Walz. Like most of your other entries, all these members voted for S1927 on August 2, 2007, to retroactively exonerate the Bush adminstration officials from their prior crimes AND to vastly increase the powers of the executive to invade our privacy AND to substitute Gonzales' private opinion in lieu of the FISA Court judges' rulings. Remarkable! Keep up the good work!


Stephanie Sandlin

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    Bob Fertik
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is on the list as Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (SD).

Artur Davis, Brian Higgins, and Timothy Walz are under consideration along with others who have cast more than one Bush Democrat vote.

Davis Artur MWB
Berry Marion AB
Harman Jane AB
Sherman Brad AR
Tauscher Ellen AB
Jefferson William AB
Michaud Michael MB
Walz Timothy ?W
Andrews Robert AMB
Rothman Steven ARB
Ackerman Gary AR
Crowley Joseph AB
Higgins Brian MWB
Israel Steve AB
McCarthy Carolyn AB
Spratt John AMB
Smith Adam AC

Betsy Markey is a life longDem and Chair of the Party - Paccione

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Get your facts right! Betsy Markey is a life long Dem, Chair of the Dem party in Larimer County and a progressive. Paccione is a conservative and her votes show it - she voted for conservative initiatives 1) for school vouchers 2)for parental notification and 3) denying hospital and other state services to people that can't prove their citizenship (House Bill 1017)

If you want a progressive then pick a progressive not conservative in sheeps clothing!

Edwards is Right We ARe Bush Light

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    Dan Dent
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We need to do a gut check and start to begin to draw some distinctions between us and
the GOP. The GOP is engaged in heavy union-busting by sending our jobs to China a Communist
Country. We are going back to a caretaker Dred Scott type of economy where workers are
nothing more than property with no rights and no dignity.

Right on!

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Jesse Ventura called them "republicrats"> We could really use a man like FDR or RFK now.

Jesse Ventura stands for cliches. Little more.

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He also avoids fire by acting like it is Conservative or Liberal stances that are the problem, while never being willing to specify HIS solution.


-We are in HISTORIC deficits.

-Paychecks for the vast majority are crap, because of the HISTORIC percentage of National Income going to profits.

Super Capitalists and Aristocrats ALL take from the "Winner" to give to the "Loser". They spread the wealth around ---but only so far. THAT IS THE CONSERVATIVE TAKE ON THINGS.

Democrats do nothing different in kind, only degree. Monopolies are to be broken to allow for economic booms. The wealth is to be spread amongst the vast majority who do the labor and provide the innovation. THAT IS THE LIBERAL TAKE ON THINGS.

Which do you agree with?

Which does Jesse agree with?

No offense intended.

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I was just quoting what Jesse Ventura said about about bush democrats (republicrats). Hey as far as I go I'm a liberal and proud of it.

I really don't know where Jesse Ventura stands on the issues. He doesn't live here in Minnesota anymore and I didn't vote for him fopr governor when he ran.


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And no offense taken.

Jesse gets some free airtime by acting above the fray, yet on many key points he is simply being a politician in the worst sense of the word.

He's a personable guy. Sensible Liberals (versus the Far Left) simply need to push a bit to get folks to see past Right Wing propaganda about American Liberalism. My previous response was my 2 cent contribution towards that ;)


your comment

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we got a fdr now coming in office.. he is barak obama !

he was a TEACHING professor of constitutional law AT A VERY REPUTABLE UNIVERSITY. i'd say that is about as close as you are going to get in todays world to fdr...

people today wouldn't know or trust a honest politician if he/she was standing right in front of them.

check this out... the majority of politicians didn't even read the petition to go to war... THEY ONLY GOT BRIEFED !!
As something as important as going to war didn't merit the appropriate time to read the information to make a decision as important as GOING TO WAR??

I REMEMBER THE VIETNAM WAR... IT WAS AN ABSOLUTE DISASTER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY... and for the people living is asia.. not just vietnam,,, all of those countries around there were scared to death.. because the big boogie man (americans) had bullied themselves all over east asia as they are now trying to do to the middle east... bully all those countries.... shame on america..

Is that what you signed up for?

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Is this what you signed up for? All the 18 million voters who voted for Clinton is this really what you signed up for?

• The biggest investment banks to include Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns, Citigroup, and Deutsche Bank gave the Obama campaign $479, 209 in campaign contributions. Strange coincidence since those were the banks who received billions in tax payer dollars. Is that what you signed up for?

• You who moved over to Obama after Hillary need to know that Obamas health care plan commercials was bought and paid for by PhRMA the lobbying arm of the pharmaceutical industry selling his plan giving Obama 150 million for health care ads. What they don’t tell you is the cost. In exchange for Obama receiving 150 million in ads from THE PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES he had to drop two stipulations. Drop legislation to allow the government to negotiate bulk rates for drugs in Medicare, and the other to permit the importation of cheaper drugs from Canada (which was once an Obama campaign saw). How will that help lower insurance costs? Is that what you signed up for?
• *Obama promised a public option to his left wing base.Heis now waffling about the public option. Now it looks like he is throwing under the bus the very base constituents who supported his successful presidential campaign. Is that what you signed up for?
• Obama has put the United States in more debt than all the presidents combined. Is that what you signed up for?
• * Hr 3400 will tax medical insurance premiums paid by you. Is that what you signed up for?
• * Bush was a war monger. Strange that Obama has also seen people die on his watch. He has sent 30,000 troops to Afghanistan this year. A soldier died last week. Is that what you signed up for? What do democrats stand for? Principles or undying worship and loyalty to an leader?

"Corruption In charity and politics, Clinton donors overlap "31.

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"Corruption In charity and politics, Clinton donors overlap "31.3 million single donor donation" ?? etc etc etc"

AND ORIGINAL ARTICLE = http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22335754/

My representative is a traitor!

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Here is a George Bush Democrat. Senator Bill Nelson of Florida is a globalist, supporter of electronic surveilence, and takes money from lobbyists. This guy is a Republican dressed in Democrat clothes. He only votes on the Democrat's side when the issue is minor. He has betrayed the Democratic Party on many big issues like the war in Iraq.

Florida Democrats need to take heed and vote this guy out of office in 2010 when his 6 year term expires.

Senator Bill Nelson’s Recent Voting Record
Since 02/06/2008

Date Vote Position GOP opinion DEM opinion
2/14/08 Vote 27: S 1200: Coburn Amdt. No. 4032; To protect rape and sexual assault victims from HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.
Yes Yes Yes

2/14/08 Vote 26: S 1200: Coburn Amdt. No. 4036; To prioritize scarce resources to basic medical services for Indians. No No No

2/14/08 Vote 25: S 1200: Coburn Amdt. No. 4034; To allow tribal members to make their own health care choices.
No Yes No

2/14/08 Vote 24: S 1200: Dorgan Amdt. No. 4082; Of a perfecting nature.
Yes Yes Yes

2/13/08 Vote 23: S 1200: Tester Amdt. No. 4020; To express the sense of Congress regarding law enforcement and methamphetamine issues in Indian country.
Yes Yes Yes

2/13/08 Vote 22: H R 2082: HR 2082 Conference Report ; Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008
Yes No Yes

2/13/08 Vote 21: On the Cloture Motion: Motion To Invoke Cloture On The Conference Report To Accompany H.R. 2082; Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008
Yes Yes Yes

2/12/08 Vote 20: S 2248: S.2248 as Amended; FISA Amendments Act of 2007
*Yes Yes No

2/12/08 Vote 19: On the Cloture Motion: Motion to Invoke Cloture Re. S. 2248; FISA Amendments Act of 2007
*Yes Yes No

2/12/08 Vote 18: S 2248: Feinstein Amdt. No. 3919; To provide for the review of certifications by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.
Yes No Yes

2/12/08 Vote 17: S 2248: Specter Amdt. No. 3927; To provide for the substitution of the United States in certain civil actions.
Yes No Yes

2/12/08 Vote 16: S 2248: Feingold Amdt. No. 3912; To modify the requirements for certifications made prior to the initiation of certain acquisitions.
*No No Yes

2/12/08 Vote 15: S 2248: Dodd Amdt. No. 3907; To strike the provisions providing immunity from civil liability to electronic communication service providers for certain assistance provided to the Government.
*No No Yes

2/12/08 Vote 14: S 2248: Feingold Amdt. No. 3979; To provide safeguards for communications involving persons inside the United States.
*No No Yes

2/12/08 Vote 13: S 2248: Feinstein Amdt. No. 3910; To provide a statement of the exclusive means by which electronic surveillance and interception of certain communications may be conducted.
Yes No Yes

2/7/08 Vote 12: S 2248: Feingold Amdt. No. 3913; To prohibit reverse targeting and protect the rights of Americans who are communicating with people abroad.
Yes No Yes

2/7/08 Vote 11: S 2248: Feingold Amdt. No. 3915 ; To place flexible limits on the use of information obtained using unlawful procedures.
Yes No Yes

2/7/08 Vote 10: H R 5140: H.R. 5140 As Amended; Recovery Rebates and Economic Stimulus for the American People Act of 2008
Yes Yes Yes

2/7/08 Vote 9: H R 5140: Reid Amdt. No. 4010; To revise the eligibility criteria for the 2008 recovery rebates for individuals.
Yes Yes Yes

2/6/08 Vote 8: On the Cloture Motion: Motion To Invoke Cloture On The Reid Amdt No. 3983; Of a perfecting nature. Yes No Yes

* Voted against Dem. positon. Voted for surveilence and immunity for telecom companies.


I agree with you on this one

See, we can find areas of agreement. That is where you could start to make a real change - by working to get Nelson out of there but I don't think you can do that by being or voting Independent. Replacing Nelson with a real progressive would be great!

Usama bin Forgotten

Hello from Cynthia

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Hello from Cynthia Papermaster in California (www.cynthia08.com-- still under construction). I'm running for Congress in the June Democratic primary for the seat held by Pete Stark for 30 years, CA-13. Stark is a progressive democrat who doesn't want to talk about starting impeachment hearings for Cheney. Whenever asked about impeachment by his constituents he answers with the party's standard, tired excuses. I hope my challenge will help him decide to put his loyalty to the Constitution over party loyalty. Interestingly, Stark was one of the most active Nixon impeachment proponents, filing multiple resolutions to push the hearings forward.

Democrats as Losers

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The worst part of being a Democrat is always watching your back from your party. Bill Clinton was one of the best presidents this country had for eight years. He accomplished turning the deficit into a balanced budget, worked to improve health care and education for all Americans, especially the middle class, and young and older Americans. This inspite of all the unwarranted attacks on him and his family by repubs and their Democrat allies. These same good folks helped with the 2000 coup by right wingers. Now with all our retoric about the Bush anti-American actions, the Democratic party uses their tactics to back-stab Hillary Clinton right out of the Karl Rove hand book. Instead of supporting a well known and liked candidate that can beat McCaine, we give an unknown a free ride to supposedly represent our party. We ignore all of Hillary's past involvement to help children, older Americans, minoritys while showing the same know how and abilities that bill had shown. When our so called leaders disenfranchise voters in Florida and Mi. and declare against Hillary in the Congress and we allow it, don't blame the Bush democrats, just the party.


  • Robert Wermes's picture
    Robert Wermes
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I will vote out as nany as I can and ask other DEMOCRATS too do the same ROBERT WERMES

Nancy Pelosi

  • bulletbob57's picture
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In case you have not noticed, Ms. Pelosi's successful strategy in the 2006 midterm elections (when the Dems recaptured control of the House) was to "out conservative" the GOP in numerous districts across the country. This has also occurred in the 3 most recent in-between-term elections. By recruiting and running moderate to slightly right Dems, you regained power. So, when you out-clever the opposition, sometimes you have to bite the bullet. By ousting these newly elected Dems, you will, likely, lose you majority in the House. ARE YOU TRYING TO HAVE YOU CAKE AND EAT IT TOO?

Nancy Pelsosi

  • geobushono's picture
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I have noticed that the Pelosi sellout/strategy resulted in a minimum wage Law.
That's not a whole lot to show for the rout that was 2006.
When you elect repugs who call themselves Democrats, you have nothing.
does the name lieberman ring any bells?

not a single Democrat

  • Bob Fertik's picture
    Bob Fertik
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lost a House seat in 2006, no matter how liberal. and it looks like 2008 will produce the same result.

the country is sick of Republicans and wants to replace them with real Democrats, not pseudo-Republicans.

Cindy Sheehan for Congress

  • geobushono's picture
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Cindy has National name recognition, which will make it easier to raise the $$ necessary to go up against the machine.
Pelosi's defeat would go a long way in bringing America into the 21st Century.
We already know that the promised 'change' just may not be all that.

Great charts!

  • bernice14's picture
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Bob--I very much appreciate these charts. I adjusted it color-coded, blue/red, and will be sending it to my network. One question: What do the asterisks* mean? I couldn't find the key for that. And...re: the post "Betsy Markey is a life longDem and Chair of the Party..." by "funinco@"-- If there are errors, will you post a correction? Thanks so much.


  • Bob Fertik's picture
    Bob Fertik
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are for leaders of BlueDogs or NewDemocrats.

we always try to fix all errors :)

Bush Democrats: Playing into the hands of the Republicns

  • Steve Mersand's picture
    Steve Mersand
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There are some that believe you don't stop funding an ongoing war as it may put those in the military serving lives in jeopardy. Case in point, we are finally getting armored vehicles into Iraq. It has saved lives.

Your intentions are good but in my opinion misplaced. Impeach Bush and Chaney (or at least hold hearings) is the answer not forcing those in certain districts to commit political suicide. Less democrats and more republicans is not an intelligent approach. You are playing right into the REPUBLICANS game plan.

We as democrats always seem to do that. Example: recently elected Democratic Congressman in gerrymandered districts must be smart or not get elected in the fall.

Please think. You need to hold Hoyer and Pelosi accountable for not holding fact finding hearing for the last two years after running on that platform. Don't sabotage the gains we got in Florida and elsewhere.

So tell me Steve, what is

  • Bill Harding's picture
    Bill Harding
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So tell me Steve, what is the difference between a Republican who votes as a Republican, and a Blue Dog "centrist" Democrat who votes as a Republican?

The answer? The Republican is being loyal to his or her Party, and doing what he or she was elected to do. The Blue Dog "centrist" Democrat, on the other hand, is a traitor to his or her Party, and to the Democrats who elected them.

Having a "virtual majority" in Congress without the actual votes to back it up, is why we are in the mess we are in today. We need real Democrats and not imposters.

Don't Elect a Bush Democrat Elect a progressive, Howard Shanker

  • NAUstudent's picture
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Howard Shanker is running for the open Congressional seat in AZ CD1 vacated by Rick Renzi (Thank God) and formally held by John McCain. Howard Shanker is running against Ann Kirkpatrick in the Democratic Primary, the DCCC has backed her. Howard on the other hand has been endorsed by the Progressive Democrats of America and Congressman Grijalva in AZ CD7, as well as a number of the local Native American tribes. Howard has been protecting the environment of Arizona for 15 years and wants out of Iraq as well as universal health care in America. Sadly the best candidates are not always the best fund raisers. Help keep a Bush Democrat out of the house help elect Howard Shanker a true Democrat. shanker2008.com

NAU Student

Recalling those Not Up for Re- election...Dereliction of Duty

  • Purple Girl's picture
    Purple Girl
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Being a Michigan Dem I have been fooled by many of those who have camoflaged themselves in Blue for Decades. Sen Carl Levin being the Most agregious offender of the covert operatives. For Decades this infiltrator has proclaimed his undying support of the blue collar workers in My State and yet has done nothing but appease the Big 3. We are not part of the 'Rust Belt' We are the Buckle of the Rust Belt! thanks to his complicity with the big 3 our state and all the other states who rely on our production have been gutted.
To add insult to injury, Sen Levin has Chaired the Armed Services Committee which has failed in it's Oversight duties- No clear Mission, No Stratedgic Plans, No guarantee of Proper troop levels and Equipment, No Exit Plan, No follow up healthcare Plan and the approval to use Private Mercenaries Companies without any regard to Accountablity or Supervision.
Carl Levin was also a major supporter of the Primary Date Change which lead to our state being screwed in the Nominating Process. This action caused not only our limited effect, but also limited the Candidates we were allowed to vote for, leaving an open field for his Friend and Cohort Hillary to steal this state's Primary. Had Edwards and Obama been on the Ballot Clinton would have NOT earned a 55% result. It appears to me this was the intention, to make MI an 'Ace' in her pocket.
Levin should Not only be thrown out of the Democratic party, but out of the Senate and should be investigated for Election Fraud/Rigging and for complicity charges as an accomplice for this Criminal Executive Branch

Bush Democrats

  • joehpuigjr's picture
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People ask me why I registered as an Independent after being a Democrat most of my life. I have one answer for them, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

Congress received a mandate in 2006 to stop Bush and Cheney from destroying the Country. Ever since those two became leaders of the Congress, we have gone backwards. Bush is getting everything he wants with the help of these two.

Recently I sent emails to both Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi warning them that Bush would dip into the 350 billion dollar bailout money that was left while they were in recess. Both of them didn't even bring it up in front of Congress. What happened? Exactly what I warned them about.

It appears that Reid and Pelosi have jumped into the same boat as Bush. The bailout was given without oversight or accountability. These are leaders? They have control of Congress.

In a closed door meeting/election, both reamerged as leaders. I bet there was a lot of arm twisting going on. All of those new elected Democrats are oblivious as to what is going on and went along with the rest of them.

If Obama (whom I voted for) is to be an effective leader, he is going to find that these two so called leaders of Congress are going to be a thorn at his side.

These are the leaders we are going to depend on to lead us into a better America? I don't think so! It appears that the lame duck president is not so lame afterall.

The economy is shrinking by leaps and bounds because Bush is committed in pushing his global (CEO) agenda and even today he is working to push the lop sided free trade agenda for South America where American workers will loose even more jobs.

These are troubling times for America and we need people with foresight not hindsight. We can not lean to the left or the right. We must plow straight ahead.

I will remain an Independent and push to convert others so that we can defeat this stupidity.


So you are going to build a Democratic Party that you call...

  • Jim's picture
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...the Independent Party.

Screw that.

We're Democrats and I'll be damned if mousy Democrats are going to force me out and claim the infrastructure that grass roots Democrats built.

Joe, .......Pelosi and Reid ain't me and they ain't you. THEY can start an Independent movement.


You, and other so-called

  • Bill Harding's picture
    Bill Harding
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You, and other so-called "Independents," are actually just taking the easy way out. You think that by disassociating yourselves from the real fight, you can get rid of politicians who do not fit your ideology. You believe that by standing on the outside and throwing stones at the rest of us, you can "make a difference."

And you will replace shoddy politicians with...? Other shoddy politicians that DO fit your ideology? Not likely. The only way to make your voice heard, is by taking an active part in the process, and fighting to change the two mainstream political parties from within.

Please stop and think. You are not really being "Independent," -- you are just a non-starter with no organization, no collective voice, and no identifiable political platform, or goals. You, and your misguided fellow "Independents," are wandering in the political wilderness.

I can guarantee you that, at least for the foreseeable future, 98% of the Congress, and 100% of the presidents will be either Democrats, or Republicans. Even the few "Independent," Greenie, or Libertarian Congressional members will caucus with one mainstream political party, or the other.

Come on in, the water's fine. Choose a side, pick a fight, and stand up for what you believe. Never forget that politicians DO NOT make up political parties -- we grassroots citizens do. If we allow our representatives to control us, and our Parties, then it is truly shame on us. Dropping out of the fight is NOT the way to win -- divided we fall.

Cowardly lion

IMHO, he's the Independent in the Wizard of Oz.

He lacks courage of his convictions. If he chooses to stand in the fork of the road, he can whine, snivel, and make fun of people who choose the incorrect path because he can emphatically, categorically state that he knew better.

An Independent, after all, never has to worry that the man his party nominated will ever be president so he can say anything he wants without fear of repercussion. He, after all, was not at fault. He was watching from the fork in the road.

Usama bin Forgotten

No way!

  • joehpuigjr's picture
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I won't become a follower of either party because neither have been honest with the people. Harry Reid nor Pelosi care about you. They care about themselves. The taxpayer dollars that they authorized and given to the banks is being used for LOBBYING. And guess who is on the other end getting that lobbying money. All of them in the Congress.

Independent I'll stay. I won't give one cent to either party because I don't care for any of them.


You feel safe and comfy

We'll do all the heavy lifting. No one asked for your money.

Remember though, the party you choose is full to the gills with Joey Lieberman. Obviously that makes you very proud.

Usama bin Forgotten

You are only a follower now.

  • Jim's picture
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Grass roots Democrats don't follow the Party.


And the speed bumps you mentioned are just that...bumps in the road.

So is the Republican Party and drop outs.

Get back to driving ;)

Your problem is simple

  • Bill Harding's picture
    Bill Harding
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Your problem is simple enough to identify, using your own words:

I won't become a follower of either party...

As long as you view yourself as a "follower," you will be ineffective in making ANY changes in our political system -- none, nada, zip. As long as you view inept politicians as "leaders," and fail to realize that your vote, and your participation from within a political party, could have replaced them with more qualified and responsive representatives, you will fail regardless of your political affiliation.

If you are looking for a political messiah to "lead" you out of the wilderness, you will be waiting forever. Until you realize that We The People are actually in control of our politicians (if we choose to actively participate in the process) you will be nothing more than a coward, and a substantial part of the problem. Contrary to what you may believe about yourself, you are NOT an activist -- you are a passive whiner.

"Independents" are little more than lazy Americans waiting for someone else to do the hard work, and a blight on the concept of representative government. Why don't you trot on over to "Independents.com" and whine to them for a while? We grassroots Democrats have a hell of a lot of work to do, and having to explain American political reality to you just slows us down.

I don't follow anybody

  • joehpuigjr's picture
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I don't want to slow you down from giving your money away so this will be the last you will hear from me. Take your party and do with it as you wish. Please don't send me any replys so that I won't slow you down any further from being taken in by party politics.


Oh Well.

  • Jim's picture
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Take care of yourself Joe.

Submitted by LootieMaye on

  • joehpuigjr's picture
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Submitted by LootieMaye on November 25, 2008 - 9:27pm.
We'll do all the heavy lifting. No one asked for your money.

Remember though, the party you choose is full to the gills with Joey Lieberman. Obviously that makes you very proud.


You people don't know what you are talking about. I voted for Obama but I don't support the leadership that gave Bush billions with no strings attached. Did you forget? "Impeachment is off the table." "Lobbyists will be restricted."

At this very moment, banks are using your money to purchase limosines for lobbyists so that the can lobby against you with your money. Who are the recipients of the lobbist's money? BOTH PARTIES. Does that make YOU comfy?

I have done a lot of hard work. I have contributed in the past. I performed security for President Clinton when he came here. I voted for Obama. But I'll be damn if I am going to support the crooks that take our money so that we can pay for it in taxes later and pass it on to our children and their children.

I have seen this Country change a lot in my life time but never as much as Bush with his "New World Order." Look at it this way. America never had a world bank, a world court, and the illuminate (CEOs'). That is who runs this Country now.

The government is one bird with two wings. Even my Democrat Senator supported NAFTA. What does that tell you?

Mark my words! Obama is not going to get as many problems from the Republicans as he is from the leaders in Congress.

By the way. I don't care for Lieberman and if he ever runs in Florida, I won't vote for him no matter which party he runs in. That's the good thing about being an Independent. Get it? I vote for the best man or woman and not for the party.


You now have little say over anything joe.

  • Jim's picture
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And we do get what you are saying, and likely agree on particulars. It's simply that we are saying more.

We too vote for the best person for the job. We also actively work the entire year trying to get the best person for the job to the starting gate! The election itself is not the beginning of the process, it is the end.

You're probably too pissed to consider my words but I'll repeat that I think we would probably agree on many particulars.

In any regards, Happy Thanksgiving!


That's the good thing about

  • Bill Harding's picture
    Bill Harding
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That's the good thing about being an Independent. Get it? I vote for the best man or woman and not for the party.

By the time you get around to voting Joe, the two mainstream political parties will have already chosen the candidates that you will vote for. We grassroots activists, and active party members, severely limit your "Independent" choices.

You may vote for a third-Party candidate, but it will be a wasted "spoiler" vote, because the overwhelming odds favor that either a Democrat, or a Republican, will be elected.

Get it?

Joe: There are two people on the ticket -

Mickey Mouse and George W. Bush.

Who's the best man?

Usama bin Forgotten