Bush Wired for Alito Remarks

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    Bob Fertik
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On Monday morning, Bush spoke a total of 250 words to the media on behalf of Sam Alito.

Even though it was a trivially short speech, filled with talking points he's recited many times before - and even though Bush was wide awake in the best hour of his day - Bush couldn't even deliver those 250 words without waiting for most of it to be fed to him through his earpiece!!!

Here's the word-by-word analysis, breaking down the video from BradBlog, which begins with the fourth sentence from Bush's remarks.

To show the operation of the earpiece, I start a new line with each pause. I invite you to play the video while reading my notes to double-check my conclusions.

By my count, Bush was fed 29 soundbites through his earpiece to deliver the 216 words below - that's less than 8 words per soundbite.

That low ratio may be because the earpiece was malfunctioning, as evidenced by several extremely noticeable breakdowns in Bush's delivery that led to phrases of just one, two, or three words.

If you study Bush's face, you'll see the clues I've mentioned many times that give away his "audio monitoring" - his eyes turn inwards, he blinks conspicuously, he extends his "uh," and at his most difficult moments he shakes his head from side to side to stall for time.

Now let's roll the video tape...

Sam Alito is [uh]

eminently qualified to be a-a member of the bench.

I-I'm not the only person who feels that way --

the American Bar Association looked at his record, looked at his opinions, looked at his [uh] temperament, [uh]

and came to the same conclusion, that he is [shp]

well qualified

to be a Supreme Court judge.

Sam's [uh]

got [uh]

the intellect necessary to [uh]

to bring [uh]

a lot of class [uh]

to that Court.

He's got a judicial temperament necessary to make sure that

that the Court [uh]

is a- is a- is a- is a body that interprets the law and doesn't try to write the law. [uh]

And so I'm looking forward to your hearings.

I know the American people will be impressed,

just like I have been impressed and a lot of other members of the Senate have been impressed.

And my hope, of course, is that the [uh]

the American people will be impressed by the process.

It's very important that members of the Senate [uh]

conduct a dignified hearing.

The Supreme Court is a dignified body; Sam is a dignified person. And [uh]

my hope, of course, is that the Senate [uh]

bring dignity to the process

and give this man a fair hearing

and an up or down vote on the Senate floor.

Sam, good luck to you. Thanks for your agreement to serve. I appreciate you. Thank you.


So there it is, word by trivial word. Unless he's completely reckless, Bush must have practiced it a couple of times. Yet even with practice he couldn't deliver it without Karl Rove feeding it into his ear.

When will the Washington Press Corps report that the most powerful man in the world is too stupid to deliver 250 simple well-rehearsed words without an earpiece??????

Update: Since Alito is testifying before the Senate under oath, maybe a Senator could ask him whether he saw anything in Bush's ear as he stood a foot away from him, or whether he heard any voices leaking out!


It would be very interesting if we were able to ...

find the exact frequency that Bush's transceiver operates on. Put someone in the room with him during a speech...and thoroughly disrupt the message he is getting.

Put this 'little tramp' in a position where he has to 'wing it' and he will show himself to be the dunce he really is.

You get the jammer and I

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You get the jammer and I will pay for it, hehehehe. I have been dreaming of that happening for months. Or we could pipe some liberal talk radio in to his ear;) Or for a few more $ we might have an impersonator do Condi's voice whispering passionate sonets into bush's ear piece. I guarentee that he would talk back and we might get the real scoop on those two, rather than another boring canned speech ;)

Proud member of the reality based community.

OH YES!!!!

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LOL!!! YES!!!! I was thinking about this during the presidential debates. Actually, in my mind, I was seeing someone nab Karl Rove, take away his mike, and start feeding bush words he SHOULD have been saying. Like what a cowardly dishonest murdeous felon he is.

I hope some divine intervention (if nothing else) fouls up his audio one of these days SOON on LIVE TV.

messing with bush's transmitter...

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    RR Curator
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This is such a fantastic idea...there's one BIG problem --- don't waste it. If you were doing this regularly the repugs would be figuring something else out - maybe a couple of cans connected with string - save the disrupting until he's in a major speech - something really uber - something the will shake the sheeple up - State of the Union Address or Speech before the United Nations - or something else - It's be a hoot if he admitted in German that he was a sex-crazed-alcoholic-pedophyle who enjoyed eating babies in his spare time and for the entire German race to go and soak their heads or something of that ilk...aren't there any democratic geeks out there with any ideas???

Why are the standards so

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Why are the standards so different for this doofus? Why does the media cut him so much slack? If Dubya needs to be wired for each speech he makes, that is a issue of interest and should be (or have been!) reported on.
Does anyone believe that if it was anyone else but bush this would have been made an issue of long ago??
I'm so tired of the kid glove treatment this guy gets in so many cases.
But then he's never been up to the job; he's had to be propped up since 2000. A faux president if there ever was one.

It's exasperating

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Me, too. Clinton got skewered by the media for having a wart on his 'equipment'. bush has a big bulge on his back when he speaks, and we're supposed to ignore that. So what if the (p)resident is brain-dead, right? Reminds me "Weekend at Bernies". Bush's brain is dead, but they keep propping him up and pulling the string. When is he going to rot already? When bush got in there, I was all ready for the bush attacks like we endured during the Clinton years. But none came. In fact, they treated him like a god.

That's why when this 'empire-building mafia' falls (and they WILL), the mainstream media in this country HAS to go with it. Both are one and the same. Charlie Gibson, Diane Sawyer --- get the cuffs out for them. They need to go to prison, too.

Fulfilling a dream?

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When I was a kid, the magical power I wanted was to be able to make different words come out of people's mouths. Now, I realize there's a slight possibility that could come true, if I were to come to DC and find the frequency of Bush's earpiece:

Sam Alito is [uh]
an activist judge unqualified to be a member of the bench
I-I'm not the only one who feels this way --
The American Civil Liberties Union looked at his record, looked at his opinions, looked at his [uh]
temperament [uh]
and came to the same conclusion, that he is
well-hung for a pasty white guy
Sam's [uh]
got [uh]
matching placemats and curtains [uh]
and the intellect necessary to [uh]
judge a wet t-shirt contest [uh]
a classy one.
He's got the body of an Italian stallion.
I know the American people will be impressed.
Especially when I go to jail for war crimes.

I figure even Bush would figure out what was going on by this time....

Dr. Laniac

I'm oh so embarrassed that he is

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our president. Hes a retard for Gods sake. He's is not like that all the time.....there have to be drug issues here. Just cause he has an earpiece is no excuse for what I saw.