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Sign our petition to pollsters urging them to ask Americans about impeachment! 

Here are the polls on the impeachment of George Bush and Dick Cheney (question wordings, along with party breakdowns and related questions on trust and honesty are summarized here):

Date Poll Issue Question Support Oppose Net
11/13/07 American Research Group   Impeach and Remove Bush 34% 36%  
11/13/07 American Research Group   Impeach and Remove Cheney 43% 30%  
7/8/07   Begin impeachment hearings for Bush which could lead to removal 43% 50% -7%
7/8/07   Begin impeachment hearings for Cheney which could lead to removal 45% 43% +2%
7/8/07 USAToday/Gallup   Begin impeachment hearings for Bush which could lead to removal 36% 62% -26%
7/7/07 Rasmussen   Impeach and Remove Bush 39% 49% -10%
7/6/07 ARG  Libby Impeachment proceedings against Bush 45% 46% -1%
7/6/07 ARG  Libby Impeachment proceedings against Cheney 54% 40% +14%
5/8/07 InsiderAdvantage   Impeach Bush and Cheney 39% 55% -16%
1/25/07 Newsweek . Wish Bush Presidency Was "Over" 58% 37% +21%
1/3/07 Harris   Investigations 56% 34% +22%
10/25/06 USA/Gallup   Major investigations (by Democrats) 51% 47% +4%
10/21/06 Newsweek   Impeach (by Democrats) 51% 44% +7%
9/2/06 CNN   Impeach and Remove 30% 69% -39%
5/22/06 FOX (RV) Iraq WMD Impeach (by Democrats) 30% 62% -32%
4/24/06 Democracy
Iraq Censure 46% 45% +1%
4/12/06 LA Times Wire Impeachable offense 36% 56% -20%
4/12/06 LA Times Wire Censure 46% 45% +1%
4/10/06 WashPost/ABC   Impeach and remove 33% 66% -33%
4/10/06 WashPost Wire Censure 45% 53% -8%
3/27/06 Democracy
Wire Censure 44% 51% -7%
3/27/06 Democracy
Iraq Censure 41% 56% -15%
3/18/06 Newsweek   Impeach and remove 26% 69% -43%
3/18/06 Newsweek   Censure 42% 50% -8%
3/15/06 ARG (LV)   Impeach 43% 50% -7%
3/15/06 ARG (LV)   Censure 48% 43% +5%
2/1/06 MyDD (RV)   Hold accountable through impeachment and removal 50% 39% +11%
1/16/06 Zogby   Hold accountable through impeachment 52% 43% +9%
12/14/05 Rasmussen   Impeach and remove Bush 32% 56% -24%
12/14/05 Rasmussen   Impeach and remove Cheney 35% 53% -18%
11/4/05 Zogby   Consider impeaching 53% 42% +11%
10/11/05 Ipsos   Consider impeaching 50% 44% +6%
6/30/05 Zogby (LV)   Hold accountable through impeachment 42% 50% -8%

On 6/30/05, a Zogby poll found 42% of Americans said "if it is found that President Bush did not tell the truth about his reasons for going to war with Iraq, Congress should hold him accountable through impeachment."

After that poll, began a campaign to urge other pollsters to ask Americans about impeachment (see below). But the pollsters refused, because they were terrified they would anger Karl Rove. So asked its supporters to contribute funds so we could commission impeachment polls from the same pollsters that provide periodic results to the media. raised over $10,000 and made history by commissioning the first polls ever funded by the netroots.

On 10/11/05, the members of paid for a poll by Ipsos Public Affairs that found Americans want Congress to consider impeaching President Bush if he lied about the war in Iraq by a margin of 50%-44% - virtually a majority!

On 11/4/05, the members of paid for a second poll by Zogby that found Americans want Congress to consider impeaching President Bush if he lied about the war in Iraq by a margin of 53%-42% - now a solid majority!

(Note: some observers have been confused by the "if he lied" part of the question. These polls show a solid majority of Americans believe Bush lied.)

On 12/14/05, members of hired Rasmussen Reports to ask a harder-edged question: "Should President Bush be impeached and removed from Office?" 32% said yes, 58% said no. Rasmussen also asked: "Should Vice President Cheney be Impeached and Removed from Office?" 35% said yes, 55% said no. A gap between support for impeachment hearings and removal is understandable - there was a 10% gap in similar polls for President Clinton in 1998. Rasmussen's results probably understate support for impeachment and removal, because Rasmussen's polls consistently show Bush's approval ratings 5-10% higher than all other polls.

On 1/16/06, members of hired Zogby International to ask the first poll question relating the NSA wiretapping scandal to impeachment: "If President Bush wiretapped American citizens without the approval of a judge, do you agree or disagree that Congress should consider holding him accountable through impeachment." 52% said yes, 43% said no.

This poll sends a stunning rebuke to pollsters (and pundits) who claim Americans support illegal wiretapping. "The American people are not buying Bush's outrageous claim that he has the power to wiretap American citizens without a warrant. Americans believe terrorism can be fought without turning our own government into Big Brother," said co-founder Bob Fertik.

It's time for other pollsters to ask about impeaching George Bush. When the Lewinsky scandal broke in 1998, just about every pollster in the business started polling on impeachment:

On 5/1/05, the Downing Street Memos proved Bush lied about war, which is infinitely worse than lying about sex. So why is Bush being treated differently by the pollsters?

I'm keeping track of the major media polls since July here. Polls that include impeachment are underlined. If we paid for the poll, you'll see ($).

Gary Langer
Dan Merkle
10/11/05 $
Trevor Tompson
Will Lester
Bloomberg Heidi Przybyla
Kathy Frankovic
Murray Edelman
Dana Blanton
John Gorman

Frank Newport
(see Newport's excuses on 8/30/05, revised on 12/21/05)

Randall Thomas
LA Times
Mark Murray
Sheldon Gawiser
NY Times
Rich Meislin
Todd Purdum
Adam Nagourney
News Desk
Howard Fineman

Peyton Craighill
Scott Keeter
12/14/05 $
USA Today
Susan Page
Richard Benedetto
Wall St Journal
Washington Post
Richard Morin
Dan Balz
Michael Getler
Michael Abramowitz
(see Morin's excuses on 12/20/05)
11/4/05 ($)

Update: On 12/20/05, Chris Bowers of MyDD encouraged his readers to join an online chat with Washington Post polling editor Richard Morin to ask him about the Post's refusal to ask about impeachment. MediaMatters blogged Morin's response, which was a combination of whining and lying. Great work, everyone!


Impeachment Question based on lies

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Here is what I wrote to the various polling addresses:

Zogby Poll is to be congratulated for being so forward-thinking that they asked about impeachment in their June survey. It's hard for me to believe that only 42% responded affirmatively as to whether this president should be impeached if it is discovered that he lied to the country to get us to go to war. After all, what more horrible act could a trusted leader do to his people to betray them? I'm appalled that nearly 60% of the people would NOT think this an impeachable offense.

However, I also remember that at the time the Congress was intent upon impeaching President Clinton for possibly lying about a sexual peccadillo, the populace was 70% AGAINST that Congressional effort. As I remember, the populace continued to be 70% against that impeachment effort throughout its duration. (Personally I can't understand why that was not 99.9%; nevertheless, that is my memory.)

And so I ask you to make and publish a comparison of the impeachment polls for Clinton during the months running up to and through his impeachment proceedings.

I also ask you to continue to monitor today's opinions about impeachment as we move forward and as more and more solid and documentary evidence about Bush's lies, cover-ups, and manipulation of intelligence (such as exposed in the Downing Street Minutes) are made public.

Thanks very much for your good efforts at the truth.

Robert Locke
Retired Librarian

Here's a reply I got from

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...after writing them per this site. :)

Hello –

I will forward your question suggestion and your concerns along to our editors for their review and consideration. Thanks for writing to us.

We have asked this question regarding the Bush administration:

Do you think the Bush administration deliberately misled the American public about whether Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, or not?

deliberately misled
did not


2005 Jul 22-24

2005 Apr 1-2

2004 Oct 9-10

2004 Jul 19-21 ^

2004 Jan 29-Feb 1

2003 Jul 18-20

2003 Jun 27-29

2003 Jun 9-10

2003 May 30-Jun 1

Asked of a half sample


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their new leaders want us out,why will bush not leave,how many americans must die in a place we do not belong before bush will remove our troops

Great idea, Bob. Here are

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Great idea, Bob. Here are my letters.


Thank you for asking the intriguing question about whether people would support impeachment of President Bush. It was shocking to see more support for impeaching Bush than there had been for impeaching Clinton. I hope you will continue tracking this question.

For your information, I am sending the following letter to other pollsters.


A Zogby poll recently found the shocking result that more people would support impeachment of Bush than had ever supported impeachment of Clinton. The poll received almost no media coverage.

If Bush lied to Congress or to any executive or congressional investigators, he committed a felony (18 U.S.C. 1001). If lying about sex deserves impeachment, lying about national security certainly does.

We now know that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and we know that Bush had available information from Ambassador Wilson and from State Department intelligence skeptics that contradicted Bush's claims. If Bush withheld this material information from Congress, the law considers this to be the same crime as if his statements were an outright lie.

The Zogby poll deserves to be properly confirmed or refuted. All pollsters should be asking this crucial question. A closely related question that was asked with respect to Clinton and which should be asked now is whether a formal impeachment inquiry against the President should be opened by Congress. One could also ask whether the existing independent investigation into the leak of Mrs. Wilson's CIA identity should be broadened to cover these other alleged crimes committed by the White House in trying to justify the Iraq War.

On the day that Clinton admitted his affair with Lewinsky, ABC was already conducting a poll asking about impeachment. All other pollsters quickly followed. When evidence has been accumulating for years that Bush lied to or withheld information from Congress, a felony akin to perjury, why is it that no media other than Zogby are asking this question? Why is Bush given so much more leeway than Clinton was?

While you are writing

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check this post out, time is almost over to get an investigation on the DSM.

If congress gets enough heat they might just have no choice but to bring Bush, Chaney and Rumsfeld to trial.

Proud member of the reality based community.

My letter

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I sent:

Let's Ask, Shall We?

Clinton was impeached while 70% of the American people opposed it. A recent ipsos poll showed that 50% of Americans support impeachment of Bush over the lies he told to instigate the illegal Iraq war, while only 44% opposed impeachment. That is the only recent poll that asked the question. Obviously, if we had more data, we'd have a clearer idea where Americans stand on this issue. In 1998, you couldn't keep track of the polls asking about impeachment, and that was based on a sexual indiscretion and a stained dress. Now, in the middle of a sucking quagmire that has claimed the lives of nearly 2000 Americans, wrecked the economy, and gravely imperiled the security of the U.S., nobody seems to have the initiative to ask.

What do you say we clear this up?

Dan Stefacek

I received this from Gallup:

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.

My Letter

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After reading your " MY LETTER " I thought I could not add or improve on the list of failures.

Included to this impeachment should emcompass all those who are members to the secret order of Skull & Bones. Nothing should be so secret . . . " I can't talk about " quoted by both BUSH & Kerry on Meet the Press; when responsible for a Nation of United States of America.

I draw the line - Our Country deserves better. For the life of me I cannot understand why this man is still president knowing full well how he was appointed to President.

If by chance impeachment became a reality; would the appointments that he managed to go through, are they subject to review? They should be open season as far as I am concerned. . . what do you think ?


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More could have been accomplished against this radical right wing regime if the weak kneed Democrats would have stood against them instead of folding like wet towels. They have gone along with many things detrimental to the country, the environment and the middle class. We need the Democratic Party to try to find some backbone, and some shred of integrity. Stand up for your country!And the Republicans have an even longer reach for integrity. The Republicans have put party loyalty ahead of their country in every circumstance. It is time for removal of this criminal and unethical administration. Just removing Bush will not solve the problem, the whole lot must go.

Knight Ridder Newspapers response

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We aren't doing any polling this year.
-Steve Thomma
Knight Ridder Newspapers

RE: AfterDowning Street Impeachment Poll Query

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Here's my letter and then the reply I got From Steve Thomma at Knight Ridder. He seems somewhat defensive, but then maybe my letter was the one that finally provoked him...Didn't say ONE WORD about not doing any polling, as mentioned in "ekligge's" post, tho...

Sent: Sat 11/5/2005 12:01 PM
To: Thomma, Steve
Subject: AfterDowning Street Impeachment Polls

Good Morning!

I'm curious as to why you and/or your organization have NOT covered the AfterDowning Street Impeachment Polls? A majority of Americans polled (53%,
Zogby-11/04/05) said "if it is found that Mr. Bush did not tell the truth about his reasons for going to war with Iraq, Congress should hold him accountable through impeachment."

President Clinton was raked over the coals for a blow-job and a stain on an intern's dress, but yet YOUR organization has been mute about asking Americans their opinion about Bush's lies-why are you turning your heads the other way in the matter of non-existent WMDs, 2000+ DEAD Americans, countless DEAD Iraqis.WHERE the heck do your priorities lie?!?! WHY are countless deaths, maimings, shattered lives, and the non-integrity of the Bush Administration less important/news-worthy to you than a sex act?!?!?!

Will you and your organization kindly get over your fear of the Bush Administration and the Republican Party vindictiveness and start HONESTLY reporting on how the majority of Americans feel about the deceptions of Bush and his cronies???!!!

Thank you very much for your backbone!


I've received the same letter, almost word for word, from several people all in the last hour. Next time, maybe you will actually read some of my articles and tell me precisely where you see the bias.
-Steve Thomma
Knight Ridder Newspapers
dder Newspapers

absurd graph

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Come on, the graph at the top of this page, fitting a line to 3 data points and extrapolating to 100% agreement by 1/07 is clearly absurd. Why not fit a hyperbola instead and project 100% by next month?

As long as we are being loose with our figures, let me just say that I am 10,000% behind impeachment and have been for quite a while, but wild hyperbole and damn statistics won't help anyone.

Anyhow, let's keep writing those letters to the media and banging the drum for justice!

You do know the irony in

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You do know the irony in your statement don't you?

While I am betting the 100% reference was meant tongue and cheek, and while a best fit line often proves interesting (though not as you point out to a high degree), fitting a hyperbola might HAVE been the better choice given the recent msnbc poll of 85% impeach. ;)

hyperboles, superboles, rose boles

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there you go, infinite support for impeachment might not be that far off after all!

There are intensities of

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There are intensities of infinity....

...a guy can dream can't he?

Happy Holidays.


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Speaking of irony, or poetic justice perhaps, how perfect would it be if l'il Georgie found lumps of coal in his stockings. I'm sure Uncle Dick would think them a fine gift indeed.

Let's enjoy the holidays, hopefully with no psychopaths directly involved, and then return to other matters shortly...

Happy Xmas etc. etc. o<8v}>~

Polls and polls.

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There are polls and there are polls. In the case of almost all polling done by private public opinion monitoring companies, with the notable exception of Zogby, the questions are skewed to elicit negative reactions to the notion of impeaching the Bush gang.

It's a safe bet that across the country, Americans in general who support impeachment of Bush-Cheney are in the majority. The question's really of what magnitude is the pro-impeachment sentiment. One can't be sure because the major operations don't want to ask the question because their owners fear any serious poll on the topic will indicate massive approval of impeachment. The solution for the companies is don't ask, then we can't tell.

My sense is that today the percentage of Americans who go for impeachment is around 60+ percent, minimum.

On top of all the polls mentioned here, readers should note an ongoing live MSNBC poll that asks the question

Do you believe President Bush's actions justify impeachment?

As of 9:15 pm (ET) Friday, June 15th, out of 482,350 votes cast, 88% vote for impeachment, with only 9.8% voting that Bush should not be impeached.

To vote yourself, click Bush impeach poll.

— Hutch

Statement of Purpose
Resolution to Impeach

Dump Pelosi

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PELOSI’S SCHEME FOR POLITICAL ADVANTAGE Speaker Pelosi’s favorite line is, “We have to build a record.” With that in mind she refuses to allow any investigation in conjunction with the specific acts contained in H Res 333, the Articles of Impeachment. Building a record is impossible without any investigation. This is a simple contradiction on its face that no one is presenting either to Pelosi for an answer or to present for public discord. When a person contradicts themselves that must mean there is a hidden agenda. Pelosi wants to prevent any record from being built that involves any impeachable crime under the Constitution. Pelosi wants to claim that even if the House votes to impeach Cheney first, the Senate will never cast the required number of votes to remove Cheney from office. While anything is possible, the facts that surface from an investigation might be so overwhelming that no Senator will jeopardize his political career by voting against the removal of Cheney from office. The vote might be unanimous to remove Cheney. Pelosi’s scheme would be self destructive if reporters began to question her crazy contradiction. Unfortunately, people just accept her premise that regardless of the outcome from an impeachment investigation, Pelosi knows how the Senate will vote. That prediction is never questioned and the results will never be known if Pelosi is allowed to prevent the Constitutional obligation to investigate the specific indictment contained in H Res 333. Pelosi’s scheme completely disregards the cost in lives and money to keep Bush & Cheney as Commander in Chief of our military force in Iraq. Her scheme is to be able to blame them throughout the 2008 election campaign for a political advantage. She believes her nefarious scheme will elect Democrats to power again the way it did in 2006. In light of the betrayal for not opposing the war, the primary reason Democrats were elected in 2006, her political advantage is likely to backfire if there is a progressive movement for a major primary slaughter of incumbent Democrats. As a part of the drum beat to impeach Cheney first, progressives need to undress the Pelosi phony scheme to build a record by preventing any investigation mandated by H Res 333.

It does not matter whether

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    Bill Harding
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It does not matter whether the Senate votes to remove Dubya or Cheney from office, or not. Impeachment, in and of itself, is enough to turn the tide, and prevent whoever is elected to the Oval Office in 2008 from pardoning either one of them. That is more important than removing them from office at this point.

Just bringing the indictment (Articles of Impeachment) will be enough to show that Democratic Representatives are responding to the mandate given them by ALL Americans in the 2006 elections. The American People demand it, the Constitution demands it, and the country needs to see the truth at any cost.


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This is the latest Poll, regarding the Impeachment of the Murdering/Rights Violating/National-International law breaking/Traitor George Bush

If you have a problem with the link, search for the MSNBC home page, and do an MSBC search for

Impeachment polls.

Live Vote
Do you believe President Bush's actions justify impeachment? * 482599 responses

Yes, between the secret spying, the deceptions leading to war and more, there is plenty to justify putting him on trial.

No, like any president, he has made a few missteps, but nothing approaching "high crimes and misdemeanors."

No, the man has done absolutely nothing wrong. Impeachment would just be a political lynching.

I don't know.
Not a scientific survey. Click to learn more. Results may not total 100% due to rounding.

Should Bush be impeached?

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    Dolores B. Cantrell
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With the disgraceful lynching party that the religious right tried on an honorable man and competent stuard of America's standards when they ruthlessly tried to injure President Clinton for personal, nongovernmental behavior, I think it is a slap in the face of most patriotic and moral citizens that Bush has not been tried as a criminal and dishonorable and incompetent leader. And, yes, impeached--right before the impeachment of Cheney, and some other of the conspirators who ran roughshod over the American standing in the world.

I haven't met many people who like Bush or

don't think he shouldn't be impeached. Where do they do these polls?

$ecret weapon for impeachment

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The other night I went to Milwaukee’s city hall to hear John Nichols speak about the virtues of impeachment. He makes a compelling case.

I think an important reason that impeachment isn’t getting traction is that it isn’t taken seriously by the news media.

The way to change that is to drop a money bomb.

This can be done by a coordinated, nation-wide plan to get folks to donate to Dennis Kucinich’s campaign when he introduces articles of impeachment against George Bush. (I’m not sure when this is.)

I’m not actually planning to support Kucinich for President, but I would join others in contributing to his campaign to have an impact on the public discussion of impeachment.

Oh yeah, Ron Paul of the Denny and Ronnie team...

the team that has already gone down in flames.

A mind once expanded can never return to its original dimensions.

Anne Hathaway: 1556-1623


The greatest derangement of the mind is to believe in something because one wishes it to be so.

What do these people not

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    Bill Harding
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What do these people not understand about RP being a Libertarian/Republican extremist who lies about being "moderate?"

But not jail for their fraud

Why wouldn't politicans continue on their way to the bank stealing from the tax payers?

We demanded accountability in 2006 from Bush to Katrina but got nothing.

bush and cheney impeachment

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president clinton was impeched because he denied a sex act,hillary was more hurt than we were. bush and cheneys lies caused the death of 4000 plus young lives....shame on our congress for letting them get away with murder......

Obama, when asked about the impeachment...

of Bush Cheney, gave this answer:

I don't know that they have broken any laws. As president, I'll have to investigate....

Whut a guy. He doesn't know.

A mind once expanded can never return to its original dimensions.

Anne Hathaway: 1556-1623


The greatest derangement of the mind is to believe in something because one wishes it to be so.